Friday, 27 June 2014

Summer lovin'

I have come to the conclusion that it's as you get older you learn to APPRECIATE the simplest things.  I can't imagine my teen-self getting quite so excited by freshly laundered cotton sheets or being quite as ecstatic at ^a big huge ice-cold glass of water filled with torn mint leaves and slices of cucumber.^ I am not sure when it all changed, if i think back i can't pin it down to one particular moment.  I have never seen myself as a particularly materialistic person anyway.  Whilst my heart skips a beat at the sight of a beautifully printed anything i like to think that i invest wisely and use things i do indulge in, well, in many ways and right up until the bitter end.  

When we were little we didn't get or have everything in the whole wide world, not the material kind anyway.  What i do remember is silly SIMPLE things:  making cakes from scratch altogether; having adventure days out to rivers, lakes and beaches and playing out most nights until the light disappeared behind the trees.  We were an IMAGINATIVE lot (there are three of us - i am the eldest and have a younger brother and sister).  We always read books and so there was usually some kind of 'den' constructed outside in the garden or around a set of bunk-beds.  I am inclined to think that maybe my pleasure in the simple things stems from way back then.  Lately i can't get enough of Summer and all of the simple pleasures it's bringing.  I feel as if i have wholly embraced it this year:  thrown myself in head-first. And it's making me so HAPPY!

We took a little road TRIP up to see my parents on Sunday.  They live right by the Solway on the West coast of Scotland.  Since our new little family puppy dog hadn't been to the beach properly yet and the day was such a beautiful one, we decided it was a must!  When we got there the tide was a fine blue stripe on the horizon and since Storm is still very much getting used to not being on a lead (and galavanting at a million miles per hour at anyone he sees because he wants to play) we decided a stroll out the find the sea might be in order.  It was the most PEACEFUL, blue skied and beautiful afternoon and i really could have stayed until the sun went down.  I can't remember the last time i wandered bare-foot on a beach or paddled in the sea!  Storm was doing ever so well until he spotted a big seagull (that cheeky little mr loves birds!)  and took off way, way ahead of us.  Into the waves he jumped, compleeetely oblivious to the fact that he had never swam in his little life before.  He proceeded to ignore us and luckily my brother wasn't too precious about wading in and scooping him up, and bringing him back to shore!  Little scamp!

Continuing my love for all things GREEN, especially against a bright blue-skied backdrop.  I couldn't resist snapping mum's beautiful lilac bush (?) in the garden at the weekend.  I miss having an outside space so much at this time of year!  It was so beautiful to sit out on the patio at my parents and eat tea and catch up.  I can't help but revisit the pretty little patch of wild LAVENDER that crops up each year in our sweet little park.  You can smell it before you see it!  Especially on an evening bike-ride.  I have some hanging up in our kitchen at the minute and a few sprigs tied to Willow's handle-bars.  I have also been enjoying the shade.  I am pale as a milk bottle and so any sign of sunshine and i go bright pink and cover in freckles!  Sometimes it's rather nice to sit on a little patch of grass, admire the pretty sunlight shapes dancing over it and just have a little break.

Morning MOMENTS.  Incase you don't follow me anywhere else, let's just take a little moment to marvel at how beautiful my sweet new Lady Grey cup is shall we?!?  My tea tastes wondrous from it and it has the sweetest little feet underneath!  Even better you can actually get the black version in the sale HERE for half price!  My mornings have also been made much easier after finally discovering the pleasure of overnight oats.  This little pot of delicious-ness is made up of oats and almond milk as a base.  And then topped with vanilla yoghurt, chopped strawberries and a good sprinkle of mixed seeds.  Mmmm!

Pops of COLOUR as bright as can be!  I have finally finished my little cushion project of turning an old fluro-embellished skirt into a scatter cushion for the bedroom. I am so proud!  I love it so so much!  Whilst i love the fluro trend alot, it's not something i feel i'd want to cover the whole house with.  Cushions are perfect for just hinting at the trend.  Next upon my list is to dip-dye or fabric paint a white cotton duvet with some neon…eek.  I have also been wearing bright colours and PRINTS as much as i can too.  This oversized-come-over-the-top floral crown is a sneaky treat. Whilst i feel a bit like i have a hanging basket on my head, I am alot in love!  What do you think?!
* * *
The last day or so has been a little on the cloudy side so i am keeping everything possible to crossed that it isn't the last i see of those bright blue skies!  Have you been enjoying the SUNSHINE?! What are your jolly weekend plans then?  Unfortunately i am working all of this weekend and the Mr is playing a gig on Friday.  So i shall it shall be a lazy-evening-ed one.  Maybe with some chocolate and a pile of magazines to cut up and add to my moodboards.


  1. i love love love that last crown darling one! this weekend I have a wee Scottish visitor, and we're going to do all the things! have a wonderful weekend sally x

  2. That mug, oh my! I absolutely adore it, as well as the rest of this post :) inspiring, as usual x

    Megan /

  3. Your bed looks so cosy! Love the fairy lights x

    Under Blue Lights



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