Friday, 12 December 2014

Currently #29 - Four Right Now

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It takes a little while for the festive-FEELING to find me.  Not least because most of my day-to-day is spent working:  Helping others choose Christmas presents - wrapping other people's Christmas presents.  Often helping stressed Christmas shoppers out with their Christmas party outfits, Christmas day or New Year get-ups or simply advising on accessories to accompany things.  You almost go into auto-pilot and actually forget that Christmas is all but around the corner.  But now that i have sufficiently got my birthday done and dusted for another year, and i have added a few more Christmas presents to the bulging boxes in the spare room; i can feel that FUZZY festive feeling seeping in - albeit slowly! Here are four things that are making me happy right this very second and four reasons to fall a little bit in love with this time of year…

1.  Crisp Winter mornings.  Whilst i hate the wind and the rain, i can quite happily get along with 'proper' Winter weather:  The brightest ICY-white sunlight, grass and green-land covered with a gentle blanket of frost and air so icy it makes you catch your breath and colours your cheeks the prettiest of pinks.  That is proper Winter weather and one that i am hoping for lots of now the temperatures have definitely dipped decidedly colder…

2.  Red.  RED should love me - in theory. I am pale skinned and have fair white-blonde hair.  For some reason it's a colour i just don't warm too - it feels too daring.  I'll quite happily wear a get-up so haphazard in print that you might find looking at me gives you a headache; but RED?  No hardly ever.  Except at Christmas time.  Somehow red just works come this time of year don't you think..!?  Now we are not talking head to toe here - that's too much even for me.  No this time of year i'll occasionally sport a simple slick of red lipstick; Feel oh so seasonal in my favourite cherry-red angora beret and red cable knit mittens or enjoy tying a red ribbon through my messy hair.  It's just enough to make me feel festive whenever i catch a little glimpse…

3.  The brightest of decorations!  There's no colour co-ordinated Christmas at Tangle Towers i can tell you.  Where's the FUN in that?!  I guess each to their own and all of that Christmas-sey JAZZ but i much prefer to mix it all up.  Over the years I have collected my very own Christmas ornaments and then we have accumulated a small selection as a twosome.  I like to think we shall keep these forever and look back on them and remember when and where we got them.  I love to put the brightest most sparkly decorations on our sweet little fir tree.  It's just the ticket for these shorter, darker days.  The bright and sparkly colours do wonders to cheer us up after a long day.

4.  Sparkle!  Christmas is the time of year for SPARKLE!  I love to read in bed with clear fairy-lights twisted and twirled around our wrought iron bed, my favourite scented candle lit and a hot water bottle rested on my tum!  And there is nothing better than eating SPICED winter porridge and drinking hot tea on an icy morning before the sun has even woken up, in only the light of the Christmas tree - it's the ultimate start to the day.  And whilst i am no make-up wonder-woman for sure, i do love a dusting of glitter upon my cheeks and my favourite gold eyeshadow smudged along my eyelids on nights when i am not curled up in front of a Christmas film with a sweet little goblet of mulled wine and nibbling on clementines.  But to be honest that's my very favourite place to be!
*   *   *

What are your very favourite FOUR things about this time of year?  I'd love to know!  Feel free to pop a sweet comment below and share yours too.  If you'd like to have a goosey-gander at what else i have been pinning lately, you can pop over HERE .  

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