Sunday, 14 September 2014

Currently #22 - Some Thoughts on Cycling

 (All photos taken from Pinterest HERE)
I don't mind telling you i HATE exercise. I like moving don't get me wrong.  In fact i can't bear to sit still.  But the thought of any kind of exercise class leaves me running in the opposite direction.  At least it would if i COULD run.  I once tried and damaged my legs so much that i had to get the bus down the road to work each day and go down any kind of stair on my bottom for two whole weeks.  True story!  Turns out you need the correct shoes and a vague idea of how to warm up before you launch yourself head first into running.  

And that's also not my forte:  PATIENCE.  If i want to do something i want to do it yesterday.  It's not something that always works in my favour but it does mean i get stuff done (usually whilst inflicting various kinds of BUMPS and bruises to limbs).  I suppose i am lucky as in most cases (if we exclude walnut whips and chocolate. Oh and coffee or carrot cake) i prefer to eat healthy.  I enjoy my fruit and veg and i'd quite happily exist on nuts, seeds and healthy meats and fish.  But all through my life i have longed to find the right exercise.  I am not naturally slim or toned and i need to move to stay fit and healthy - or at least to feel that way.  I grew up never dieting but always yearning to find and exercise that i loved.   It never came.  Until three years ago i decided to get a bike.  
We had always had bikes growing up but i had never considered it in an EXERCISE sort of a way.  From the moment i rode those two wheels again i was HOOKED.  Something clicked inside and i was away.  Not only can i hop on Willow (that's my bikes name by the way.  She is a mint green Pashley Penny pushbike and as she has become such an important part of my life i had to name her you see) at a moments notice:  no silly stretches, clingy lycra anythings  or shout-y gym instructors.  
Of course i know WILLOW isn't everyone's cup of tea.  I knew when i had decided to get a new bike that i wanted something a little bit girly but not a typical 'bike with a basket pushbike.'  Willow is a Pashley Penny.  Pashley make all of their bikes by hand in Stratford-Upon-Avon and you can view their beautiful two-wheeled wonders HERE.  I liked the fact that she was British.  Her design is actually based upon and 1940's PARABIKE which were used throughout World War Two by British soldiers.  Since she is a road bike, she isn't really accustomed to big hills, rough terrain or going too fast, which suits me just fine - neither am I!  

I WISH that everyone had a bike and i can't understand why more people don't.  After the initial expense, cycling is a free and wonderful way to explore, exercise and adventure.  It's also the very best mood booster and de-stresser!  If i have had a long day, or feel fed up, a little TOOTLE on those two wheels perks me up no end.  I don't know what i'd do without her.  I have had the LOVELIEST summer of two-wheeled adventures and i am a little sad that the evenings are drawing in and soon i wont be able to squeeze in a little adventure after a long day at work!  I am just going to make extra sure that i cycle that bit further on my days off to make up for it!

Do you own a bike? If not have you ever considered getting one?


  1. I totally agree! My bike is the best present my hubbie ever bought me..well actually he rescued it from the local dump many years ago before vintage bikes got popular and everyone just dumped them! It's so comfy and the flowers around my basket make everyone smile :)

  2. What a wonderful post Sally! :) I have an old but still beautiful white and purple bike with basket that my grandfather bought me when I was twelve, and I love to use "her" to go to work! It's an easy way to do some outdoor exercise and also it helps to protect the environment from pollution.

  3. Ah I would love a bike! I might actually think about getting one once we've moved back up to Scotland next month! :)

    Lou x

  4. I've got a bike, I've had it yeaars and its really heavy, but it works! I'm just scared of cycling on roads :/ xx

  5. I don't have a bike but I would love one. I am thinking of getting one next year. x

  6. How I understand you - the only exercise I engage in is cycling and walking. In fact, I cycle everyday on my way to work and back home. People should cycle more often, they're too attached to cars. xx



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