Sunday, 27 July 2014

Not Feeling Blue

As i sit here in our little office with the skylight held as WIDE as it will go with a roll of brown paper parcel wrap holding it in place (read:: a recipe for disaster waiting to happen right there!) it is 28 degrees.  To my overseas-shaped friends or anyone possibly not in Blighty or anywhere near Cumbria, i can tell you that's positively tropical.  For us at least.  Lately though my twitter feed and instagram has been choc-a-block with people complaining its too hot.  

And its not hard to see why.  We're not accustomed to such constant heat and blue sky BRAVADO and we are a nation who likes to share our thoughts on the weather more than any other i am sure.  And you know what?  I don't work well in the heat either.  Im mostly milk-bottle white with pale blond hair.  Anything above 20 degrees leaves me looking like a lobster in a wig.  But MAN, those bright blue skies?  Aren't they worth it?!  

Beautiful bright blue cloudless skies as far as i can see, in any which way or direction goes pretty high up on my HAPPY-MAKING list lately.  Whilst my little self isn't made for more than half an hour of direct sunshine, a little slick of SPF factor one million, a straw hat and a sweet cotton dress and i'm good to go.  I have been spending moments in between turning those two wheels of mine sat under trees and searching for sneaky spots of shade when i can.

I may or may not have sat and DIPPED my toes into the river for a little while on a sunny morning bike ride earlier this week.  I feel so lucky to have this little patch of green and blue right on my doorstep - well down the road on two wheels for a few moments.  It's good enough for me. You can always find a quiet spot too.  This time of year and with all those rays of bright yellow sunshine it looks so BEAUTIFUL.  
I feel as if i am constantly DRINKING something lately.  Whilst i have cut back a little on the warmer drinks, i have more than made up for them with my own version of iced teas, fruited ice cold teas and simple icy H2O with wedges of lime or torn up mint and cucumber slices.  I really notice if i don't drink enough in this heat, i feel as if my productivity really suffers as i just want to curl up out of the sun and sleep!  I have re-used a huge and whopping passata bottle to fill up with whatever cold beverage i fancy and keeping it full in the fridge means i can guzzle it back and refill easy peasy.  

Blue and white have been my go-to colours lately, i feel much COOLER and CALMER in paler colours come this heat…whilst still maintaining a little print love also.  I am not ashamed to say that i have worn this cotton playsuit two days running this week already.  It's perfect for BREEZY summer days, especially when i spend so much of them on two wheels.  There's no under-garment flashing in sight!  Which means i am free to focus on the loveliness around me!
*  *  *  
So let's all not start wishing away this glorious-ness too soon please.  I don't want to hear a peep about jumpers, scarves or cinnamon anything's until at least September.  Let's all enjoy exactly how a summer should be.  Being typically British, you just never know when little Lady Weather shall snatch it right from under our peepers! 


  1. Sweden is very much the same! We've had between 25 and 30 C and sunshine the last couple of weeks, and no one can stop talking about it! I find that I have a love-hate relationship with a really hot summer like this one. I do love summer (I love the blue skies, the sunshine, that everything is green, the BBQs...and so on), but it's just too hot right now! I feel like a sweaty pig whenever I do something outside! But you're right, one shouldn't complain. Summer is short and one should enjoy it when it's really here :) Gosh, what a long comment. Weather is a favourite subject for us Swedes too, haha.

    xx Mimmi, Muted Mornings

  2. I love infused water! My favorite is cucumber and lemon!



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