Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Wonderful Wednesday #32

It's ME!  Remember little old me?!  Things have been a bit QUIET on this little space of late.  Life has been hectic and bit upside down and it's all been change at Monsoon Towers and so i feel as if each and every minute has been taken up with something other than being here!  There is lots to look forward to at the moment though.  I have got my very first style feature being published this week in a local wedding magazine which i am so excited about. This week will also see me attend the very first Carlisle Living Awards.  Carlisle Living is the magazine i am lucky to write for each and every month and the awards are designed to CELEBRATE the best our little city has to offer.  I am a little bit excited!  The Mr is also playing at the event so it should be a lovely evening.  I am just stuck on what to wear!

But before i get caught up on the toil and trouble of rifling through my many wardrobes, i think we should catch ourselves up on what's been making me smile lately…

*  Getting even more back into BAKING!  I spent a lovely hour in Sainsbury's home-ware department on tuesday afternoon with the intention of stocking up with some new tins, bowls and a new mixer.  I had the best time!  I am really enjoying this new-found inspiration for all things baked and it's showing no signs of waning!  This week i tackled blueberry and buttermilk scones. They weren't my best effort and looked a little crooked!  But slathered with butter and blueberry conserve they have made perfect breakfast fodder!  

*  Days OFF.  It's been a long while since i had a whole and whopping week off and this is IT.  And man alive am i loving it.  It's so very nice to sleep until i wake up and simply potter about our little somewhere taking time to do all of the jobs that simply can't fit into one day off.  Our little somewhere has never been cleaner, tidier and more organised.  

*  Tartan trouser-shaped BARGAINS  I fell in love with Boden's tartan trousers last year but they sold out and were also a little too pricey for me.  This week not only did i receive a delightful little gift voucher from the brand (as a Happy Boden Anniversary no less) but i spied them at a third of the price in the sale.  The most delightful pair of red, green and electric blue tartan trousers (oh and a magical GOLDEN-collared breton tee) are currently winging there way to me and i am beyond excited!!

*  WEATHER, cos well i wouldn't be British if i didn't talk to you about the weather now and again would i?!  I shan't be wearing those tartan wonders any time soon as Cumbria seems to be basking in a little late summer sun this week.  It's a little bit delicious!  It's not quite summer-scorching sun, but it is the most gorgeous golden glow of heaven at whatever time of day lately.  I adore waking up curled up under a minty cotton duvet to bright sunshine peeking through our blinds and the little nip of a cooler breeze tickling our cheeks.  If the weather continues, Autumn shall be BEAUTIFUL!!

*  Pizza strewn with torn ham, portobello mushroom slices and SPLODGES of mascarpone and drizzled with olive oil and basil.  And then piled even higher with pepper-y watercress and green, yellow and red tomatoes.  The best pizza i think we have ever eaten on a night when it was definitely needed.  

*  Hand picked PLUMS.  Given to us by a friend of the Mr.  I haven't got a clue what i am going to do with them yet…possibly a plum compote to have with weekend-shaped pancakes?  Or a plum upside down cake to use up some of the left-over marscapone…?  Any ideas please do let me know!  I wish we lived in acres of land and could have a veg patch, and orchard and an outside oven.  I'm just saying.  

*  Falling in LOVE with Editors all over again.  The power of music never fails to amaze me.  Listening to their album 'The End Has A Start' this week has taken me right back to V Festival many moons ago and i feel like i could feel all of the feelings i did then, just by listening to just a few minutes.  Delightful!  

*  Freshly PICKED blackberries the size of your head!  Ok i may be exaggerating sliiightly.  But they were the biggest and most juicy i think i have ever seen and i may or may not have given myself a teeny tiny tummy ache from eating too many.  When not eating the whole punnet, they have been best enjoyed piled high on warm buttered toast spread with ricotta cheese.  Mmmmm!  

*  Adding the label 'AUTUMN' to this post.  I feel i don't need to explain this one.  

*  Finding hidden GEMS and feeling all kinds of inspired.  When i set about 'Operation Blitz the House' at the start of the week it was one of those unplanned ideas.  I had tried to pull something out of the wardrobe and created some kind of printed dress-shaped avalanche because of it! The rest is history.  But i will tell you that i filled three bin-bags to go to the charity shop and found so many things i had forgotten about and cannot wait to re-wear.  I love that feeling.  
*  *  *  
How are YOU?  Has your week felt productive so far?  Have you been squeezing blackberries into anything that vaguely looks like it might accommodate them?  Have you ever given Editors a listen?  Tell me aaaall about it below ('cos you'll know by now that this is my very favourite place to read your comments!) or you can tweet me with your #wonderfulwednesday too.  I am @sallytangle.  


  1. Oooh, you always make me crave all sorts of edible things! I'm definitely keen to bake some scones now.

    xx Mimmi, Muted Mornings

  2. My Martin brought me a little pile of tiny sweet blackberries the other day - what a sweetie, he'd picked them on his lunch break for me and carefully transported them home on his bike. Ahh, he's a keeper!!
    Anna xx



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