Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Wonderful Wednesday #58

Bonjour!  Ca va..?  That's ACTUALLY just about where my GSCE french knowledge ends.  I loved French, it just didn't love me.  For some reason i always found understanding French far easier than speaking or writing it down.  There's something ever SO romantic about listening to someone speak French, don't you think?  I remember listening to cassettes at school as part of our listening exam and feeling like they'd be quite nice to fall asleep too.  I was much better at English.  Which you'd hope i guess, it being my spoken language and all!  But that's not always the case is it?  I feel i'm digressing…oh YES WONDERFUL WEDNESDAY TIME!  Hold tight dear faces!  Here we go!

*  Playlisting.  I've never REALLY been one for creating playlists on my Ipod.  But I was fiddling the other evening {probably procrastinating when i should have been doing something else - let's be honest!} and I created the BEST little collection of songs that are floating my merry boat right about NOW:  Ed Sheeran - Bloodstream.  Best song off the album.  If you read last weeks Wonderful Wednesday i need go no further.  If not listen HERE.  Sia - Chandelier.  A bit late to the party on this one i know but MAN i can't play it without singing it so loud.  I had it up LOUD  on Tuesday morning's bike ride and thought i had the park to myself so i was Chadelieeeeer-ing all over the shop.  Then i discovered someone was cycling behind me….  I said "Morning!" and acted completely nonchalant.  I hate being smirked at.  Where was i, oh YES:  Rui Da Silva - Touch Me.  Total old school, late year 2000 dance music sort of a song.  I LOVED dance music back then {i can't believe i just typed back then bleeeurgh} and this song is just the BEST.  Wrap your ears around it HERE. Destiny's Child - Bills, Bills, Bills - as if i have to even explain this one.  I'm not even going to insult you by letting you click anywhere to listen.    Jess Glynn and Clean Bandit - Rather Be.  This gal's vocals know no bounds - her voice is just PHE-NO-ME-NAL.  I'm not going to even try and pretend i know what genre of music this is BUT it's hip-swivvelling and marvellous up loud i can tell you that.  Listen HERE and thank me another time, it's okay.

*  This little blogging BUBBLE and community.  I have had a lot of blog love over the past seven days and into this week and for that i just want to say that i am TRULY thankful times an infinite amount.  Blogging is tough, especially when every other person and their dog {no jokes} have a blog these days.  I never want Sallytangle to be like another blog, and whilst i know that is a tall, big and TOUGH statement, i hope that you never ever pop on here and feel like you've read something so very similar elsewhere.  I've met, 'met' and got to know so SO many bloggers and readers since i've started this little space and i am forever inspired by the little bubble that i have found myself part of and i hope that continues for a very long time.  Thank you to each and every person who takes time to let me know that they like what i'm doing or share this little spot.

*  Crispy chorizo.  Crispy chorizo so DARN good that we may or may not have given ourselves terrible indigestion by over-indulging in it a little too much.  We had one of THOSE 'can't be bothered to cook' nights on Monday evening.  Fresh pasta and homemade tomato-ey sauce laced with oregano was pimped beyond belief by crisping up some sliced chorizo in a frying pan.  Insanely rich, meaty and spicy.  Oh and indigestion inducing.

*  Skinny silk scarf wearing.  Err HELLO am i ninety?!  Just joking.  I have sold a bucket-load {do we store our scarves in our buckets?!} of pretty, floral and printed skinny silk scarves at work over the last couple of weeks; it being the run up to Mother's Day and all.  I can't get ENOUGH of them.  Scarves and I have a pretty serious LOVED-up kind of relationship:  I'm very rarely without one and they're something i always stock up on from work.  I bought two back in January and i'm only really just getting to wearing them since the weather has got a smidge milder.  I've been loving tying them long around my neck in place of my heavier woollen scarves a la Grace Kelly, Bridget Bardot etc.  The pink florals go PERFECTLY with my peach pink coat and seeing them against each other is a nice feeling.  I know i need to get out more.  I just know i'll get wear out of them as it gets warmer too:  tied through my messy mop or knotted around my bag.  I am serious proof that silk scarves are not just for the older lady…Aren't i?

*  Pukka Rose and Camomile 'Love Tea'.  I'm still not on board the ice-cold water boat yet.  It's still a little bit too cold.  But when i'm at home or at work i feel SO much better if i keep up my fluid intake throughout the day.  Whilst i'm a sucker for my Lady Grey, i like to try not to drink too much caffeine SO this sweet tea is perfect.  It's sweet, floral and quite soft in flavour and it's an odd thing to say; but it's actually a really lovely comforting tea to sip throughout the afternoon and a welcome change from my colder weather gingers, cinnamons and lemon teas.  It's SPRING tea!

*  Spotting my very FIRST Chaffinch on Tuesday.  The little scamp was far too quick for me and my camera and was too busy zipping and swooping in and out of all of the daffodils to let me take a picture but HECK was he handsome:  All sunshine and yellow-bellied with flashes of bright blue.  It made me so happy to sit and watch him for a minute.

*  Lighter bedding.  I don't mind telling YOU i've got a bit of a problem when it comes to bedding. Well soft furnishings in general, since we're being really honest!  I just can't say no to a beautifully printed cotton sheet, duvet, cushion…you get the gist.  I've been LOVING digging out our lighter coloured bed-linen this week.  We always change our bed on a Sunday evening and i feel as if i've slept SO much better since making a few changes:  I've started to leave our blinds open a little so that i'm woken by daylight now it's much lighter.  Our current duvet cover is white with a pale lilac and turquoise ditzy paisley print and our pillows are a mish-mash of pale pastel colours at the moment and it's the most perfect little corner of heaven to sleep in. I'm not wholeheartedly sure that the Mr would agree but hey ho…

*  Being bought a bunch of the reddest most BEAUTIFUL little miniature roses as a thank you from a customer at work.  I'd spent a little while helping her but certainly not above and beyond what my job is.  I was having the longest, most exhausting day and having these handed to me wrapped up in brown paper was the kindest thing.  Bless her little heart!

*  Singing.  I have always found singing to be a little bit therapeutic.  I remember when i was in secondary school and had a bad day, i'd turn up my music loud and sing my little HEART out until dinner was ready.  Not that my days have been difficult lately exactly, just so tiring.  I find i feel so much better after i've sung in a hot steamy, rose-scented shower and put my pyjamas on.  

*  Marmalade.  Or more to the point; the most tart, bitter and orange-y marmalade that there ever WAS, slathered onto toasted walnut bread for my day off lazy breakfast on Tuesday's day off.  It ticked every box imaginable and perfectly accompanied my citrus-ey Lady Grey tea. 

*  The MR.  Always, but especially this week for his musical amusement.  After i told him how much of a jolly good dance around the flat i'd had the other day when Eve's 'Let Me Blow Ya Mind' came on the radio; i got a lovely ukelele version on Monday night and it sounded SO good!  I must record it and let you all hear.  I joked that we should busk, because i could remember all of the words to the rap bit.  He wasn't so keen then...

*  Ink-y indigo Willow pattern plates and bowls.  The kind of bowls that you spend your whole LIFE searching charity shops and car-boot sales for.  And then you find them for £2 each in TK Maxx.  I had to stop myself buying them all. I settled for two wide-rimmed pasta/soup bowls, two dinner plates and a little side plate.  To be honest we need crockery like a hole in the head but as i told the Mr, i couldn't not have these gems.  Don't you just LOVE TK Maxx.  Except, who ever goes in there for one thing and comes out with just that one thing?!  C'est impossible! 
*  *  *  
Well here we ARE, now it's your turn!  I have been loving all of the lovely emails and tweets i have been getting telling me that you look forward to my Wonderful Wednesday-ing.  I can't tell you how much it warms my heart it really does.  This week shall be long and tiring for me.  After Tuesdays' day off, i have 7 days in a row at the beautiful Monsoon Towers.  There are floor-moves to do, new Spring windows to create and no doubt those 7 days shall whizz by before i know it! I plan to spend my evenings LAZILY:  Cutting and sticking or curled up on the sofa with the Mr.  

What does the rest of YOUR week look like?  What are you looking forward to and what has been great and grand so far this week?  I'd love to know.  Leave a sweet comment below or tweet me your #wonderfulwednesday over on Twitter. I'm @sallytangle. 

Have a truly LOVELY rest of week you brilliant lot!


  1. Chorizo = heavenly! Blogging buddies = love! Spotify playlists = bestest! Bedding = can't get enough! Bowls = far too many to fit in my kitchen cupboard, love TKMaxx! We should be Spotify buddies! I'm @weezyduffy I think? Wonderful Wednesday catch up!! <3

    Lou xx

  2. I discovered Pukka Love Tea about a year ago; it's so delicious!

  3. Chorizo is a winner! Or alternatively generous sprinklings of paprika. Both perk food up so much and take them to the next level! :)

  4. I never used to wear scarves (with the exception of massive ones during winter), but I recently got a light, blue-grey one for spring and I love it! Marmalade on walnut bread sounds divine, and TK Maxx really is such a treasure trove! Congrats on those fabulous finds :) And trust me, your blog is definitely one of a kind!

    xx Mimmi, Muted Mornings

  5. How sweet of that customer to bring you flowers!? My son Charlie keeps trying to snap birds on his camera but they're always too fast for him. I told him some things you just hav to enjoy in the moment :) xx



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