Friday, 5 September 2014

The Turning

^The first peepings of Autumn..^
I can't BELIEVE this wonderful week off work of mine is drawing to an end!  I feel as if it was well and truly needed:  sometimes you get to a point when you just need to step back, re-charge and re-assess quite how LUCKY you are.  Often i submerge myself so much in my job that it feels rather like there is not much room left for anything else.  This week has been about 8am wake ups (heaven), days spent cycling as far as my little legs would take me (read: mostly just many many times around that park of ours) day in and day out and sleeping so well because of it;  baking in abundance:  blueberry scones, wholemeal dropped scones and banana bread were all highlights.  And sorting:  sweeping, cleaning organising and tidying in readiness for that beautiful Autumn that is stretching ahead of us all.  

And do you know what that's been my very FAVOURITE part of this week.  Despite experiencing some kind of crazy heatwave for most of this week (which for the record i am NOT complaining about.  It's felt even more like a holibobs afterall!) in amongst the often cravings for citrus, for iced water and sorbet after every meal; it's happening:  The real feel amongst everywhere, that Autumn is tickling my toes and tugging at my heart strings.  Leaves are turning, starting to flutter gently towards the ground and the light - whatever time of the day, just looks distinctly more golden than this time last week.  
 ^first berry-shaped sightings en route back to Tangle HQ^
 ^perfectly pretty early evening golden light love^
 ^dreamboat skies to fall right into^
Whilst i reckon i am pretty good at realising and being GRATEFUL for all of the little things that make up being me; sometimes it's only when you really truly get the chance to slow down that you realise quite how grateful you should be, you start wondering if you're not nearly grateful enough and how much power the littlest things can have.  
* * *
Other THINGS that have been equally good and great about this week other than obvious Autumn-shaped goodness:

*  Finding a DRESS i had completely forgotten i owned (a sign that there is probably still far to much 'stuff' in those wardrobes of mine?which has perfectly fixed my 'i am at a hen party on Saturday and have nothing that i want to wear' - shaped dilemma.  Huzzah!

*  Attending Carlisle Living (the magazine i am ever so lucky to have my own column in) first ever AWARDS on Thursday evening.  This was one of the most surreal experiences in a long time.  To first of all be asked to be involved and to help judge some categories to actually attending the event and being seated at the editors table along with other judges and the host, none other than Grace Dent - well it was almost a little too much for me to take in!  On Thursday night i was recognised for my writing, for this little blog of mine and for being a creative person and that filled me with so much pride and happiness that i can't quite explain.  To actually have complete strangers and established creatives tell me that they loved both my writing and this little space fills me with so much thanks.  It was such a huge honour to be there and i cannot thank them all enough for making me feel so welcome.  

*  The Mr.  Do you ever just have certain weeks where you think you love someone even more than you ever have before?  This was just one of those weeks. Without going overboard, a man that purposely avoids speed bumps all the way home at 2am on Thursday evening because i so badly needed a wee is a man worth hanging on to in my opinion.  

*  Treating myself to the softest grey marl tee with the most perfect white font printed across its front, in H&M no less.  Its sleeves are just the perfect length, it dips ever so slightly at the back in a flattering cut and i just know the more i wear it the softer and more perfect it shall become.  It was perfect slung over a cotton sundress on Wednesday evening for an early evening bike ride.

*  Spotting the sweetest old man sat on a bench in the park yesterday morning, with a tartan blanket over his knees, a thermos flask and the local paper.  And his beautiful border terrier lay at his feet.  He said good morning too.  A true gent. My heart was warmed beyond belief. 

*  *  *
So what do you all have PLANNED for this weekend?  Tonight i am excited for an evening of us both being home, of eating delicious chicken and red wine casserole and mashed potatoes and for catching up.  I am at a dear friends hen party all day and evening tomorrow which i am so excited for. Then i am crossing all that is crossable for this wonderful weather to last until sunday.  I am hoping for a lazy breakfast of banana bread and tea and then a little adventuring somewhere green with the Mr.   

Wishing you all the greatest most LOVELY of weekends and forever thankful to each and every one of you for dropping by this little place.  You're the kindest most wonderful bunch of readers!  Just excuse me whilst i go and find a tissue...

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  1. Everything in this post sums up how excited I feel for a new season!

    I just feel like summer had been getting a little stale and was cramping my mood a little! Plus HELLO knitwear!

    Lovely photos too,
    Stephie from Tea In Your Twenties



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