Saturday, 7 February 2015

Currently #31 Crushing on…Dungarees.

{All images taken from my Pinterest HERE}
I've got a major CRUSH situation lately.  Not even my usual Guy Martin or Ricky from the Kaiser Chiefs mild {!} obsession quite compares.  It all started about two weeks back when i spotted a pair of jet-black denim dungarees in H&M.  I was just passing but they were hanging by the door and so i ventured in.  Upon closer inspection i deemed them too skinny-looking and imagined i couldn't even begin to pull anything like this off.  Since then, and in typical 'cosmic fashion universe' sort of style, i've been seeing dungarees POPPING up everywhere.  Not so much on my travels, more on Instagram, Pinterest and in various glossies.  Suddenly they were all i could THINK of.  I wanted to be in the dungaree club!  I scoured the world wide web but was too much of a wimp to buy something quite so much outside my comfort zone without first being able to try them.  That's right, i'm officially old and one of those people who need to try, feel and touch something before it makes it's way into my virtual basket.  
*  *  *
So I decided to woman up and just go and try on the black dungarees i'd spotted a few weeks back.  After all they'd been special enough to pull me through the door on that fateful day hadn't they?!  

Yep, you guessed it - they'd sold out.  And both in store and online.  We won't go into TOO much depth about how i may or may not have checked the H&M website every morning.  Maybe even before i'd so much as splashed water on my face or put one foot outside of the duvet.  We will also NOT spend too much time laughing and joking about how i also may or may not have frequented my local store each and every day since and become the person that has to deliberately find a different member of staff to ask about them each time she visits, just so she doesn't seem like a mad woman.  

Yesterday, i popped in, did my usual scan and headed to ask the lovely guy on the till; only for him say 'Black dungarees?  Size ten?  We got a pair returned this morning and i thought of you!  I was hoping you'd pop in' And then promptly handed them over to me.  If he'd asked me to MARRY him right then and there i can't promise i'd have said no {Sorry to my Mr if you're reading this}.  And so our beautiful relationship begins…

Here's some of my styling INSPIRATIONS for an item that could quite possibly become the most worn in my wardrobe…{and one which you can peek at HERE if you so wish}

1  The easy-peasy HIPSTER sort-of-a-way:  A grey marl tee and undone, unwashed and messy bed hair.  Words can't express how much i love the simplicity of this look.  I think i'm more likely to wear them turned up ever so slightly at the bottom and with my brogues and no socks.  

2  Bohemian-chic:  Loose white cotton peasant blouses, a tasselled ankle boot and a CAREFREE attitude.  I think i'd layer up on the charm bracelets too, maybe a loose silk scarf tied in my hair and a battered leather saddle-bag too for extra hippy-measure.

3  Winter-ready:  A soft oversized KNIT tucked messily in and sleeves ever so slightly rolled up.  This look is practical, cosy and would be a great day to night look:  You could just add a black stiletto, a statement necklace and an oversized slouchy clutch bag and you'd be good to go!

4  The 'Alexa'.  I mean in my EYES that girl can do no wrong.  I love this styling:  Messy 'couldn't-care-less' hair, smudged black eyeliner and a glittery tee slung underneath.  This is the sexist way to wear your dungarees and one which you could also glam-up for a night out. I also like the idea of layer a chunky black cable boyfriend cardigan over the top too:  A real contrast to the eyeliner and the glitter.
*  *  *
What do you THINK?  Would you ever wear dungarees?  Do you own some already?  If so how do you wear yours?  I'd love some tips!

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  1. Haha this post made me chuckle! I am exactly the same when I become obsessed with a piece of clothing. I'm so glad you were able to locate some lovely.
    I love the idea of dungarees but I'm not sure if they would suit me, you have however inspired me to go and try on a few.
    Lovely post and blog as always.

    Collette xxx



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