Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Wonderful Wednesday #26

Hello you great and WONDERFUL bunch of people you!  How are your respective weeks going thus far?!  I spent most of my day off on Monday convinced that it was Tuesday (the perils of working all weekend - it produces some kind of crazy day-jetlag if there is such a thing!) and so i feel like this week might start to feel a little longer than it should!  As i sat tip-tapping this post, i have my cotton scented oil burning away, Tom Odell up loud and the biggest glass i could find filled with ice-y water and torn up mint and wedges of lime. It would be a little slice of Summer-shaped HEAVEN was i not also flipping through the Boden AW14 goodness that has gone live this week. Aherm.  I may have fallen in love with a glittery collared breton tee and a cotton tartan pinafore.  Must. Resist.  Do not fear though!  There has been plenty of summer-y shaped goodness going on around Tangle Towers to keep a smile across those freckle-y cheeks of mine this week…

*  Summer FRECKLES.  I used to hate haaaate my freckles when i was a whipper-snapper.  Now i rather like them.  I only get a little smattering on my nose and cheeks, save for the one stubborn little devil that resides in the centre of my bottom lip! When i get out of the shower i almost don't mind my skin with just a slick of moisturiser.  And i have been braving myself foundation-less (but SPF-ed up to the max!) with just a dusting of rose-y blusher and sunnies on days off.  It feels all kinds of liberating and i can kind of pretend i am on my holibobs too!  That can never be a bad thing.  

*  Skylights.  I bloody LOVE that we have skylights in both our bedroom and in our sweet little office.  It goes a little way towards making the fact that we have no actual green space to call our very own.  I have been standing on my tip-toes and opening them both and our almost floor to ceiling windows in our livingroom and relishing in a lovely cool through breeze on the days i am working from home writing and the like.  I do live in trepidation that one day a humongous seagull will swoop in and steal my walnut whip from right under my nose though!  

*  My new black rose candle.  It fills our livingroom with the most decadently rich spicy rose-y scent even when it's not lit. What is it about candles?!  I do love them so.  I have been enjoying having tealights in old jam jars and various other DELIGHTFUL transparent receptacles dotted about on these light summer evenings.  It makes working after dinner not so bad you know?

*  Peanut butter.  Golly GOSH i have been feeling all of the love for peanut butter slathered on just about anything lately.  I have always been much more of a sweet gal, but lately crunchy peanut butter spread thickly on bright orange chopped carrot, celery sticks or a tart granny smith apple is the bees knees thank you please believe me.  And it's a filling kind of afternoon snack too.

*  Scents of summer.  I love how my skin SMELLS after a day out and about on those two-wheels in the sunshine:  faint coconut-illy scented and mixed in with damp grass, sunny daisies and a cool twilight breeze.  Can someone bottle that please?!  Eau du Tangle Toilette has a certain ring to it don't you think?!

*  Fresh FLOWERS that last way, waaay beyond the time you expect of them.  I gathered more of the sneaky wild hydrangea heads i spotted along the river last week and they are just as bright bluebell-ey blue and beautiful as the day i picked them.  My humongous bunch of ballsy bright yellow roses are also still going strong and they are way over a week old.  They keep a sunshine-ing feel about our little attic even when the sun goes down.  

*  Ebay bargains #1000, 000.  Okay that might be a little exagerration!  I can't help myself.  Due to my downright indecisive nature i often miss out on the things that i fall for clothes-wise.  Whilst i know there are far more important things in life there is a certain satisfaction when you know you have paid a third for something and it's brand new and winging its way to you.  HI FIVES!

*  Chocolate.  Sometimes (read: most of the time any time) its all that will DO.  I wish i mixed it up a bit, that i craved crisps, chips or takeaway once in blue moon.  Truth is, chocolate will always have my heart, closely ever so closely followed by a slice of carrot or coffee cake.  Nothing hits the spot for me like chocolate washed down with Lady Grey.  These longer shifts and earlier starts have had me really appreciating a handful of hazelnuts and a few squares of chocolate.  Mmmmm!

*  Finding out that one of my very very dear friends has got ENGAGED and better still, that i am going to be a briiiiidesmaid!!!!!!! I am beyond excited.  That my friends shall be an emotional day and a half.  
Tell me, tell me tell meeeeee what has been FLOATING your pretty boats this week and keeping you going until the weekend?!  Are you a sweet or savoury snacker?!  Are you LOVIN' the freckled lobster look as much as me?!  Got any ebay bargains to boast about?!? I'd love to know!  Remember you can tweet me your #wonderfulwednesday too.  I am @sallytangle.  


  1. I wish I got freckles! They're so pretty :) I'm glad to hear you appreciate yours. And I'm totally the same as you when it comes to snacking. Chocolate is first, cake is second! I have such a sweet tooth...

    xx Mimmi, Muted Mornings

  2. How exciting! You'd look lovely as a bridesmaid with a floral garland - I can picture it now! x x

  3. I still hate my freckles :( they're not cute-over-your-nose ones, they're all-over-my-face-making-me-look-blotchy. But I'm too lazy to wear foundation every day!

    Peanut butter is frickin' awesome - who needs a vegetable when you have a spoon... You should check out "Proper Nutty" - they do "smunchy" peanut butter that's 99.5% peanuts and 0.5% salt. Nomnomnom.

  4. Another lovely post! I am not that much of a chocolate fan but Carrot Cake is my fave - you just can't beat it. Fresh flowers are just the best especially when they last longer than you expect. I may buy some this evening to brighten the place up a bit, I love sunflowers this time of year. Have a great week! x

  5. *waves* hello! I've never commented before but your thoughts on summer scent reminded me on the lovely What I Did On My Holidays by 4160 Tuesdays. It is the most perfect summery smell, and they do teeny wee bottles if you're wary about shelling out for the full one. I



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