Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Wonderful Wednesday #40

I've got a little CONFESSION to make:  i sort of, a little bit almost forgot about my Wonderful Wednesday!!!!  Can you imagine?!  There'd be repercussions the world over!  All jokes aside,  i cannot believe it's Wednesday again already!  My weeks seem to be over in the blink of an eye lately!  Last week was a particularly long one, one which was full of bumps and work-shaped complications.  Sort of one of those kinds of weeks where every single thing is complicated in some way or another.  I felt like the whole seven days really tested my patience but also TAUGHT me how many things i can actually juggle (even if not so successfully) at one time and also that i can remain calm and composed when a crisis occurs - even if inside i don't feel quite so calm! This week is much better so far but the tiredness is really catching up with me and i am so looking forward to the end of the week and a lovely stretch of eight whole days off work!!!  I feel more than ready to spend some time relaxing.  So what's been keeping my peepers as POSITIVE as possible in the first half of this week?!  And what super POWERS have been getting me through?  

*  The power of Tea.  Quite simply you should never ever underestimate the power that your favourite tea (Lady Grey) made in your very favourite cup (a china cup which reads 'Nations Sweetheart' on in the sweetest pink lettering), your very favourite way (lots of teabag squashing and a good glug of milk, no sugar please) can bring.  Tea always wins over coffee for me, i really couldn't function without at least three cups a day - at least.  My mum still calls tea 'a cup of magic' and when i was little it really did fix everything in the whole wide world and it still does today.    How do you drink yours?

*  The power of Jessie J - and more to the point, the song 'Bang Bang' from her recent album.  You know sometimes you want to waft and float around to soft, folky melodies?  And well sometimes you want to feel like you can kick arse and rule the WORLD and feel extra specially strong?  Even if you feel so tired that if you stop you might just fall asleep standing up?  Well this week Miss J has been my remedy.  'Bang Bang' is usually not something i'd really listen to, but it's really got stuck in my ears lately - and the Mr's too.  It's made me laugh so so many times hearing him sing it to himself when he thinks i'm not listening!  The power of music should also not be under-estimated!

*  The power of a perfectly fitting black and white Breton tee. For effortless chic no matter what you pair it with.  For matching with anything and everything and sometimes not matching in exactly the sort of perfect way that just works.  And for mostly SAVING my bacon when my tired eyes can't compute what to wear, or when you worryingly find yourself putting your dry shampoo in the fridge…no jokes folks.   Sister needs a day off….

*  The power of a bloody good bath.  You know when you're tired, and the usual quick fizz and swish in a shower won't do because you just want to feel like you've climbed into a cup of tea?  Just me then…?   I started the week with a pink bath filled with Lush Rose Jam bubbleroon (a word to rejoice in if ever i heard one - basically a sort of bath bomb/bubble bar hybrid) and a big bottle of Snow Fairy to soothe my little self.  Climbing into bed after that was a joy that there are not enough words to tell you how amazing it felt.  

*  The power of friends.  One of my bestest friends in the whole world lives in Oz now.  I shall forever miss her little face terribly, and being able to just pop round and curl up with a big baileys coffee and her company.  Now we make do with Face-time.  It's not the same but without it i'd miss her even more.  I got to meet her sweet little kitten and to have a good catch up on life which was lovely in itself.  

*  The power of that extra hour.  I suppose if we are being all technical on here that was technically last week BUT it sort of follows on in to this week too….and hey it's my Wonderful Wednesday and i makes the rules!  I want to tell you that, that extra hour of mine was merely spent in bed.  I felt not one bit of guilt and greedily could have spent the whole day there too if i am honest.  Whilst the darker evenings are not enjoyable, i am revelling in a lighter start to the day. It's much easier to wake when the sun is at least starting to get up too!

*  The power of a hug.  Just because.  Sometimes i think we take them for granted.  But this week has been the kind of week where hugs have meant lots and have been gratefully received!

*  The power of   a bowl of granola and muesli mixed together with ice-cold almond milk and  toasted seeds.  To cure late evening munchies and sweet cravings and biscuit cravings and all of the cravings.  

*  The power of banana.  We have a love/hate relationship that yellow funny shaped fruit and i.  I either love them and eat one twice a day or i can't stand the sight or even smell of them at all.  Lately they have been mashed down into porridge, eaten at 11am when mid-morning munchies catch me unawares or spread on top of toasted rye bread covered in a generous layer of nutella or peanut butter.  Bananas and i?  Lately we have been the very best of friends.  

So tell me DEAR ones, what have you been praising the extra special super POWERS of this week?  Do you love bananas?  How do you take your tea and are you as picky as little me?  What did you do with your extra hour on Sunday?  Remember you can drop a little comment below or tweet me your #wonderfulwednesday on Twitter. I'm @sallytangle.


  1. There is definitely something special about tea. It makes everything better :) I'm a wee bit jealous of your bath! I only have a shower, but baths are lovely during autumn and winter.

    xx Mimmi, Muted Mornings

  2. I also almost missed my Wednesday post today, it got to lunch time and I suddenly thought 'oh wooly jumpers, I didn't actually finish writing!" I'm not sure me missing a post on my wee blog would have quite the cataclysmic consequences as a missing wonderful wednesday post would but boy it sure throws you out of sync doesn't it? My wonderful Wednesday is a flat to myself and relishin in left overs. Hope the rest of the week is wonderful too dear one! Stephie from Tea in your Twenties xx



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