Friday, 20 March 2015

The Search

I've never been a FAN of 'separates.'  You know, tops and trousers or skirts and trousers.  I like them to look at and i can appreciate a jolly well co-ordinated top and bottom-type combo.  But if the truth be told, the idea of co-ordinating my top and bottom half has always stressed me out a bit.  Largely because i am very rarely EVER co-ordinated in any aspect of my life.  I like to think that the 'charm' of what i wear comes from the mis-matched nature of it.  It's my thing.   Don't get me wrong, i love my skinny jeans for pottering at home:  with printed cotton blouses covering my little shoulders or my favourite soft marl tee lucked in at the front.  But separates are something i have always worn when i don't have to put much thought into what i'm wearing:  Read:  slouching about at home.  But then that fateful day happened that was always going to happen someday:  I fell HOPELESSLY and completely in love with a pair of trousers.
For the sake of argument, we'll just call them The Most Marvellous Trousers Ever, or 'TMME' for short.  I mean ^look^ how could i NOT have purchased them?!  The fabric, an almost-but-not-quite jacquard.  Thick enough to hold a small slight crease down each leg, yet soft enough feel comfortable against my skin.  The length falls just above my ankle - so no silly high shoes required either.  And then that print?  Sheer heaven.  I want to call it a digital take on a meadow-ey Spring kind of a floral print?  Pansies even?  HELL whatever it is the colours are beyond beautiful and really spoke to me.  All of my favourites:  sunshine YELLOWS, candy PINKS, darker forest GREENS and pansy PURPLES.  Tick, tick, TICK!!!  They ticked every single box that there ever was.  

Except for the 'what the heck do you put them with?' one.  That old chestnut.  I've never been one to purchase something on a whim, really.  Usually when i spot something, i'll weigh up how it'll fit into my wardrobe; what i've got that could work with it; what else i could do with it in terms of colour combinations and different textures.  If it 'passes' i buy it.  I bought these without any of these considerations OR the fact that i'm really more of a dress person even entering my silly blonde head.  I committed the most sinful of crimes.  

I've had these trousers two years.  TWO WHOLE YEARS.  And that's two whole years of not wearing them on account of nothing in the whole WORLD feeling like it was right.  My first thought:  A chunky blush-y rose pink knit.  Then maybe be a striped breton:  In one of the colours in the trouser.  Then i thought maybe a dark purple plain cotton blouse.  I've spent the last two years searching for any of those things, to no avail.  Something, just something that would give these little pretties their time in the spotlight which they so richly deserved.  And then last week, when i had stopped looking:  The stars aligned and all of the TMME puzzle pieces fell into place…
Isn't it heaven in jumper form?!  And if i were a jumper, it most certainly would be me.  I always felt like i wanted whatever i popped those trews with to have print on it: I'm a print gal though and through and i feel SO unlike myself in a plain colour.  Except i never found a print that would sit happily with these trousers.  This little gem adds my signature pop of print while pulling out a colour from the trouser print perfectly and it doesn't go amiss that it's also one of my very FAVOURITE shades of green.  
*  *  *  
This gals a happy one!  And i know what you're thinking, why all the fuss?  It's just a pair of trousers. But one day you'll wear something alongside something else when the colours just work like a dream, even if by accident, and you'll experience that extra special happiness that comes from a little bit of co-ordination.  And that's quite a bold statement coming from the most un-co-ordinated non-trouser wearing bean that there ever was.

Maybe i'm growing up after-all...

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  1. I love them, I love them, I love them! They are so divine! I have exactly the same matching problem but with shoes. I never know what shoes to wear, especially with dresses when I'm not wearing tights and it's too cold for sandals. I think there should always be a 'suggestions' manual for each item of clothing available - what shoes to wear, what top to wear, what bag would look great aha x



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