Sunday, 21 September 2014

Currently #23 - Four ways to cure 'Hair Complacency.'

(The above images can all be found on Pinterest HERE)
I think i am suffering from something i am going to call 'HAIR COMPLACENCY' and declare it an actual 'thing' too.  If you have been casting your peepers over this little spot for some time you shall be well aware that my hair used to much, much longer:  To my elbows no less.  After spending many years growing it and successfully getting there, i decided i quite fancied having it all chopped OFF.   As you do.  Whilst i still swoon (and pin, pin, PIN) over long hair and prettily coiffured up do's, i don't really regret having my hair short.  What i have noticed is that i am no longer half as adventurous with it as i used to be with my longer tresses.
*  *  *  
Since i EMBRACED wearing hats, and got over the initial 'do i look like there's a garden on my head' worry when it comes to wearing a flower crown, those two things are about as adventurous as it gets now.  As it turns out (and according to the squilllions of short-hair do's filling my 'Hairbear BOARD' on Pinterest, there are a fair few things you can do with a much SHORTER barnet and i am fully intending to start embracing them more often.  This shall be a welcome alternative to my usual routine of get up, tip head upside down, spray dry shampoo, run fingers through hair and plonk on hat.  Here are four of my favourites:  

1.  PARTING my fringe.  This is very 'Alexa' and whilst i can't even hope to channel anything like the queen of indie cool herself, this is a subtle update which really makes a bit of a difference to the face.  It's also quite soft which i like and i can imagine it would be nice on especially messy hair days.  

2.  ADDING in scarves, turbans etc.  I have dabbled in this kind of idea before, i mean i own enough scarves to sink a fleet of ships so i should really get my finger out and weave them in and out of my barnet too.  I love how bohemian this look is too, and again it would be great for hiding greasy roots, and general 'my hair wont go the way i want it to go' days.  I think i am sensing a theme…

3.  NESTLING in pretty clips and ornate combs.  This is one of my very favourites.  I rarely ever tie my hair up anymore for fear of looking like one of those silly people with a ponytail so small that it looks…well plain silly.  But my hair's not actually that short and the way this look is soft, tousled and has bags of texture, the small-ness of the little half-pulled through ponytail works really well.  Plus i love the idea of nestling a jewelled clip or comb on the side for a point of difference or to pair with a much dressier outfit.  

4.  TWISTING and TURNING.  This might not work so well on hair with a fringe such as mine but if i work the split fringe in number one, i may get away with it.  Again i love the texture on this and the way i can imagine it not having to look quite so perfect.  

So there we have it, PROOF that there is hope for styling shorter hair a little differently.  And also proof (if you even need it) that i would far rather stay in bed for another half an hour than spend too long on that messy mop of mine. But even if i do fire a hat on to wander to work, these little variations could quite easily be cobbled together in a fitting room before we open on a morning…
*  *  *  
What do you THINK?  Are you guilty of being a little 'Hair Complacent' or do you mix it up on a day to day basis?  Any tips for someone looking for a little bit of inspiration?


  1. My hair is pretty much the same length as #4 and I love that style! I'm so lazy with my hair, so will definitely try these to shake it up a bit!

    Lou :)

  2. I've become SO lazy with my hair recently. .. you have inspired me to do a bit of hair pinning today to think up some new styles!

    Lyndsay | Fizzy Peaches



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