Monday, 29 September 2014

Currently #24: Forgotten Loveliness.

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MONDAY has a tough time.  No matter what it does it's the one day of the week we all greet with a universal 'urgh' the world over.  It follows the weekend:  If you are a nine to fiver - two whole days filled withFUN and frolics and no work whatsoever.  Even though i work in retail and spend most weekends working, i still treat Monday with the same half hearted attitude that the rest of you do.  It's much harder to get motivated somehow; it feels longer than the Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday and on Monday, Friday seems a squillion miles away.  So today i thought i'd BANISH your Monday blues with four lovely things that we should all do more of:  four silly little things to make you smile.  Even if you do just one of them, i can be quite sure it shall make the start to your week a lot better.

1.  EAT lunch somewhere different.  If like me, you eat your lunch at the same time, in the same place each and every working day, why not mix it up?  As it's been so mild up in Cumbria, as a mid week treat last week i took a little walk to our cathedral and sat on the wall, swung my legs and ate my lunch.  And do you know what?  It really made me feel better.  The fresh air soothed my busy head, and i took my time to eat, and people watch and then to have a little walk around the older part of our city.  I returned to work feeling like i had, had a little rest and re-charge.  It did me the world of good!

2.  Have a PILLOW FIGHT!  Can you remember how great that used to feel?!  I can't even remember the last time i walloped somebody over the head with a soft pillow but i do remember that doing it when i was younger used to leave me laughing for hours after.  It used to be one of my very favourite things to do when we were little.  Seeing this image brought it all back to me and i am determined to fit one in this week.  Just for the hell of it!  I should probably give the Mr a bit of a warning though as i don't think he'd be best pleased if i just attacked him with a pillow out of the blue!

3.  RELISH the LIGHT.  The Autumn light is the very best:  far richer, deeper, more golden and more lovely than at any other part of the year.  Unless you are like me and willingly take a picture of every beam of beautiful light that you come across, this week i think you should take a moment to just take it in.  If you are lucky enough to take a walk just as the sun is setting at this time of year, well you are sure to be in for a treat.  Or, if you fancy a sunrise meander, i bet that would be equally beautiful.  Over the next few weeks i am planning to get up extra early, fill a flask with hot spicy chai tea and take those two wheels to the park to watch our sun rise.  Maybe when i have next got a few days off together….or have time to squeeze in a little disco nap after….But if you're not quite as mad as a hatter as me, even sipping a warm drink with sunlight dancing on your cheeks is something quite special.  

4.  OPEN the WINDOW more.  Once the summer sun turns to much more of an autumnal glow, it's easy to wrap up inside, close all of the windows and reach for the thermostat on the heating.  Lately i have been quite enjoying bundling up in a soft, light jumper and leaving our attic window as wide as it'll go and tip-tapping away at my little desk with fresh air tickling my cheeks.  We also plan to sleep with the window open at night for as long as possible.  Being bundled up in a huge, soft duvet and feeling a delicious cooler breeze against your cheeks is a lovely feeling.  I think you should try it too.  
*  *  *
Have the most WONDERFUL  of Monday's lovely faces!  If you try any of the above or love and adore them as much as i do, feel free to share your enthusiasm below! Or share any more ways to perk up the start to your week.  I'd love to know! 

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  1. I work in healthcare doing shift work so also work weekends. I do wonder that nowadays most people work at some point over the weekends so Mondays aren't really the ugh factor they used to be, I think a lot of it is just that we have been programmed into the 'ugh it's Monday' feeling. We need to snap out of it! A pillow fight sounds like a way to do that! haha!



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