Friday, 20 June 2014

Mostly inspired

So it's been a pretty RELAXING few days around Tangle Towers and i cannot tell you how much better i am feeling.  You know sometimes i don't realise i need a rest until i have one i see how good it feels! Not to just sit back and do nothing, but to potter and to do all of the 'nice to do's' and to do those things over the 'must to do's.'  Am i making sense? Not to go all hippy on you, but it always amazes me how much better i feel about everything when i just make time to do the things i love, as simple and as little as they are.  To just truly surround myself with what i love and to take it all down a notch.  It's always times like these when i feel my most inspired, and usually when i sleep better, look better and feel at my happiest.  

The difference i have felt in myself over these past few days has encouraged me to make a mini mindful life RESOLUTION:  to take time over things i love, to really relish them and not to rush through all of my life at break neck speed.  Its good for my soul.  Life is too short to get wrapped up in the things you can't do.  I want to spend more time feeling happier about the things i can do.  Hippy rant over! Thought i'd share some of what has been making me feel mostly inspired around these parts…

 An especially large helping of VITAMIN D.  This never happens.  Not the consistent sort anyway.  But lately we have been ever so lucky up North, and had the warmest bout of sunny summery few days filled with the brightest BLUE skies.  Since our relaxing drive through the Lakes together on Sunday, it's felt a little like i have been on a real holiday.  I honestly cannot remember when i last felt so relaxed.  Waking up naturally early, feeling well-rested and seeing the sunlight beaming through our skylight is the best way to start a day in a positive way.  I have loved having bare legs.  I don't care how milk-bottle white they are!  Rifling through my summer dresses, cotton playsuits and old linen smock dresses and getting excited all over again has been a treat.  Sitting on warm afternoon grass with an iced coffee and people watching.  It's one of my favourite things to do!  Just to sit and watch people potter about their day to day. 
Seeing more of the GREEN.  After realising how much more full of energy and relaxed i felt after our Sunday adventures i feel as if i have been extra appreciative of the stretches of green right under my nose.  Our parks and little woods feel so bright and awake and cycling through them makes me feel so very happy!  

Spotting (quite all of a sudden) that the wild LAVENDER in our local park had sprung up almost overnight!  Aside from attaching a sweet little bundle to Willow's handle bars, i also kept a little bundle for myself!  I plan to press a few heads, hang up a few springs to dry for who-knows-what and then enjoy the odd sprig to make my rose lemonade look even prettier!  

Im always a little bit sad that we don't have our very own green space to call our own.  But i am making do by filling every possible container with FRESH FLOWERS!  These beautiful pink peonies change each and every single day and get more beautiful each time i look at them!  I wish i could look at them all year round! Eating my breakfast underneath a wide open skylight and a bright blue morning sky is also pretty special too and goes a little bit of the way to making up for that lack of outside space.  

Always keeping my head in the CLOUDS - no really!  I could sit and watch the days go by quite happily from all the way up here, everything always feels so much more still and peaceful.  It's my special little thinking spot come the warmer months. 
I am keeping everything crossed, that is possible to cross that this beautiful bout of sunshine sticks around! And i hope that you have been soaking it all up as well.  I just feel like i do everything so much better with it hanging around, don't you?!


  1. What a beautiful post, this has made my morning at work a lot more bearable. Thank you! xx

  2. I've never heard of rose lemonade--it sounds absolutely delightful!

  3. Just found your blog through pinterest (can't remember how I began following you on there though!) and wow, it's absolutely lovely :) Instant follow!

    xx Mimmi, Muted Mornings

  4. Hey, I've nominated you...



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