Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Wonderful Wednesday #39

How do you DOODLE-DO sweet and dear faces?!  Has your week been one of productivity?  Or the kind spent CURLED up from the cold and tucked away inside, nice and lazily…?  If it's the latter i am more than a bit jealous.  This week has felt far more productive than last for me.  Jobs have been ticked off and work-wise, i am learning more to have faith in my own judgement and to stop fannying around.  Sometimes i think i worry about what others think and how things will impact those around me and because of this i lack faith in my own decision-making skills.  I am getting there though.  That FEELING when you get it right is worth the stress a million times over.  How is this week's slice of positive-pie shaping up though?  That's what we're all here for let's not beat around that bush!

*  CURLING up and being the warmest that warm can BE.  Whilst i am the first to celebrate Spring and Summer and all of the light and heat and endless-feeling days, after such a mild few months, falling asleep to gusts of wind and rain beating heavily on our sweet skylight in our bedroom has been a little slice of bliss.  

*  Rose and black pepper hot CHOCOLATE - no really I MEAN REALLY!  Imagine the most delectably rich, and indulgent piece of belgian chocolate covered rose and lemon turkish delight - in liquid form.  Hells bells and beyond i could become seriously addicted.  Drank on a planned but looong overdue catch up with one of my bests.  At a sweet little spot called Coffee Genius - right up at the top of the ^above^ little lane actually. I can't wait to find an excuse to have another.  I wonder if they do takeout…

*  An un-expected late night FILM-A-THON on Sunday.  Ok well just sitting still and watching ONE film really.  For me this is a miracle because i cannot sit still for toffee, or for walnut whips for that matter.  For the record it was Castaway, starring Tom Hanks.  I realise i am way, waaay behind on this BUT how does he NOT get back with the girl in the end?!  

*  First-Aid Kit.  Every night before bed and for pottering in pj's with chai tea and a cosy cardigan slung about my shoulders.  Pretty PERFECT actually.  

*  New BOBBLE-HAT alert!!  The BEST bobble hat in fact and quite possibly in the whole of the land too come to think of it.  Navy blue, with a big huge red pom-pom and embroidered with tiny little London soldiers wearing red jackets and big black helmets.  Bought as a consolation for having to pre-order the amazing tartan scarf i raved and raved on at you about.  It's more than making up for it too, just incase you were worried about me or anything like that.

*  SORTING out old gloves, hats and scarves and having a mini hand wash-a-thon using Lush Snow Fairy and various left over bath bombs.  A no brainer and since the weather has really got colder this week this makes me very happy.  Nuzzling into some of my favourite scarves with a sweet, soft and soap-y Lush-y scent is happy-making in all of it's GLORY  

*  A  piping-HOT strong cup of English Breakfast tea with a handful of McVities Digestive biscuits for dunking.  Sometimes it's all you need on a damp afternoon, it really is.  

*  Darker mornings and any excuse to LIGHT a few candles.  Lighting a few candles as i am pottering about making my lunch, making porridge and getting ready in the morning makes the darker, colder mornings that little bit more bearable for sure.  

*  A surprise coffee date with my sister.  The best kind of surprise!  

*  Multi-coloured knobbly CARROTS of the brightest purples, yellows and oranges grated into work lunches and pots of vegetable cous-cous or simply slathered in crunchy peanut butter.  The best!

*  Spotting the FIRST sweet-peepings of Christmas decorations around and about our pretty city.  Sssh…
*  *  *  
So what's been FLOATING your boat this week so far?  Are you a biscuit dunker?  Have you ever seen Castaway or tried a purple carrot?!  Or share what's simply been making you smile so far this week.  You can leave a sweet comment below or pop over and tweet me with your #wonderfulwednesday on twitter, i'm @sallytangle.  


  1. Rose and black pepper hot chocolate!? That sounds really unusual, I have to try it! I'm with you on the candles too, winter is a great excuse to increase my candle collection. I especially love cinnamon candles in the winter.

  2. Oh my gosh, this post makes me want to curl up on the sofa and surround myself in knitted things and hot chocolate! I don't feel like I have really chilled out since this week started so tonight I am going to TIDY UP, and cosy down, creating the perfect writing conditions as I am doing a spot of children's story telling on Saturday, and feeling like you're on the edge of the land of nod definitely helps with the old imagination!

    Stephie from Tea in your Twenties xx



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