Monday, 10 November 2014

Currently #27 - 'Four Right Now'

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MONDAYS are tough.  Tough for those of you lucky ducklings lucky to enjoy that thing we like to call a weekend.  Spare a thought for me today though.  Not only have i had the last two weekends off work (if you work in retail you'll know how very rare and unheard of that is) but i have also had the five days off sandwiched in the middle of those two DELICIOUSLY glorious weekends off too.  But it's ok.  My total of nine days off was more than worth it.  I feel suitably recharged and spent my week immersing myself in as many inspiring things as i could muster; of course interspersed with much tea drinking and many 8:30am lie-ins.  I have sewn pom-poms on an old tapestry jacket; given my beautiful white ceramic bulls head which hangs on our bedroom wall some beautiful bobby-dazzler copper horns; oh and i have sort of turned my hair a very pale candy-floss pink.  But more on THAT another day.  It's been a delight just to rest.  To wake up to cuddles, fall asleep watching films and sneak in 4pm Christmas-sey coffee dates and mince pies with my Mr.  
*  *  *   
Here are some SLICES of Sallytangle inspiration for your Monday.  It took almost an hour to narrow it down to just four.  I could of quite easily added an extra zero on there and we are being serious here…

1.  Audrey Tatou::  The epitome of Parisian-Chic and possibly one of the very reasons i got my hair cut short.  I watched 'Amelie' on a very miserable afternoon this week.  It was a little bit like heaven:  I curled up under my very favourite lilac blanket and dipped Viennese biscuits into Lady Grey tea and fell in love with Miss Tatou all over again.  

2.  Golden, glittery tassels galore.  As if there is any room left on our walls for such fandanglery!  Somehow these are the new pom-poms for me.  I went through a bit of a pom-pom phase a bit ago.  There are still traces tucked away all over our little somewhere - namely the multi-coloured paper pom-poms attached to the ceiling in our spare room…Suddenly i wish to pin rose gold, lilac and peach tassels from every available orifice.  Is it just me?!

3.  A simple cream cable-knit jumper.  The sort of jumper i have kind of convinced myself that i need.  You know despite owning probably every other kind of jumper it is possible to own in the whole wide world.  You name it, i've probably got it:  Breton to bobbly, Arran to Fair-isle; we are certainly not short of a jumper or ten million in Tangle Towers.  Yet i can't stop thinking about how beautiful a plain cream cable knit jumper would look worn with my black skinnies, cuffed at the ankle and worn with my metallic brogues and beautiful cossack hat.  It may be one for the list of Saint Nic.  

4.  A quote.  A short simple collection of words arranged in just the right way to tug at my little heart strings.  I love this.  It sums up my week:  No frills, certainly not fancy-pants and just simply spent making the most of the day-to-day and to do as i please when i want to.  Sometimes the simplest things really are the best things.  
*  *  *  
Are you ready for MONDAY?  How have you spent your weekend and what has been inspiring you lately?  I'd love you to share.  Maybe you're a bit of a Pinterest-er like me (who isn't!).  Leave me your links below, the more the merrier!  Remember you can follow me on Pinterest right HERE .  


  1. Ohh I lend a thought out to you. I did that Monday last week after just 6 days off and it felt more than a bit difficult! Sometimes you just need that time to rest and your holiday sounds wonderful. My weekend has been spent chatting with friends and family over a total of 4 hot chocolates. (I'm not even sorry!) and wisper it - starting a little bit of Christmas shopping! I'm a little obsessed with Pinterest. You can find me here -
    Kate xx

  2. Everyone needs a simple cream cable-knit jumper I think.

    Glad you had a great time off from work, sparing you a thought as I sit on my sofa in my dressing gown at 10am on a Monday...:)


  3. Amelie is one of my favourite movie ever!!! <3 It's perfect to watch in a rainy day, curled up on the sofa, with a cup of hot chocolate!!! <3 This morning I was at the nursery school where I work as a teacher and we started to prepare the recital for was amazing to listen to Christmas carols and to see the children's eyes shining with joy!!! Perfect to brighten up this wet and grey Monday!!!

  4. I love Audrey Tatou! Have you ever seen Hors de Prix (Priceless)? I saw it this weekend and it's on Netflix if you have! I do want to re-watch Amelie at some point though! :)

  5. Love Audrey Tatou - so elegant. This weekend we went to see Bellowhead (a folkish band with amazing stage presence) in Sheffield and then there was a little work involved (sadly). So excited to have time off over Christmas so I can drink hot chocolate and curl up in front of films in the afternoons! xxx



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