Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Wonderful Wednesday #35

Hello dear and LOVELY beings!  How goes your week so far?!  This week has been filled with productive energy and has been all about completing tasks, seeing things through and for wonky fringes!  Note to self, and to all fringe wearers:  do not attempt to cut your own fringe when you are tired.  It shall only end in a tragedy which leaves you with a fringe far shorter than you intended, that is still primarily wonky AND slightly resemblant of a boiled egg.  Ok maybe thats just me with my pale face English rose-type complexion…  Don't fret, things have been far too productive to let it worry my now very visible eyebrows too much…

*  The BUZZ of a much brisker two-wheeled whizz around the park on Monday evening.  Lately of an evening, the nights are fast drawing in and i am left feeling like i am literally chasing the sun all of the way back home.  There was a distinct change in the air on Monday evenings post-work whizz around our pretty park on those two wheels.  Breathing that much cooler air into my lungs and pedalling so hard has never felt so good.  I love the feeling of whizzing, full speed ahead on those two wheels, it's like nothing else and it brings the deepest of sleeps.  Roll on those icy mornings, i'm ready for you!

*  The ARRIVAL of the most darling electric blue tartan trousers that you ever did see.  So electric blue that for a moment (and only the smallest of moments) i did consider if they were a bit too tartan.  Then i almost scoffed at my stupidity!  As if anything can ever be too tartan!  I also rummaged around and remembered I have the sweetest of electric blue woollen jumpers that actually matches perfectly.  Just imagine the delightful little ensemble when paired with my silver brogues and some natty ankle socks?!  

*  ARCADE FIRE. Namely Arcade Fire and their 'Neon Bible' album.  An album i had clean forgotten ever existed until the joy of a work-ward wander on an Ipod shuffle.  One of the best albums of all time and one of my very favourites, and if you know me well, you'll know how hard it is to break into 'that' list.  Wrap your ears around my very favourite track HERE

*  The delicious SCENT of a day of on and off-shaped showers brought to my nostrils on a rather grey Tuesday.  It's not rained up in Cumbria for a good long while.  I mean we are talking weeks.  This is virtually unheard of round these parts let me tell you.  Whilst it has been the dream and also the very perfect end to a long and good summer; i don't mind telling you that i chose to have a wander in the pouring rain on Tuesdays' lunch hour.  It was perfect.  All heavy, sweet and cool against my skin.  It didn't matter that i returned to work half an hour later with hair twice the size of when i left.  That's what hats are for after all.  Since Tuesday's little drizzle, the air has felt much more distinctly autumnal and i don't mind one little bit.  

*  DREAMING up colder weather breakfast options.  It's no secret that breakfast and i go way, waaay back.  We are the best of friends and if i could eat breakfast for every single meal then i'd be the happiest of bunny's for sure.  On Monday night i fell asleep thinking of all of the exciting breakfasts I was going to make come the cooler mornings.  Who said i wasn't cool?!  They are largely based around porridge with various spiced and rich compotes full of star anise, cinnamon and fresh vanilla.  I have also got a few variations on fruit breads and a couple of new dropped buttermilk scone recipes i want to try out.    Would anyone care to form an orderly queue and act as a breakfast tester?! Imagine if that was a job?! *re-imagines  cv and all of the breakfast eating opportunities…

*  The CHANGE in the air.  No i am not just talking temperature.  There is a distinct shift the way that the air smells once autumn lands. Gone is the sweet scent of damp grass, dewy headily scented flowers and barbecues. Instead there is a hint of coal fire smoke lingering, a deeper muskier scent tickling at my nose and the air is sharper when it hits my lungs after a big deep breath in the morning. It's a little bit lovely.

*  SINGING THIS song.  My favourite song to sing in the world.  Okay well one of them.  Full blast, usually in the shower.  I just need a Wyclef…

*  PEANUT BUTTER.  I would have this in each and every Wonderful Wednesday post if i could. This week has been particularly celebratory of the peanut butter.  I have discovered how delicious it is having one crumpet slathered in sticky apricot jam and the other spread thickly with peanut butter.  It is the perfect balance of sweet and savoury for the morning and has been keeping me going right up until lunch time.  

*  HOT, hot showers followed by the fluffiest of pyjamas.  I feel like this needs no explanation whatsoever.  I cannot wait until it is also acceptable to take a hot water bottle to bed too.  Except, well i don't want to peak too soon.  
*  *  *  
Do tell me WHAT has been making you smile this week so far?  I don't care how silly, teeny tiny or just damn well daft you might think it is, i'd LOVE to know.  What wonderful-ness are you hiding?!? You can drop me a sweet little comment below or give me a tweet with your #wonderfulwednesday  .  I'm @sallytangle .  


  1. Too tartan?! Not possible!! ;) I love the Neon Bible record too! I saw Arcade Fire play at Edinburgh Castle a few years's up there with one of the best gigs I've ever been to! I think I. Managed to persuade the Mr to buy me an electric blanket this year...eeeek! Nothing better than getting into a bed that's already toasty inside when it's freezing outside!!! Hope your day is a lovely one :)

    Lou xx

  2. Oh my gosh, I thought I was weird for loving apricot jam and peanut butter! You can guarantee if those two jars, and a loaf of bread are in the flat when I wake up on a morning they won't be by the time I go to bed that night. Inbetween my love for breakfast/apricot jam/peanut butter I have been squeezing in a jacket potato for lunch. Baked in the oven for an hour, straight through, nyom.

    I have been loving these back to school days recently, but sadly my wardrobe and my bank balance are ill equipped for the chill in the air. I think I can maybe justify a small h&m essentials trip though, maybe...

    *hears bank balance weep*

    Blimey this comment could be a blog post in itself, sorry if it has come through twice!
    Stephie from tea in your twenties x

  3. I love the smell of Autumn in the morning :D



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