Thursday, 12 June 2014


I love the above quote by Sylvia Plath.  And it's true, for me at least.  My mum always said i could 'talk until the cows came home'.  And i can.  And so when nobody is there to listen i write.  When i was younger i kept diary after diary, full of everything from what i had for tea to what games i played in the playground.  I wrote my first 'novel' when i was only ten.  So  starting this little space it was a no-brainer as it was a way for me to write and write about whatever the bobbins i liked and combine it with another one of my dear loves:  taking photographs.  I never ever imagined the love and support i would get because of it, and that which keeps on growing and giving.  You imagine writing a blog to be quite a lonely thing:  me sat in our little office with the skylight cracked wide open and only the birds for company. Well sometimes Beyonce too.  But the birds aren't too keen.  

The truth is, if it wasn't for this little slice of the internet i wouldn't have met and 'met' half of the special people that i have.  Those special friendships and that special community means such an awful lot to me - wiling away the hours tip-tapping out my nonsensical words and hoping that the pictures match.  I wanted to start a way of sharing on here.  A way for me to share who is inspiring me. And who's writing i really admire.  Because whether you discover another a new blog to read, find out something interesting or feel inspired enough to get out and create something yourself, its my way of sharing and giving back to a community that has welcomed me so kindly.  So sit back and have a goosey gander through my first little selection:  

The Cup and Saucer:  Comparison is the thief of joy.
I adore the way Alice writes. This post really tugged at my heart because it is relatable in so many ways that it made me want to invite her up for the weekend and have a really good talk.  It's that kind of special writing and emotional connection that keeps me going back to her blog.  Her subjects can be so varied and yet each post is dealt with in such a warm, sort of vulnerable and magical way that i could while away all of the hours flipping through her posts. 

Nishaantishu:  The freedom of travel and how to keep that feeling going when the holiday is over. 
Freyas blog is always an inspiration to me.  Although i would guess that we are not years apart in our age, i always come away from her blog feeling like i have learnt something, be it about myself or life itself.  Her writing has  away of feeling ever so soothing and calming and thought provoking and i find reading her beautiful blog a real piece of escapism. Warning:  this blog may cause serious wanderlust.   

Prattle and Froth:  Things they don't tell you about being pregnant.  
Anna's blog is a smile from start to finish.  Not even a little smile:  one of those cheesey ear to ear grins! I love reading her perceptive, witty writing and quirky take on the day to day.  I have also had the pleasure of meeting the lady herself and felt as if i could of chatted away to her for an age!  This particular post made me laugh out loud so many times. 

Fill My Little World:  I've got something to say.
Where to begin! Ever since i first stumbled upon Beeta's blog, i became a little bit emotionally attached.  Well as emotionally attached that you can be to a person that you have never met and don't want to sound weird.  She wins the award (countless times over) for making me fill up and feel happy and inspired and sort of want to run out into the street to cartwheel -  all at the same time.  Her writing is so far beyond beautiful and the kind that you really can just fall right into and completely be exactly where she is and relate to her every word - and that comes through whatever she writes about.  And that's another thing i love.  That her blog is such a wide range of topics. I go away feeling strong, inspired and like i could do anything each time i stop by.  That girls' an inspiration!
*  *  * 
So that's my first edit.  It is by no means the last.  And if i am honest it really is only the very tip of the iceberg.  But it's where we shall start!  Do you read any of the above?  Or have any blogs that you think i should check out?!  


  1. I just recently discovered The Cup and Saucer, and I love it too! I'll have to take a look at the others, they sound intriguing...

  2. I love Alice from The Cup and Saucer! But I haven't heard of any of the others so I'll be checking them out! x x



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