Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Wonderful Wednesday #27

Happy halfway through the week dear and sweet faces, how do i find you all?  I don't wish to boast but week has been THE BEST so far.  That might largely be to do with the fact that i have been off from Sunday to today this week. Now i think you'll agree that is one of the very bests starts to the week for anyone.  'Cos despite loving my job and feeling grateful to work with the loveliest bunch in the world, a few days off, in a row; is a bit of a dream.  I have spent them well and i feel rested and yet ENERGISED in equal measure.  It's amazing what an hours extra zzz-ing can do for you isn't it?  Hello 8am wake ups!  So i have plenty of goodness to fill you up!

*  Getting our food shop DONE in the middle of the day on a sunny Tuesday instead of half-arsed after work at 6pm, 'cos you know i wasn't at work - did i mention that?!  We always do our food shop after work.  Which usually results in us me spending far too long in the biscuit and, or jam or nutella aisle.  It felt highly organised and got done much quicker on Tuesday afternoon since the Mr finished work at lunchtime.  I made a list and stuck to it and everything.

*  Sunday PLANS - sort of fulfilled.  We are HOPELESS at decisions and so we fall a little bit apart when it comes to making a plan.  (Can you see even more so, why the food shop was a triumph?!) But it's been forever since we have both been free on a sunday and so because of all the lovely sunny weather and bright blue skies, we decided a trip out was in order.  We used to adventure out somewhere into the Lakes each sunday but we have sort of fell out of the habit - as you do - and so it was nice to wake up and know where the day was taking us.  We had a drive down to Hutton-in-the-Forest to an annual pottery fayre.  Before the Mr started making basses he used to be a Potter and so he likes to visit each year if he can.  We wandered the fayre, and then explored the huuuuge house and all of its walled gardens and grounds.  It was lovely.  We then had planed to drive over to Lowther Castle for a bite to eat and another walk.  Except they'd had a power cut and were closed!  Just proves that you can't plan everything doesn't it?!  It was lovely to spend proper time together out and about in the green and fresh air.

*  A new favourite COMBINATION.  I swear i am the queen of combinations lately. I feel like i should start a mini-series.  I like to take my lunch to work each day and it can easily get boring taking soggy sandwiches each and every day and yet it's expensive to buy your lunch each day too.  I can't remember the last time i even took a sandwich BUT my latest favourite lunch-shaped combo are fine milled oatcakes spread thickly with organic cottage cheese.  Cottage cheese has this odd 80's/diet food stigma attached to it but i love the stuff.  You have got to get the real organic, no rubbish added, 'i can stand my spoon up in it it's so thick and creamy' type though or your'e stuffed.  So where were we?  Oatcakes, cottage cheese on top and raspberries or blackberries and a touch of thinly sliced mint.  I usually take along some slices of cucumber too.  I have also tried it with strawberries and basil.  And i have also mixed it up and used ricotta cheese too.  It's mighty fine and travels well in a little lunch box.  But I might have munched it on Monday at home this week just because i wanted it so much. Let me know if you give it a go.

*  Face-timing with one of my BESTEST friends aaaall the way from Oz on Tuesday afternoon.  Man i miss her.  It was so nice to chat and laugh and catch each other up on either persons lives.  It was also lovely to see around her fancy pants new house that she has just bought with her fella.  I guess there's no coming back now then! Boohoo!

*  New SMELLS.  After a lovely lovely blog comment from a reader suggested a new and exciting perfume brand to me after she had read how much i love the way sunshine makes your skin smell, i headed online to track it down.  The perfume itself proves rather price-y but they offer mini-sample bottles so i treated myself to a couple and i am SO impressed.  I shall be sharing much more another day but smelling it made me so happy.  And it also made me even happier knowing that a kind reader had got in touch and recommended it.  It blows me away daily this lovely and kind community i tell you.  

*  CHOCOLATE pudding.  The kind thats so smooth and soft and rich on the outside and filled with a molten lava of warm gooey goodness on the inside.  The Mr's decision.  What a keeper.  I contributed with a little pot of extra thick double cream.  We ate in total silence.  I told him i didn't want the moment to end.  He left half of his.  I more than contemplated eating that too. I didn't but this made him shocked.  Until i explained that i have a separate stomach for anything chocolate-y and it never fills up.  This isn't strictly true but it might aswell be.  I spent the rest of the evening more deliriously content than i had been in a while.  

*  New summer skincare UPDATES.  This made me so happy! I purchased a few summery takes on my otherwise regular skincare staples. I am so impressed that i am thinking of including them in a little post.  Check me out knowing things about skincare?!? Well hardly, i know what i like (i.e. what i have been using for an age and know works!) and it might be quite nice to share this with your lovely faces you know?!

*  Pearl BARLEY.  I tried it in a risotto recently on an evening i was in eating alone.  You know what i was a bit sceptical but it just works.  It's a much lighter take on usual risotto rice and its a creamy yet really fresh dish packed full of baby leeks, spring onions, baby carrots and garlic.  With a couple of baby new potatoes on top and some finely chopped thyme for extra measure.  It left me feeling full enough without feeling uncomfortable and sleepy in the way that a heavy normal risotto can. I may or may not have it again later this week…
*   *   *  
What have you all been up to? Do you fancy trying my alternate take on a humble sandwich for lunch?  Have you got any other lunch-shaped alternatives i should be giving a go?!  Do you also have a separate stomach dedicated to just chocolate or is that really just me?!?  I'd love to know.  Or if you just want to let me know something that's been making you happy this week so far remember you can also tweet me.  Im @sallytangle and don't forget to use the #wonderfulwednesday hashtag too.  


  1. This post really put a smile on my face! Oatcakes + cottage cheese + berries sounds absolutely amazing. Thanks for the tip! And no, you're not alone.. I definitely have a separate stomach for chocolate!

    xx Mimmi, Muted Mornings

  2. Sounds like a happy week, I find if I shop on line I remember to use all my vouchers for money off, extra points etc whereas in store I always for get! and I always go for the 1.00 delivery slots now too :)
    I have a whole stomach dedicated to chocolate lol. Lunch is always a dilemma, depending what shift I'm on sometimes I need a hot meal not just a sandwich, my husband has taken to making a HUGE tub of tuna salad and often we take some of that, tuna,spring onion, sweetcorn, peppers, tomatoes, balsamic vinegar, then I put some beetroot in and maybe a boiled egg!! Yum!!

  3. To hear that you have been having the best week is enough to make me beam. Keep being super, Sally xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx



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