Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Wonderful Wednesday #56

I'm writing this WONDERFUL WEDNESDAY in a mood that can only be described as ARGH.  Which may be quite a bad idea.  Or on the flip side, a good one because the process of thinking about all of the jolly and good things that have been great so far this week might purge my ARGH's…AAAAARRRRRGGGGHHHH!!!

I should probably explain myself.  I have spent the best part of the last TWO hours shouting at the Mr's Mac screen, or more to the point:  imovie.  Let's leave it there by saying that imovie and I aren't friends and probably shan't be for the next million years.  ARGH.  Whilst technology is undoubtedly a very brilliant thing {where would I be without Instagram?!} me and 'It' don't very often go hand in hand!  I hope that some day someone will invent an app that you can just tell the computer what you want it to do when you can't figure out the right way to do it by just pressing and clicking.  See i feel better already just by talking to you guys.  I knew this was a good idea!  Right let's get ON shall we?  Another Wonderful Wednesday is begging to be written and let's all just be thankful that it doesn't require imovie shall we?

*  LEFTOVERS.  If you follow me on Instagram {if you don't where the bobbins have you been? I feel like i am more there, than here lately! I'm @sallytangle just incase you feel like you're missing out on some crazy-shaped Instagram party}, you'll know that this week i am off work and have also been living off leftover chilli.  What can i SAY?  What's not to love in a lunch that lasts you almost three days?  The Mr made a massive lentil vegetable chilli.  He is some kind of crazy chilli Master.  In it he crams so much yumminess:  sweet potato, carrot, butternut squash, peppers, lentils, celery - it sort of ends up becoming a 'whatever is in the fridge' kind of a chilli.  We had huge and whopping bowls of it for a late dinner on Sunday night and i am not ashamed to say i have had it for lunch on both Monday and Tuesday of this week already.  Yesterday i added some torn up coriander and on Monday i piled it high with mashed avocado and chilli flakes.  Mmmmm!

*  Wearing a pink COAT.  Because quite frankly coloured coats are just FLOATING my BOAT lately.  A warm pink coat at that and one that was purchased last year but that i didn't get much wear out of.  The weather here - like most of the UK i believe, has somehow reverted back to Arctic conditions.  Whilst the daffodils have been out in force and crocuses have been spotted peeking their heads out tentatively in at least two separate locations; the temperature has been anything but SPRING-like.  On both Monday and Tuesday we have had snow flurries and wind so icy it made my cheeks numb.  Wearing a bright pink coat as pink as the blusher i dust on my cheeks each day {and that stops me from looking like a boiled egg on a daily} has been just the TICKET to keep the Winter blues at bay.  My cream glittery scarf and rose gold Cambridge Satchel also didn't go amiss in keeping the momentum going either.  

*  Maroon 5.  Because hells BELLS we love a golden oldie sometimes right?  I'm talking 'Songs About Jane' -shaped Maroon 5 before you go getting all high and mighty on me.  I'm a non-supporter of most things post 'Moves Like Jagger'.  Apart from Adam Levine.  I'll happily support him unto his dying day.  Maybe just maybe not his musical career direction.  But you can't NOT love 'Songs About Jane'.  It takes me back to being a teenager.  How old does that make me sound?  Also did i actually just write 'golden oldie?!?!?' I think we'll leave that one right there…

*  Fringe-TRIMMING and all of the compliments it brings.  Okay well two compliments.  I always think i muddle along with my fringe.  I can't not have one, it adds to the boiled egg look i referenced earlier, if there's nothing above my non-brows.  So i trim it myself.  Mostly because i try to avoid getting my haircut as much as is humanely possible and taking trips to the hairdressers every other week {yep it grows that fast} is just exhausting!  Two people have complimented me on my fringe GAME this week.  Both asked where i got it cut and both couldn't believe that i did it myself.   So at least i know i have got an alternate career if mine fails…

*  Finding a big BUNDLE of old photographs.  Before i lived with the Mr my whole and entire fridge freezer was covered in photos.  I'm not sure why or when the idea to do it occurred to me but i always loved looking at them and it was always a bit of a talking point when people came around to visit.  Coming across a bundle of these photos made me realise that weirdly, i take SO many more photos than i ever did before, and yet i never ever think to print any out.  It's sad that i always think of framing photos as a bit dated - do you too?  Looking through these photos with a mug of tea, sat cross legged in our spare room on the floor for an hour {mid marathon sort-out} was a little bit lovely.  So many beautiful memories!

*  MARMALADE.  Because, well i am not sure why but March and Spring in general always feels much more citrus-ey 'curds and marmalades' than any other season.  Are you WITH me?  I kept it simple and went for a bitter orange shred {because the bitter shreds of zest are what makes it aren't they?! I've never understood shred-less maramalade.  Why that's like…what's it like?} which will be just scrummy on hot buttered toast. 

*  Kindness.  I took dear sweet WILLOW to the bike shop this week as i have been having an awful time trying to pump up her tyres.  We whizzed home ever-so-much-more-quickly than usual thanks to the KIND gentlemen at our local bike shop filling up Willow's tyres properly and helping me pick a much more  -aherm- girl friendly bike pump - even if it does pain me to write that.  

*  Pom-poms.  Because well even WRITING or saying that word makes you happy doesn't it?  I forgot that i had squirrelled away some bright pink and tiny pom-poms from our Accessorize window a few months back.  They were uncovered in the beginning of the weeks' clean out when i came across the photos and i'm excited to get a little bit creative with them.  I think i am going to TWIZZLE them around and about our wrought iron bedstead and hope that the Mr doesn't realise.

*  De-cluttering.  As you may have guessed i had a big de-CLUTTERING session at the start of the week {It's the Spring-effect i'm sureand our spare room-come-mostly my office' looks SO much better for it!  It's lighter, brighter, cleaner and just a much more useable space.  So what if it still doesn't yet have the wrought iron day-bed and a dressing table i had once hoped for!  Instead i have a BEAUTIFUL desk right under our skylight and have finally 'fashioned' some kind of neat way of housing all the clothes, scarves and general girl paraphernalia i have accumulated.  I think the trick is to keep on top of it and make sure i am regularly clearing out the old and re-using where i can. 

*  TOMATOES.  It's only about 18months since i discovered the benefit of not putting my tomatoes in the fridge.  I know, i know it's all party, party, PARTY over here!  I'd always not had much of an opinion on tomatoes - i could take them or leave them.  If they were stirred into something i'd give them a go, but raw?  No thanks. Until i stopped putting them in the fridge. I don't even think i know where that GEM-ful piece of advice came from - possibly my Dad - he's been growing tomatoes for as-long as i can remember.  If you leave this blog with one piece of game-changing {maybe even life changing} advice this week, let it be this:  Tomatoes off a sunny window sill are the BEES knees, elbows and…toes?  Do bees have toes?  Just TRUST me.  I could munch a whole bowlful now i swear.  One of my very favourite side salads is simply torn Rocket, sliced vine tomatoes, sea salt and a good drizzle of olive oil.  
*  *  *  
But now my FRIENDS, it's over to you!  Consider the Wonderful Wednesday floor your own!  TELL me about your week so far?  Tell me what has been good and great and warming your souls?!  Or what has been god awful and horrid and what it is that's keeping you going through a bout of awful-ness?!  I love to read your comments here i really do!  Remember you can leave a sweet comment below OR tweet me your #wonderfulwednesday over on Twitter.  I'm @sallytangle !


  1. I love old school Maroon 5! They remind me of my final school/6th form years - very nostalgic! I've been taking pleasure from sticking to a routine this week, despite feeling tired it still makes me happy to get stuff done!

  2. Poms Poms are always happy making - have you ever tried making your own paper ones? Strangely satisfying!! Good going on a most excellent Wonderful Wednesday xx



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