Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Wonderful Wednesday #34

Hello and how the flipping HECK do you do?  Gosh doesn't ^THAT^ picture just make you fall even more in love with Autumn?  If it's possible to fall in love anymore that is.  This post is going to be pretty heavy on the Autumn…I am just pre-warning you.  But since when was that ever a bad thing?!?  This week has felt much more productive than last.  Why, i am not quite sure.  I feel as if this week i am just particularly 'ON it' , whatever 'it' might be.  I finished my latest piece for our local magazine last night and whilst i can't really reveal in toooo much depth what i am wittering on about, i found it a little bit CATHARTIC.  When i was little i could never talk about how i felt, so i would always write letters to my nearest and dearest.  Now i'm still a bit useless at it and so sometimes writing helps to fix the niggling worries in my little head.  I am digressing…as per usual.  This weeks Wonderful Wednesday comes at you with bags of energy, piles of positivity and general happiness on embracing one of my very favourite seasons of the year…

*  Golden hour WONDERMENT.  If that's a word..?  It is now.  This milder, sun-filled-come-sort-of-indian-summer we have been enjoying up north has brought about some of the most stunning early evening light.  We were driving back from our weekly food shop last night and i can kept yelping at the Mr (who was driving) to 'quick quick QUICK LOOK AT THE SUN!!' It's a miracle we got home in one piece.  I have been getting a little too excitable about it.

*  Apple COMPOTE.  Who am i kidding, EVERY compote!!  I feel like Autumn is definitely a time for jam and compote and all kinds of preserves.  It seems only natural to feel the urge to squirrel away the seasons' best bits and save them for the shorter darker days of winter ahead.  Soon the best crops of tomatoes, apples and rhubarb will be gone and i have been enjoying imagining concoctions galore.  On Monday evening i made my first apple compote of the season:  the two hugest, knobbliest and bobbliest granny smith apples and a beautiful red and green cox' apple cooked down with nothing but a good sprinkling of golden caster sugar.  It tasted AMAZING, gosh i can't even tell you.  All tart, rich and deliciously autumnal.  This week i have been having it dolloped into yoghurt with vanilla, or just on it's own right out of the jar and ice-y cold.  Once the mornings become cooler i can't wait to stir it into creamy porridge.  Mmmm!

*  Embracing a new 'WAVE.'  Naturally my hair sits in a way that you could only describe as 'straight and flip-ey.'  It really is just downright mischievous.  Lately it feels in desperate need of a good chop and so it is being extra difficult and rebellious.  Instead of fighting the 'flip' i have chosen to embrace it by twisting it in to the sweetest little bedtime bun.  A quick head upside down kind of a shake and a quick fizz of the lifesaver that is dry shampoo and i am good to go.  Well at least i look a bit more intentionally dishevelled!!

*  SUPER siblings!  I am the eldest of three and i have a younger brother and sister.  Like most brothers and sisters, we loved and hated each other in equal measure when we were younger.  Now we have all grown up a little, fled the nest and probably learnt a lot more about ourselves; our bond is stronger than ever.  I feel so lucky to have these two in my life and i love how we all look after and look out for each other.  We are a force to be reckoned with and i am proud to be their big sister…even if i still don't always know better…

*  Leaf CRUNCHING:  a childish, silly but so damned satisfying pleasure i shall never tire of i don't think.  Do you know what's better…?  Riding a bike through leaves.  I rode round and round our little park so much on Monday morning that i sent myself a little dizzy!

*  GOOSEBUMPS.  For (i think) the first proper time since Spring time.  I was sat tip tapping at our little desk with the attic window wiiiide open and the blue sky above and a sweet cup of lady grey to keep my company.  The breeze was much cooler and i very much enjoyed rummaging in the chest under the bed to dig out my very favourite rose pink woollen, oversized cardigan.  

*  Hanging on to the OPEN window for as long as is possible.  Is it just me or does anyone else love the much cooler and distinctly autumnal breeze tickling at their cheeks as they bury themselves under the heaviest, fluffiest of duvets…?  Absolute and complete heaven and a recipe for the soundest sleep you can ever imagine!

*  Wearing my NEWLY silver spray painted brogues anywhere and to everything! Well not really but man alive they go with everything!  I do so love them.  I love to watch my feet sparkle and glitter on my wander to work.  It's the little things people!

*  Discovering a generous number of LUSH BATH BOMBS squirrelled away from Christmas.  Not only does this get me excited for cooler evenings of candle-lit baths, but i have been wrapping my favourite underwear in them and burying them in my underwear draw for safe keeping.  It means i smell beautiful and just like i have had a bath all of the time.  

*  Sweet BABY SPINACH wilted with salty butter and served along side the best scrambled eggs i have ever made and some left over flaked salmon fillet.  It was one of those kinds of lunches i could have quite happily eaten again straight away afterwards.  It was that good!
*  *  *
What has been making this week more BEARABLE for you my dear and lovely faces?  Are you still sleeping with the window open?  Do you love crunching through leaves just as much as me?  I'd love to know!  Please tell me about the best part of your weeks' below or tweet me with your #wonderfulwednesday .  I'm @sallytangle .  

Have a super duper rest of the week wont you!


  1. Oh what a lovely post! I feel the same about autumn. I'm so happy that it's finally coming around! And apple compote is definitely one of the best things about it :)

    xx Mimmi, Muted Mornings

  2. I love leaf crunching. And what a great and genius idea about the bath bombs - scuttles off to pop 3 in my underwear draw - why did I not think of that before??


  3. Love, love, love this post. Autumn is just the best and this post just made me love it even more. xx

  4. Fab post! I too am really excited for Autumn, my favourite season!

    Cat from Outside, Beauty, Inside Health



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