Friday, 12 September 2014

Bit of Glitter

It's been getting a bit SPARKLY around these parts lately.  Sometimes i fail to know quite where and what inspires me.  Often it just comes out of nowhere:  I'll be tearing, cutting and sticking and begin to see a pattern forming.  Or there'll be a similarity in what colours i opt for in what i wear.  Sometimes it's influenced by the seasons, sometimes it's quite out of the blue and catches me by surprise.  Lately has been just that:  a little subtle and I suppose quite un-seasonal hint at sparkle and glitter…
I fell head over HEELS for this Boden sparkle collar breton  when it first sauntered onto their website a few weeks back.  I couldn't resist such a natty and cute take on such a classic wardrobe staple and could already see myself getting wardrobe mileage from this little gem.  I've got a delightful pair of Boden tartan trews from last year it would look DREAMY with.  Or over a black and white spotty dress…or underneath a denim pinafore with tights and chelsea boots. …or worn with my beloved black skinnies and a bit of a heel. The possibilities are endless!

I felt all kinds of inspired when i spotted this WONDERFUL light display at The Carlisle Living Awards last Thursday.  It made me wish i could have a light up 'S' on my bedside table all of the time!  I think its quite safe to say that the Mr might not feel quite so inspired by such a light up display though.  All the same after a few glasses of champagne i had to wobble my little self out and get a picture next to the big letter 'S'…Afterall, it would have been rude not to!
The last part of my GLITTER-ful journey had me feeling like updating a few old favourites.  I took a little silver spray paint to two old pairs of shoes and a much smaller (not light up!) letter 'S' to see how they would come out.  Minus the 'S' they were all heading for the charity shop anyway so i had nothing to lose. I am SO pleased with how they have all turned out!  I have purchased some delightful neon pink shoes laces for my new swanky silver brogues and that sweet little letter 'S' sits proudly atop my many magazines stacked along the wall in our livingroom.  

What can i spray paint next?!
What has been INSPIRING you lately?!

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  1. SALLY I love those spray-painting crafty bits you've managed .... so creative & lovely! You're inspiring me, for sure :-) The picture of you by the 'S' is also adorable. You take such a pretty picture! x



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