Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Wonderful Wednesday 22

Happy 'HALFWAY through the week' dear and sweet faces, i do hope that you all enjoyed a beautiful and restful weekend and that this week is is proving not so bad after all.  The thought of a whole week on a Monday morning always seems like it may last forever, but it hardly takes anytime at all and here we are meandering through another Wonderful Wednesday!  As you sneak your little peepers over these words i shall hopefully be tucked up in the land of 'zzz's' as today is my day off! I am rather enjoying this week so far though. After a week or so back at work I have managed to keep up with my mini 'me' resolution to not let the small things get to me and to try and remain calm and not let myself get stressed too often!  Here's to it lasting and lasting! Although i have yet to get through Summer sale yet…yikes!  There's been an awful lot of LOVELINESS lately, so let's get going…

*  FAMILY time!  I am always a little jealous of those who live only a hop skip and a jump from their loved ones.  Mine are only 55 miles or so away but fitting in the time to spend time with them around work and stuff and things can prove tricky!  I so much enjoyed spending last sunday-gone, with the Mr and my family at the beach on the Solway.  A little bit like bliss.  I wish i could have stayed for a week!  I am always so jealous of the stunning coastline right on their doorstep!

*  (sometimes soggy) Puppy CUDDLES. ^See above!^ It was only my parents puppy's second time at the beach.  He did so well until he clocked some seagulls on the horizon.  Safe to say that day we learnt that he could swim and that my younger brother still could too.  Cheeky little puppy!  He is the sweetest most happy little puppy you will ever meet. It is so hard to stay mad at such a sweet little thing.  

*  Finding a NATURAL nasal spray.  I know, lovely eh? Man alive i have been suffering so so much with my hayfever since it got a little warmer.  No tablets seem to touch it!  I had always opted not to try nasal sprays as i had heard that most of them contained steroids.  Massive thanks go out to the kindest Boots Pharmacy lady who showed me a new one which contains all natural stuff and is essentially mostly peppermint powder.  I was sceptical but the lady did good.  It has made such a difference!  

*  Ice cold thickly sliced CUCUMBER.  I swear i could eat a whole and entire cucumber!  Hands-down one of the most refreshing things to munch on sticky humid days.  The only downside is that it gives me hiccups.  Oh well you can't have it all can you?!

*  Filming my first little VLOG.  Okay so not so much a vlog (as it turns out), more of a precious ten minute peep into being me!  It turns out that filming for over an hour doesn't always mean that you'll get quite so much footage as you had originally hoped!  I am hoping to get the editing tidied up over the next few days.  It's a little rough around the edges and i am shocked at how very northern i sound in comparison to every other vlog i have ever watched, but it's me i guess!  Excited to share as i really enjoyed having a play.  

*  Overnight OATS. I am so late to this oat-y bandwagon!  Why didn't i jump on it sooner?! It's just my kind of thing.  I adore porridge.  Not only the taste and variety of toppings and types i can conjure up but also the power it has to fill me right up until lunch time.  I have recently started dabbling in the overnight oats world as it has been far far too hot to stand over a hob or eat a bowl of hot porridge lately.  I am addicted.  I was sceptical at first, and also convinced there was no way it would fill me up.  My oh my was i proved wrong!  My current favourite combo is made with whole oats, almond milk and chia seeds as a base.  In the morning i add a small chopped banana, a spoonful of organic vanilla yoghurt, a handful of mixed seeds and a good sprinkling of raw cacao nibs.  It's so yummy!

*  SOUVENIRS.  On the way back from the beach the other day the Mr and i made a diversion to stock up on some snacks to munch when we got home later.  We purchased the yummiest hand-cooked haggis potato crisps and strawberry shortbread.  Scotland knows how to do snacks and beaches trust me!

*  SMOCK-rockin'.  'Cos who wants clingy, sticky clothes in this heat?!  I have treated myself to a couple of new smocks lately.  They add to an ever expanding collection!  My favourite is a black and white cotton gingham Topshop number.  Aside from the fact it was less than half price in their sale, it's perfect for summer bike rides, for lounging about on a cool evening in the garden and is generally rather super for being the perfect amount of 'summer' with an exceptional swingy, cool factor.  I think it might be my very favourite dress shape, ever.  When i wore it recently with my beachy panama hat the general consensus was that i looked a little 'Armish'.  Who cares, i was cool.  

*  Having shorter HAIR.  I go through phases where i miss my long hair.  Phases where i look at others flowing long locks and wish i hadn't had mine cut much shorter.  Lately i have not missed them one bit.  Showering and leaving my hair to dry naturally takes no time at all!  It leaves me much more time whizzing round that pretty little park of ours, or you know, sleeping.  Either way, it's here to stay!

How are you all? How has your week been so far? Has it also been filled with SUNSHINE and SUMMERY-ness?!? I do hope so! Please share what's been making you smile so far this week or what's going to get you through to Friday.  Remember you can also tweet me your #wonderfulwednesday on twitter.  I'm @sallytangle .  


  1. I feel like I can relate to so much of this, haha :) Family time, overnight oats, smock dresses in summertime... Yup.

    xx Mimmi, Muted Mornings

  2. Can't wait to see your vlog! Enjoy the sun and the rest of the week! :)



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