Monday, 28 July 2014

Currently #19

All images taken from Pinterest HERE
I'm feeling all kinds of sudden urges to be right by the SEA.  Call it the sun, beating down on my little blonde head and bringing a smattering freckles across the bridge of my nose or just the fact that i feel especially drawn to all of things blue and a fresh crisp white lately.  I just do not know.  But i am craving DIPPING my toes in deep blue frothy waves and licking the salty sea air from my lips.  I feel as if i want my hair to blown all kinds of which ways; this way and that, in a warm salty sea breeze. I would give anything to wriggle my bare feet in warm sand right this very second.  
*  *  *  
I have got a few PRECIOUS days to myself the weekend after next and so i'm planning a trip north to Scotland to see the family and to catch my brother before he pops back to uni for his final year.  I am hopeful for dry warm weather so that we can FROLIC by the sea with that daft spaniel puppy dog, and go walking up in the pine forest and maybe do some deer spotting. I can hardly WAIT.  

I also love the above quote.  Lately i feel as if i am not quite sure of the direction everything is going.  Almost like i am never too sure where i will end up.  I have never really minded that and have always gone wherever the breeze has taken me.  But as i get a little older, and i realise how precious time really is, it just makes you THINK you know?  

Do you enjoy a visit to the seaside and have you got any little JAUNTS on the horizon anytime soon?


  1. I've been thinking I'd like to go to the seaside anyway but the way you just described it had made me determined! I love walking on the sand barefoot!

    Holly in Your Pocket xx

  2. I hope you have the best time frolicking by the seaside Sally. I live my whole little life by the sea and feel ridiculously grateful every single day for it. Beautiful sea-ish Pinteresting too, makes me eager to get home and kick off my shoesies.
    M x Life Outside London



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