Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Wonderful Wednesday #52

Can we just take a MOMENT to talk about the most important part of ^that^ photo?! No not the ginormous cappuccino.  No, no not the most perfectly coloured cable knit to wear on the coldest of days.  No, no no not my very favourite fair-isle mittens on a string!  For as wonderful and as worth CELEBRATING as these things are; let us take a moment to revel in my dear Wonderful Wednesday birthday!!!  Can you believe it?!  I genuinely couldn't.  A whole 365 days since my very first one.  A post designed to help me {and you i hope!} take a little moment out of my whizzing and whooshing week to celebrate what's making it pretty okay after-all, so far.  I chose the mid-week as even if i do usually work weekends, Wednesday will always be my halfway, and probably yours too.  Oh and well it also went nicely with the word 'wonderful' too.  

If you've not followed along for the last 51 of them, feel free to sneak a peek at my very first one HERE.  Reading it back made me feel a little bit emotional!  Here's to another 52 weeks!  Oh and here's this weeks' list of lovely things for you pretty FACES while we're at it.

*  THIS lovely SONG. I've never really listened to Lianne La Havas before.  This week she's all i've been trundling along to work to - mostly trying my very best not to sing at zebra crossings, self-service tills {where i'm sure i forget just because i'm not being served it doesn't mean i am invisible} or browsing for a new mascara in Boots on my lunch-our.  This song has been on repeat for most of the week and one which i can highly recommend singing along to in the bath. I'm really rather loving female vocalists lately:  First Aid Kit, Jess Glynn, Ella Eyre and Regina Spektor have all been shuffling round in lovely lyrical circles on that Ipod of mine.

*  The kind of chilli that just gets better and BETTER.  So we are sort of becoming professional vegetable chilli makers.  We've had one a week for the last three weeks and i can't get enough.  This weeks' left enough for a left-over-shaped lunch on Tuesday which also happily coincided with the coldest day we have had so far this year:  A win, win situation if ever there was one.  They've got better and better each week we've made them too.  This weeks contained red lentils, roquito peppers, celery, butternut squash, sweet potato, chick peas and kidney beans.  Mmmm i could eat it again already!

*  Kicking this week's BUM into gear times a squillion!  Yep, really.  Like everyone, i have weeks where i just can't get going.  It feels so much harder to get out of bed when your phone tells you it's minus two outside.  But this week, i don't know i've just been on it big style.  I'm in charge this week at work and have a list that just keeps getting bigger as each day passes.  Before Christmas this would have left me rocking in a corner, but not this week. i'm not sure if it's been the bright, sunny {allbeit arctic} starts; the daffodils i seem to have dancing on every surface or just that i feel like Spring is just around the corner.  Do you know it doesn't matter what it is, just - MORE please!  

*  A new DUVET cover.  More on that beauty a little later on in the week BUT you can't beat a brand new, freshly washed duvet cover to refresh your room and give you the sleep of all of the kings and queens, princes and princesses all rolled into one feather ball of joy, you just can't.

*  Fresh CUTS.  I've started work on a new moodboard this week.  If you pop by often, you'll know how much i love to cut and stick and pin down my thoughts, inspirations and ideas.  I won't give too much away on the themes and ideas behind it but it's coming together well and i'm excited to share it with you later on in the week.  Meanwhile if you've never sneaked a peek at my cutting and sticking; you can click at the top-right of the page or HERE.  

*  The first CREME EGG of the season {?}.  I know i know it's barely Spring and i'm bunny hopping right onto Easter without even a care!  Truth is, gosh i just love them.  The Mr brought home a sweet little packet of Creme Egg biscuits on Monday.  He was so pleased with himself because he had found them.  Whilst i was grateful for them, i found them far too 'try hard'. "I mean, you're either a biscuit or you're a chocolate-y treat aren't you?"  I told him.  I like things to be what they are and stop trying to be what they're not, don't you? Poor boy.  

*  Buying myself greetings CARDS.  Tell me i'm not the only one who does that?! I mean i don't write in them or anything.  No no, i just pin them somewhere sweet, or incorporate them into my latest moodboard.  Sometimes i just can't resist a really pretty card.

*  Lush 'Prince Charming'  SHOWERGEL.  Each time Lush have a seasonal selection of treats {hello Halloween and Christmas themed bath bombs galore!} i just can't resist treating myself.  They've recently launched their Valentines Day treats.  'Prince Charming' was orginally bought to stop me using up what's left of my limited edition 'Rose Jam' showergel from Christmas time.  Man alive i just LOVE it so much more than i thought i would.  Maybe even just as much as 'Rose Jam!!!!' It's sweet but not too sweet, fruity and a little bit mallow-ey.  It also makes my skin the absolute softest it has ever been.  Hello new addiction…

*  Pyjamas, blankets, chai tea and a little chocolate biscuit.  Every.  Single.  Night.  It's a ROUTINE i'm sort of loving a lot right now.  

*  Pink morning {lighter, lighter SO much lighter no?} skies, misty frosty windows, slow stretches on a yoga mat and porridge in pyjamas.  Mornings are definitely getting BETTER.   

*  Getting my hair GROOVE back.  Who knows what's happened as i havent really done anything different to it {hey, maybe it's the sunshine!} but my hair and i?  Well, we are just getting along again.  It's staying put, sitting sweetly and behaving again.  Long may the good hair vibes last since i much perfer snoozing my alarm for an extra ten minutes than fannying and faffing until it looks vaguely respectable.
*  *  *
How has your week been so far and more importantly, what's the rest of it looking like so far?  Jolly GOOD I hope.  I'm hoping my hair stays on it's best behaviour and that i continue to sleep as warmly tucked up and soundly as i have been doing - as sad as that may sound.  I'm off for dinner with my sister tonight, off on Thursday {which i'm hoping to get out on those two wheels - naturally} and then i'm tootling off to a 90's Britpop-themed open mic night on Friday with the Mr.  Not to sing no!  Nobody needs to hear THAT.  

I'd love to HEAR from you! Remember to share what's been damn great about your week so far below.  Or as always, you can tweet me your #wonderfulwednesday on Twitter.  I'm @sallytangle.  

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