Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Wonderful Wednesday #42

Isn't it a SIGHT to behold, that photo?  I wanted to save it for something else but just a moment looking at that view and i feel filled with smiles.  That view is the sort of view that makes you GLAD to be alive and glad that there is such a thing as Autumn.  That my friends is Autumn in all her glory:  Golden leaves so brightly crisp against a blue sky that you almost have to squint to hold the look for more than a few precious moments.  Of course Autumn's female.  God knows she's too damned beautiful to not be female.  Handsome?  No no, that just doesn't cut it!  How are you all?  How has your respective weeks gone so far?  Mine has been a tough one.  My body doesn't want to wake at an ungodly hour.  Or to sell clothes.  This week i wish for my job to be part cloud watcher//photographer; some writer and lots interior or lifestyle stylist or customiser of clothes and general paraphenalia…..Oh what SORRY you're still there?! Sorry i was lost in a sweet little dizzy daydream ;)  there has been plenty keeping me happy this week so far so let's focus more on that shall we?

*  TEA.  I genuinely couldn't function without my tea.  You'll probably know that by now.  Nothing else has quite the magic effect on me that tea does.  It's almost like i am on auto-pilot first thing in the morning.  I slip on my pom-pommed slippers, and WRAP an oversized and over-bobbled pale blue cardi on and my journey to the kettle is the most important thing for the first few moments that my eyes are almost open.  I fill up the kettle, and whilst it boils i pull back the huge cream curtains of our floor to ceiling windows, fluff the too many cushions on the sofa and adjust to being awake.  My perfect cup of Lady Grey takes just the time it takes me to wash and splash my face, apply serum and a thick layer of face cream and dot make-up onto my pale cheeks, for it to be ready with just a drop of milk.  Then i allow myself a couple of minutes to stand and sip gently, usually whilst watching the big ginger cat that lives opposite us; negotiate the garden wall and for the sky to stretch and wake up too.  How do you take your tea?  Is it just as SPECIAL to you?

*  CHOCOLATE viennese biscuits and chai tea before bed. It's a sweet little routine that we have sort of settled into.  Then i fill a hot water bottle and tip toe to bed and sleep the best that i ever could.  What I eat or drink right before I go to bed has a really big impact on how i sleep.  This little concoction is really working for me right now.  As the nights get even colder, i have got high and mighty plans to attempt an almond milk and raw cacao hot chocolate.  That day can't come soon enough my friends i can tell you.  

* NEW MUSIC of the slower kind.  I'm all for a good bass-line.  Especially when it comes to those early morning, mitten-wearing bike rides this time of year.  But sometimes i can quite happily fall wholly and completely in love with a slower accompaniment.  Especially to write along to, to reply to emails when i really should be heading up the apples and pears or just to savour in a hot rose-y bubble bath.  Lately has been all about Damien Rice's new album:  'My Favourite Faded Fantasy' - because whenever or however i listen to his beautiful music i am in my very own little film.  I get LOST in the most beautiful little way and his new album does exactly what his music always has to me:  let me escape and you know, sometimes we all need that.  I have also recently discovered a young lady called Jess Glynne.  If you are a fan of London Grammar i think you will fall fast for this gal's beautiful and breathtaking tone.  I cannot stop listening to her stunning cover of 'Real Love' by Mary J Blige HERE .  You might also know her from her single 'Rather Be' with Clean Bandit.  She only has an EP out at the moment but i am eagerly awaiting her album.  Lastly and by no means leastly, i was recommended the delicious Agens Obel by an instagram follower - how great is that?!  Her voice and piano skills are just enough to MELT right into and i have had her album on loop all weekend and right into this week.  Take a sneak peak of my favourite track 'Chord Left' HERE .  

*  DISCOVERING old treasures.  I stumbled across an old and barely worn little cream and black dress with the sweetest little peterpan velvet collar, nestled away riiiight at the back of my wardrobe at the start of the week mid, well, sort of a wardrobe strop to be honest.  You know the kind where everything goes everywhere and you just cannot get it all back in and begin to wonder how it even got in there in the beginning.  That's not just me is it?!?  WELL, i now have my Christmas party frock nailed and that makes me happy.  No Christmas presents purchased, so to speak as yet, but fear not 'cos at least i've got my frock sorted.  Phew!

*  DECIDING upon my Christmas wrapping colour scheme/theme.  As you can tell Christmas prep is well under way here at Tangle Towers!  Jokes aside, wrapping is one of my very favourite things about Christmas and it's important for me to get the right bits and bobs to make it all look as beautiful as can be.  I should probably get my skates on with the actual gifts though…

*  Having an elderly man hold OPEN the door for me on my way through Marks and Spencer's on my lunch break on Monday.  He wore the sweetest camel coat and a tweed flat cap and he called me young lady.  So i told him to have a wonderful day.  It made my day.  Why aren't men like real gentlemen anymore?!  It reminded me of my grandad Joe:  the kindest most lovely gent you could ever meet.  He kept a comb in his back pocket and had the most beautiful quiff of snow-white hair and he was never without a shirt and tie.  They don't make 'em like that anymore!  

*  Since its been taking me a while to adjust to being back at work, i'm not ashamed to say i have been rising a little LATER than i probably should.  Breakfast was cobbled together quickly on Monday morning and then it was so good that i've risen later every morning since and made it each day too:  Toasted cranberry and cinnamon bread.  One piece with black cherry jam and the other slathered in almond butter.  Oh and a handful of blackberries on the side for a bit of balance.  I dare say i'll be back on the porridge express some day soon but for now i am rather enjoying my cinnamon-ey journey!

*  Turning my HAIR just a liiiiiitle bit pink.  I quite like it you know?  I may even take it a little pinker.  Not bright pink, more unicorn tinted. I reckon it shall look the bees knees with a little slick of gold eyeshadow.  You know if i ever get up in time to do anything vaguely interesting with my face other than put blusher on! And devour cinnamon toast….

*  Talking of UNICORNS…Every year i say i wont buy anymore Christmas decorations.  We have the sweetest but littlest attic flat and so we always get a real, but honestly only about two foot high tree.  You see last year i found a beautiful handmade little knitted fox deocoration wearing a fairisle knit.  I couldn't not.  This year, i've found a beeeeautiful pale pink wooden unicorn with legs that flick up when you pull a sweet little cord attached to her tummy.  One more won't hurt will it…surely?!?
*  *  *
How is the halfway point looking for you then?  Have you had a jolly good week or one that can't be over quick enough!?!?  The rest of mine is looking HECTIC:  I've a Monsoon Christmas window to install towards the end of the week and my monthly column for Carlisle Living to write too!  But i've promised myself us warm mince pies and cream come Saturday night so i'm rather excited for that.  I'm off today, and i think i am coming down with a cold and so i'm hoping for a sunny day so i can cycle it away.  Then i am spending late morning meeting a Twitter/blog friend for Rose hot chocolate.  

Remember to share the best bits of your week so far in the comments below. Or you can tweet me your #wonderful wednesday on Twitter too.  I'm @sallytangle.  Have a wonderful week lovely faces!


  1. Completely agree about old gentlemen, they certainly don't make them like that anymore. Won't it be sad when the young men of today reach that age, no shirts and ties and certainly no manners! boo! Oh and i MUST know where you got your little pull sting unicorn from, I just don't think I can contemplate Christmas without one for my tree too! ;-P

  2. Very much enjoying listening to your music recommendations as your taste is impeccable :) xxxxxx

  3. I love Damien Rice, his new album is definitely on my Christmas list and your fox ornament wearing a jumper sounds adorable!



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