Thursday, 4 September 2014

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{all photos taken from my Pinterest HERE  }
You can't get away from all things HIPSTER lately.  Whilst i am not quite enough of a trendy-wendy to look as effortless (or in fact anywhere near) as cool as the super duper trendy lot in these photos, i can't help but feel a little bit inspired by the sudden popularity of all things Hipster.   
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So who is SHE?  This Hipster lady i find myself FALLING for more and more each day.  She is a stark contrast from my usual prettily printed and sometimes twee-clothed concoction that's for sure.  I love the way this look is made up of BASICS: torn and worn weekend jeans, grey marl tees, scuffed shoes and a casual hat or headscarf - this get-up is the perfect ant-thesis to my usual attire and one which i find myself slipping into far more frequently lately.  

The lifestyle has me HOOKED too.  I love the idea of travelling everywhere on a bike, i mean of course i do.  Of visiting hidden coffee shops, farmers markets and off the beaten track bars, restaurants and shops.  I also love the urban references.  Whilst i have always had myself down as a green gal through and through, i find myself more and more inspired by the crumbling and old buildings in the historic part of our beautiful city lately.    

But BALANCE is the key.  And i can't see myself giving up all that is a little bit twee and all of my beautiful prints anytime soon.  But i wouldn't mind a trip to Manhattan with those two wheels of mine…if anyone's game.

What do you THINK?  Do any of these photos inspire you..? Are you also feeling a bit inspired by all things HIPSTER lately..?  I'd love to know!  

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