Friday, 25 July 2014

Sharing #2

^All photos taken from Pinterest HERE^
A little while ago i wrote about SHARING.  You can sneak a peep HERE.  Whilst i feel as if i would write all of my tangled thoughts and share all of my silly and cotton candy cloud photos on this sweet little spot of the internet whether i was writing to two people or twenty squillion, it's safe to say that the reason people stop by these parts is because some kind soul somewhere (blogger or otherwise) has shared this spot with another.  If its one thing i have learnt about this industry is that it shares.  It shares the love and support of its fellow writers, photographers and bloggers alike and unlike any other i have ever experienced.  And that's SPECIAL to me and something i am forever grateful for.  So i'm back here once more doing a bit of loving and sharing myself.  And you are in for a treat i can tell you.  
*  *  *  
I just ADORE the quote ^above^ and the way it describes seeing the positive in even the darkest times.  As bloggers and writers we are pretty damn good at that.  And the print?! Well it's vintage Liberty - as if i need to explain that one further.  I'd quite like my duvet to look like that thanks. And the bottles are just pretty and well, i am a little obsessed with up-cycling old bottles and jars and such lately, be it for fresh flower holding receptacles or just for a humble tealight or ten.  But these fab faces have been inspiring my cheeks lately too…

*  The Tea Drinking English Rose and most recently Charlotte's 'Will You?' post. This blog never fails to INSPIRE me.  It's an indulgent Alice in Wonderland of thoughtfully curated posts in a wonderfully whimsical and beautifully worded way that you just can't help but fall right in and and want to meet her for a cup of tea and a white chocolate mouse.  This particular post tells the tale of how she asked her closest gals to be her bridesmaids for her wedding to her handsome Mr next year.  It's beautifully photographed and so THOUGHTFULLY written.  This ladies eye to detail is beyond beautiful.  

*  Pierre le Cat and Helen's recent post Travel//OOTD//Shoreditch Hipster . I loved this post so much and really felt that i knew exactly where Helen was coming from.  Being part of such a big industry where it feels like every man and their miniature daschund has a blog; it's hard to find your NICHE and to find what really makes your heart sing.  It's also hard not to compare yourself to everyone else; to feel as if you are missing out by not residing in the Big Smoke where it often feels like the centre of the universe; or to feel like you should be eating at the latest instagram hyped burger joint wearing the latest ASOS 'xyz'.  Most of my favourite blogs (this lady's included) are the ones that are a bit DIFFERENT from the rest and less mainstream and full of personality.  Helen's blog is just that.  And it doesn't hurt that she's got a way with styling jewllery and outfits a little different from everyone else too.  Oh and she's a fellow Cumbria blogger. Not that i am biased at all whatsoever…

*  Cider with Rosie and her recent post A summer walk in bluebell woods (even though the bluebells have long since faded) .  This lady has a LOT to answer for.  She is the very first lifestyle blog that i read, way waaay back when.  And the fact that i still get a little bit excited when a new post pops up in my feed speaks for itself.  Rosie forever manages to get the perfect balance between such beautiful beautiful photography and equally fantastic writing, whether she is telling the story of a weekend well-spent or sharing a new recipe.  I always go away feeling driven and inspired just by reading her little space and i love how much of her personality shines through each and every word she writes.  This post is a story BEAUTIFULLY told in words and pictures and a perfect example of why i love her blog so much.
*  *  *  
Are there any bloggers that INSPIRE you? What are your favourites, the kind that you go back to again and again and always go away FEELING all the better for it?!  I'd love to know!  Plus i love a new read as much as the next person...


  1. Saw you mention Charlotte's post on Twitter the other day and just had to favourite and re-tweet it. I love things like this and anything Alice in Wonderland inspired is fine by me as you know! x x

  2. Argh! Still can't get over this post.. Thank you so much for sharing and including me with two awesome bloggers. One of which I hadn't read before so has been added to the favourites. Hoorah.

  3. Sally this is just gorgeous and some wonderful new reading for me so thank you for that - can't wait to get stuck in!
    You chose an absolutely perfect quote too.
    M x Life Outside London

  4. Oh my. I have just discovered your blog and I don't think I can even describe how lovely it is! Your writing and photos are equally beautiful! Can't wait to stuck in and catch up on your archives!!

    L x {}



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