Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Wonderful Wednesday #53

See that ^THERE^ - isn't that just the prettiest picture you ever did see?  I know, i know it's a sky and if you follow me on INSTAGRAM you'll know i'm a bit of a sky fiend and cloud gazer extraordinaire.  But this has been one of the best things about lately for sure.  Getting up to DAYLIGHT; stretching out on my yoga mat in natural light, while the kettle bubbles away ready for my first {of many} cup of Lady Grey.  One of the best things i have started this year is to begin each day with a bit of gentle stretching, general toe-touching and the like.  My little routine only takes ten minutes and it really wakes me up and sets me up for the day.  Plus stretching in front of ^that^ view aint half bad.  I do worry what my neighbours across the way might think though…..

This week has been a pretty lovely one so far.  Shall we get ON?

*  My trusty fur TIPPET {sort of a fur collar-come-scarf hybrid} worn with everything for most of this week so far.  It's allowing me to dip my toes into my Spring clothes {silk tunics worn with soft indigo skinnies and scarves tied in my hair} in the house.  I always get hot with an actual scarf and so this little tippet is great as it doesn't sit quite so high up or around my neck.  It's also been worn slung over the top of my dresses at work {with my trusty floppy black fedora finishing the look} and it's not been unknown for me to sling it on top of my PJ's and wrap a linen cardi around my shoulders whilst stirring my porridge.  This little gems got mileage i can tell you and i am ALL about my mileage!

*  Home-made under-the-weather-FIXER!  Since my surge of super duper hero productivity last week {which may i add is actually continuing - i'm just running with it} i feel an underlying something looming!  So many of the girls at work have had coughs, colds and the like over the last few weeks and i seem to have fallen lucky so far this Winter not to have caught a cold.  Whilst i feel okay i feel ever so slightly under the weather - you know the sore throat, niggling fuzzy head and 'can't get warm' kind of a feeling?  On Tuesday afternoon at home i raided the kitchen and created a tea i shall call 'Super Duper Feel Better Now' tea.  I SIMPLY juiced one lemon into my favourite mug.  I added a thumb-sized piece of ginger roughly sliced and with the skin on and a teaspoon of raw honey.  Then i simply topped it all up with boiling hot water and left it to cool to drinking temperature.  I has made me feel SO much better AND do you know the best thing?  Once you've guzzled your mug full, you can simply top it up again and enjoy another.  You are welcome.

*  Having a complete stranger TALK to me about my column in our local magazine, Carlisle Living in Marks and Spencer on Monday lunch time.  I felt a little bit bad as a big queue was forming behind us but it's so nice when someone comments on my writing - it really does fill me with so so much pride i just cannot tell you.  She then made me love her even more by telling me that both her daughters read my blog!  IMAGINE!  I floated back to work on Monday i really did!

*  Raw almond butter stirred into porridge alongside mashed banana and chia seeds:  The breakfast BOMB.  I wish I could open my own little porridge wagon and share my breakfasts with the whole world.  Imagine?!  I could go on tour and everything….

*  Sweet potatoes.  I mean, i've always LOVED them but right now, the Mr and I have sort of rekindled our love big style for those little devils and it's showing no sign of slowing down.  Roasted with cinnamon, baked slowly and served stuffed with quinoa and carrot and walnut salad or just mashed up and alongside roast chicken - what's NOT to love?!

*  Enjoying a 90's Brit Pop REVIVAL.  Ever since the wonderful evening spent with friends at a 90's Britpop-themed open-mic night at a local bar last week i have been in full 90's mode where my Ipod has been concerned and i LOVE it!  I mean i loved 90's indie music when it was around at the time and i hadn't so much as forgotten it but just neglected it really.  I've been marching myself to work to Oasis 'Morning Glory' and 'Songbird' {always my favourites!} with special appearances from The Verve, Blur and Catatonia for extra fabulous 90's measure! 

*   Getting my hands on THOSE dungarees.  If you read my last post you'll know exactly what i'm talking about!  If not you can sneak a peek HERE.  They're honestly something i've been searching my entire life for.  

*  Seeing teeny, tiny slivers of DAYLIGHT left in the sky when i finish work at 6pm.  I cannot wait until there's daylight left for after-work bicycle rides.  It's only a matter of time…

*  Spotting the teeniest tiniest PEEKINGS of crocuses in my very favourite crocus spot in our park.  Because whilst i love daffodils and hyacinths to the moon and back and would happily fill every receptacle in our little attic with them, nothing says Spring to me like a sweet see of crocuses.

*  Celery AND celeriac - oddly enough.  I just can't get enough of them both this week.  So similar in taste:  sweet and fresh yet a little nutty too.  Celery has been chopped up and snuck into my lunchbox alongside a tiny kilner jar of hummus or crunchy raw peanut butter, mmmm!  We made celeriac mash to go alongside our roast chicken at the start of the week and since the celeriac we picked was MASSIVE, i rough chopped up the other half, tossed it olive oil and added a spoonful of roasted curry powde.  Then roasted it for 40 minutes.  Oh my DAYS!  I took it to work to go with my lunch the next day and mixed it though my spicy spelt and watercress salad.  Safe to say, this week i shall also be picking up another celeriac when we do our food shop.  I'm going to try a celeriac gratin….I'm far too excited for words! 
*  *  *  
So how are YOU?  What's your week been looking like so far?  What's been making it worthwhile?  Have you ever tried celeriac?! I have to admit it doesn't look the most appealing vegetable when you're whizzing about the supermarket or farmers market!  Where do you stand on the old and great 90's music debate?!  And would you wear a pair of dungarees?!

Remember you can SHARE your #wonderfulwednesday loveliness below or tweet me on twitter too. I'm @sallytangle.

Have the most wonderful of Wednesdays dear faces!  

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  1. Why don't you do the breakfast wagon!? Personally, I think that's an awesome idea! We have a lot of similar type street food situations going on here in Berlin and I love them! You should totally do that! xx



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