Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Wonderful Wednesday 20

Golly gosh what a week it has been, and we are almost only half way! It feels twice as long as ever since i have worked both Saturday and Sunday of last week, and then also Monday and Tuesday.  It's a never ending-feeling kind of a week! It really has been one of those kinds with an ever-growing to-do list.  You know the kind you proudly cross three things off and then add six more? THOSE kinds.  I shall surely be ready for my Thursday and Friday off i can tell you!  Amongst all of the busy listing and never-ending days, you'll be pleased to know that there has been plenty keeping me smiling!

*  The SMELL of Summer rain. Who can deny that it is actually Summer now?! Surely it might not be the 30 degree consistent heat we all want, but then we do live in Blighty so who are we to even expect such a weather-shaped commitment!?  There is a reason Cumbria is so green and that would be the frequent bouts of rain.  This week has seen a different kind though.  The epic kind that plummets so fiercely from the clouds above that it power washes the pavements below and anything else in its path.  But man ALIVE the smell.  The smell of warm summer rain.  The kind that i wouldn't mind getting caught out in…if i wasn't at work and all.  

*  Ferrero Rocher CHOCOLATES  Who am i?! My grandma in the 80's?!? I have recently (actually wait didn't chocolate feature in last week?!) been really craving chocolate. And i don't really have a chocolate 'off' button and so its only safe to keep small quantities about our little somewhere.  Just to avoid a chocolate-related coma and all.  Although to be fair i can't think of anything nicer….These little treats of creamy, chocolate-y heaven-come-grown up-nutella type loveliness have been keeping me ALIVE.  

*  Getting back in my SLEEP groove.  I had a few stressful days at work last week which led to my usual sleeping pattern going all to pot.  A few quiet nights and a gallon of camomile tea infused with heather honey and i'm BACK.  And feeling so much better and re-realising for the squillionth time quite how useless i can be sans sleep!

*  Receiving pretty new Topshop-shaped PARCELS.  We fell out a bit, Topshop and I. Not for any other reason except that everything lately was either a cropped top or made out of horrid scratchy viscose and overpriced.  Online i found the sweetest smock blouses - one in lilac and one in cream.  I felt all Glastonbury just swooning over them online that i just had to order them.  I also accidentally knocked a new heather flower crown in there for good measure too.  I picked up the parcel today.  I am going to save opening it until my day off on Thursday.  Yes yes i am that sad.

*  COLDPLAY.  After last weeks shenanigans and total and complete failure at getting tickets for the two lightening quick sell out dates at The Royal Albert Hall in July (and the miserable meltdown which followed that awful day) i have been re-loving old old albums and enjoying my evening shower in a lovely little Coldplay-shaped bubble.  It doesn't make up for not getting tickets but we shan't dwell. 
*  COMPLIMENTS.  I have never been very good at receiving them.  But the other day when i was wandering through town with a superbly huge floral crown perched upon my blonde mop, an elderly lady stopped me and told me i looked beautiful.  And that i reminded her of Frida Kahlo.  I wanted to hug her! Imagine, little me?! Instead i told her that she had made my day.  And then she told me i had brightened hers.  Then i really wanted to hug her.  I am blushing just thinking about it.  Sweet little lady!

*  Lush 'BIG' shampoo.  The most loveliest scrubby soapy smelling shampoos for those days when its humid and sticky and you just want your hair to feel oh so clean and smell a little bit like the seaside.  

*  Icy cold morello CHERRIES.  As if i need to explain.  

Tell me tell me tell meeeeee what has been making your week so magical?! I love SO much to find out.  Reading your Wonderful Wednesday comments is the perfect end to my mid-week.  I hope you are all well and enjoying some sunshine…even if not the consistent reliable kind…


  1. a lovely Fosters Top makes these Summery Nights all the more bearable.

  2. Ah yes, I missed out on Coldplay tickets too, it's so not fair! This lovely weather, combined with the odd thunderstorm is making me very happy. Enjoy the rest of your week! x

  3. Oh man, missing out on tickets is one of the worst feelings in the world! I can't believe they sold out so quickly, boo! :( Maybe they'll add more dates, so stay positive? :)

    Fizzy Peaches

  4. The first strawberries off the little allotment. They are juicy and sweet and yummy with yogurt in the mornings. See I am being good and eating some breakfast. Who can say no when breakfast is that good.
    Kate xx



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