Saturday, 25 October 2014

Some Goings On

It's a funny thing 'TIME' isn't it?  It's something we all have something say about, just like the weather.  Some want more, some have too much (seriously though who ARE you folk?!)  and some are happy with their time-share (GET IT?!).  For me, time is something i shall always have a love/hate relationship with:  ie there is never enough of it!  Being in a job that keeps me endlessly busy:  the non-stop 'do one thing off the to-do list, add six' kind of busy; means i really struggle to sit still and to switch off when i am not at work.  I am so accustomed to running and careering at breakneck speed that I always feel guilty when i am not doing that.  It can often take a good few days in a row off work before my mind and body can really switch off.  And my attention span has virtually disappeared when it comes to just sitting still and paying something attention that is un-work related.  

Lately TIME has slipped away from me at a frightening speed and it was really only when i sat down and flipped through my camera role that i realised quite how much loveliness had whizzed past my ears and that i had not even had a spare second to write about here.  So here goes a particularly pictorial post with a little life update to boot too!
  ^Too much?^
^Pretending he doesn't realise i'm pointing a camera in his face^
^Room with a view^

At the beginning of the month we both had a little overnight ADVENTURE to Yorkshire to attend one of my closest friends' wedding.  I over-wrapped the present a little bit (if that is even such a thing?  I mean if you can't go overboard with wrapping a WEDDING present then when can you?!)  and i sort of fell in LOVE with the windows in our hotel suite!  The room itself was bloody freezing but the old features were too pretty so we just curled up into a ball and slept with ice-y noses!  We also went for dinner at THE most beautiful country pub and B&B - the decor was STUNNING.  I wish i had snapped more but it was very busy and i felt like a bit of wally waving my camera about like i was a bit of a tourist.  The walls were papered in the sweetest leaf-y printed wallpaper with little golden keys hidden amongst them and the walls had the sweetest little prints, old-fashioned adverts and photos hung around and about.  None of the tables and chairs matched and everything looked like it had been up-cycled with all of the love in the world.  They also had a roaring little woodburner that made me want to curl up and fall asleep after my dinner.  Which was the most delectable handmade steak burger served on a brioche bun and eaten alongside a large glass of merlot.  It was heaven and if i could have moved in right then and there then i would have!
^Waking up before Mr Sunshine is getting to be a regular thing^
^Autumn at it's very best^
^The hugest tree making Willow seem teeny tiny!^

AUTUMN has been spoiling us with some beautiful weather up this end of the country too.  There has been rain, and there has been the fiercest most gigantic gales on occasion but it sort of feels like the weather can get away with it lately.  After all we were spoilt with weeks and weeks of lovely summertime weather and even if it is rotten, when you get little glimpses of jolly GOOD autumn days - like the real deal - then you don't mind so much.  I love how everything in autumn seems cast in an orange-y, amber glow, whether it's morning or night.  The temperature has just started to drop over the past few weeks and so old tartan throws, checkered scarves and trusty cashmere and woollen wonders have been dug out and carefully hand-washed in Lush bath bombs.  Nuzzling into a freshly washed scarf is a little bit like HEAVEN.  It's not quite cold enough for gloves and mittens but rest-assured they are on standby to whip out at only a moments notice!

I have been loving getting back into warm-breakfast mode too.  Porridge is forever the way forward!  I could eat that stuff for lunch and dinner too if i was allowed!  You can't beat a bowl of hot porridge LACED with honey, toasted sunflower seeds and a mashed banana to keep you powering through until lunchtime.  Evening meals have also been ramped up autumn style too.  A few days ago we enjoyed the most BUTTERY crunchy savoy cabbage alongside creamy dauphinoise potatoes and roasted chicken and we have also racked up roast lamb (Yes i DID just say that!) at least once this month.   Whilst i love to pick over salads, fresh ice-cold fruits and to mix up crazy salads during summer time, you really cannot beat autumn and winter foods.
*  *  *  
In other far much more MUNDANE news i have also been:

*  Getting sort of - wait, ALOT addicted to 'Bang Bang' by Jessie J et al and it has also become my favourite power walk to work company for days when i have got lots to get done!

*  Feeling a little bit teary at the new series of 'Super Vet'.  I can worryingly sit through most other things without shedding a tear, but this programme gets me every.  Single.  Time, fact.

*  Not killing my little succulent plant.  I was convinced i would kill it, just like i killed the herbs, the cactus and pretty much anything else living that i bring into this house, bar us.  Turns out it must be bloody hard to kill a succulent.  Maybe i might turn out to be a crazy succulent lady….

*  Getting on the 'bandwagon' that is Copper.  I have sort of fallen for all of the things copper-y lately - i blame Pinterest.  And Anthropologie.  I have just got my paws on some copper spray paint…oh the DIY possibilities!

*  Really loving Whitestuff under-crackers.  Hands down the very best pants outside the Mecca that is M&S knicker department, honest John.  Such pretty, pretty fabrics and mostly all made from cotton which is a big tick in my knocker box right there…and probably a little too much information for this little space.  

*  Using Lush Christmas products at every available opportunity!  I use thier skincare anyway, but i always look forward to their seasonal treats - so unique and beautiful.  My favourites are OBVIOUSLY Snow Fairy, Rose Jam, Buche de Noel and the most glittery bath-accompaniment i can get my mitts on.  I have also just this very second pre-ordered their new Jason and the Argan Oil shampoo-bar.  I am a little bit too excited.  It's a shampoo bar which carries the scent of Rose Jam which may possibly be one of my very favourite smells in the whole wide world.

SO what's new with you?!  It feels like FOREVER and a day since we all just sat down and ate walnut whips and drank tea.  I have really missed being here!  There really are not enough hours in my days, and days in my weeks lately!  Do you ever feel that way too?!  


  1. Such gorgeous photos! I love the hotel windows too! Beautiful xx

  2. Gorgeous photos, Sally! That hotel looks like the loveliest place :) And isn't autumn just lovely? It's been a bit rainy and windy here the last few days, but I still love autumn.

    xx Mimmi, Muted Mornings

  3. Wow that sunset over the rooftops, must be a wonderful way to start the day. I'm loving Autumn when those perfect days peak their heads through the dull rainy weather. The golden sunshine makes me want to get moving and outside. Lovely post as always my dear x
    P.s. You can never overwrap a present. It shows you care so much more if you put love and attention into the wrapping.



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