Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Wonderful Wednesday #46

Happy HALF way through the week dear and sweet faces!  Are you all done and dusted with Christmas shopping and feeling full of a festive rose-y GLOW?  I do hope so.  Whilst i love this time of year for the obvious reasons (read:  spiced, mulled and roasted everythings, fairylights, Christmas films, open fires and copious knitwear combinations) it is the one time of year i feel as if i lose a grip on this little spot more than ever.   I shall never post anything on here that hasn't come full of love and been given the thought and the attention you deserve, but truth be told at this time of year it's tough.  I feel so very full of festive CHEER and physically do not have the hours in the day to give this little spot more than i already do.  As sad as that makes me, i do hope you'll bear with me.  Working in retail means my hours and days just vanish come this time of year - in fact it feel as if they are all merging into one lately and yet there is still so.  Much.  To.  Do!

Busy-ness aside, life has been JOLLY good.  Mince pies have been consumed, Christmas plans have been neatly ironed out and wrapping has sort of begun (if you count purchasing newspaper and brown paper and some beautifully printed ribbon).  We have decided to spend Christmas day at home this year and so we are quickly making a plan of action (read: several carefully curated lists for the Mr to follow whilst i am working my socks off at Monsoon towers).  How are you all?!?  I feel i owe you a bit of a life update to be honest.  Maybe we'll have a catch up at the end of the week yes?  Is it a DATE?! Let's get down to business shall we….

*  Berries and blue skies.  Is there a more HOLLY jolly sight?! (See what i did there?!)  I am keeping all that is crossable crossed for a bright, white and frosty Christmas Day.  Just the way it should be.  

*  Words.  Gosh how i LOVE to write.  I dream of writing for a living one day and dipping my toes in with my sweet little column with Carlisle Living is a lovely way to get some of my words in print.  This months article was tip, tapped out alongside some Classic FM Christmas music on Monday afternoon and you know what?  It just flew out.  No delete, detest, re-plan or re-think.  It just came out and landed on the page just how i'd envisioned it would on that mornings frosty little bike ride.  It's not often that happens but when it does it's worth celebrating.  

*  A brand new and fluffy black cashmere BERET to keep my ears warm and to make me look like i scrubbed up a little better than my usual bobbly bobble hat.  And it doesn't hurt that i feel just a little bit Parisian too…

*  Christmas CREAM.  Because well how the bobbins are you supposed to know which cream you would prefer on your mid-afternoon mince pies on Christmas day unless you jolly well try a few?!  So far we have tried a heather honey and whisky cream, a clementine and pomegranate channel island cream and in last nights food shop we might well have snuck in a spiced gingerbread cream too.  Might have i said though.  Oh sod it i love Christmas okay?!

*  My trusty fur TIPPET.  Dug out deep from the big box of hats, mittens, gloves and scarves i have stashed under the bed and worn slung over my favourite mustard cable knit and soft skinnies for padding around our little somewhere on Monday as the rain poured down outside.  A little bit like heaven if you ask me.  

*  Watching THE HOLIDAY when it was on television on Monday.  Even though i have it on DVD twice (don't ask).  I may or may not have also been listening to The Love Actually soundtrack en route to work too - but that's just between you and i okay?

*  Late SUPRISE birthday presents.  So far this 'being thirty malarky' is working out okay for me.  I have managed to stretch out the whole presents thing for almost two whole weeks.  And i have still got one more to come!  And then it'll be CHRISTMAS

*  Christmas CAROLS. I am not particularly religious but when i was small we all went to a church school and so Christmas and carols go hand in hand for me.  I have so enjoyed listening to Classic FM pottering about and getting ready for bed on an evening.  You just can't beat it:  The Holly and the Ivy and a beautiful rendition of Silent Night sung by a male voice choir had me a little entranced.  

*  Awaiting a late birthday TREAT-shaped package to myself.  So i had some kind birthday money given to me.  And whilst there i was nothing i needed i did happen upon a lovely sight through Asos Market place that hand make beautiful dresses with vintage fabric and they have only gone and released a small William Morris collection.  Can you believe it?!  I have ordered the sweetest most perfect smock dress made from Strawberry Thief fabric and i am beyond excited to receive it!  Imagine how perfectly it shall go with my extra special rose gold satchel?!? 

*  Breakfast in only the LIGHT of the Christmas tree.  This needs no further explanation i am afraid.  What's not to love i ask you?!
*  *  *  
What has been making your week more WONDERFUL so far?  Surely the thought of Christmas day has got to be one of them?!  Are you RELISHING all of the Christmas-sey things too?  I'd love to know.  Please feel free to share your positives in a little comment below or shout your #wonderfulwednesday out on twitter or instagram.  I'm @sallytangle on both.  

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  1. Loved reading this post! I've been spending the last week revising for exams and I can't wait until they're all over (my last ones are tomorrow) so I can fully enjoy Christmas. True, I'm already so excited about it, but it'll be even better with that weight off my shoulders. Eating breakfast in the light of the Christmas tree sounds truly magical!

    xx Mimmi, Muted Mornings



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