Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Wonderful Wednesday #59

See ^that^ ?  Isn't that just the PRETTIEST sight you ever did see?!  It's sights like these that are keeping me going lately.  Keeping me going because i feel a little bit like i am running on empty this week.  It's been a long, long   S-T-R-E-T-C-H   at Monsoon Towers and i feel a little bit like i've piled a little TOO much on my plate lately.  I am never satisfied by completing something and i always push myself a little too hard i think.  I am not used to sitting still and so on the evenings where i should have been just kicking back, i've been fizzing and whizzing and finding jobs that need doing.  Aren't there always jobs that need doing?!?  So as you read this sweet little offering; i shall be relishing in a day off SO extra special because i really and truly feel like i need it!  After an eight day stint at Monsoon Towers no less too!  There'll be hot cross buns for breakfast with hot tea and salty butter and there'll be two-wheels rode and if i'm really really lucky, Mr Sunshine MIGHT even rear his pretty head too.  It's on these weeks more than ever that i am thankful for the little rays of light in a long, long week.  I feel as if this weeks wonderful things might be particularly simple and humble.  But that's what it's about really isn't it?

*  Two digestives, dipped into a HOT mug of Lady Grey upon my return from work on Monday. Sometimes you need nothing but the plainest of biscuits to sate that 'i'm bloomin' starving but i need something' pre dinner cravings.  I sat on the kitchen floor, cross legged and it just really hit the spot. I felt like i couldn't drink my tea quick enough whilst simultaneously not wanting it to end AND also already planning that there would be another cup directly after it.  It was just one of those kinds of days!

*  A thrown TOGETHER sort of a dinner that could go down in history as one of the very best and one which we shall definitely be repeating!  Rough puff pastry spread with a tomato paste and scattered with left over bite-sized chunks of rosemary roasted butternut squash and sweet potato and crumbled feta cheese.  Popped in the oven for twenty-five minutes and served alongside buttery new potatoes and chopped dill and a tomato and rocket salad.  I am half tempted to make the filling into sweet little pasties for next time.

*  Visits from OLD friends to warm the heart.  Ok well this actually happened on Saturday but it was SUCH a lovely thing that i couldn't not mention it as it really cheered up my weekend working AND well it's my Wonderful Wednesday okay?!  One of the lovely girls i used to live with at uni ten years ago {ten years ago how has it been SO long?!?} popped into work to see me completely out of the blue!! I might have squealed and i might have also vaguely felt like i might cry!  It was so lovely to see her and even though we don't speak so much anymore, she hadn't changed at all and it was just the loveliest of feelings!!!  My little heart was well and truly warmed it really was.  My lovely darling Flora you made my long weekend SO much brighter!!!!

*  Listening to Coldplay's 'Ghost Stories' album backwards, forwards and sideways.  If i shut my eyes TIGHT i am back in Edinburgh with the Mr for my birthday.  I listened to this album non-stop around, about and during our trip up to edinburgh and it makes me feel so happy when a song pops up on shuffle and suddenly i am transported BACK there.  I love so much how music does that:  You can be anywhere, doing anything and then WHAM, a few bars in and suddenly you are right back somewhere else entirely and everything else around you sort of disappears.  It's a little bit magical.  'Ghost Stories' reminds me of wandering Edinburgh's Old Town holding hands and marvelling at all of the beautiful buildings;  of tea and cake breaks bundled up in our bobble hats and scarves talking and talking.  And of nights spent curled up in the prettiest little flat eating warm mince pies and talking about how magical living in Edinburgh might be.  Obviously i'd get a job in Anthropology and i'd write in my spare time - naturally we'd also be in the middle of renovating a sweet little period house.  The Mr would make basses and ukeleles in a studio workshop and maybe i'd fetch him lunch every day and we could sit and tell each other about our days…….I fear i MIGHT have digressed.

*  Birdsong.  The kind that makes you pull your earphones OUT of your ears on your walk home just to listen.  I don't know what they were saying - maybe they too were marvelling at how suddenly Spring-like everywhere seemed.  Who knows, all i do know is that it was the sweetest little tweeting and chirruping that i was almost sad when i got home…almost.

*  Leaving the window open ALL day.  Even if it was just a little bit.  Our living-room has the hugest most massive of windows and once Mr Sunshine is up, it gets the light for all of the day.  This is why i love that room in the morning so much.  You feel just like you are watching the world wake up in front of you but because we are up on the third floor - you are just on the top of the rooftops and can see nothing but sky.  In the warmer months it can get rather warm.  This week saw the very FIRST day of leaving for work and leaving the living-room windows open on a bright sunny Spring day.  Even if i was still popping my angora a beret on my little head as i left for work…

*  A customer {albeit a slightly strange one} telling me that they 'loved my VIBE.'  Nobody has ever said that to me before - i wasn't even aware i had a vibe!  Or actually if this is even a good thing.  But i'm keeping it in my pocket for a rainy day that's for sure!

*  Coming home from a long day yesterday to find a sweet little gift-card from the LOVELY lot at BODEN!  Huzzah!!  *fills 'basket' with every colour of Breton tee and maybe some new snazzy pj's too*.  What a SWEET surprise!

*  The heaviest most fulfilling few days of sleep imaginable.  Call it exhaustion, call it whatever you like BUT hells bells i really have slept the very best i ever have lately:  All heavy, still and un-disturbed.  I wake up feeling so much better and i also don't feel like i have to snooze my alarm a zillion times before i get up.  Laundry has been popped in before work, exercise has been accomplished and a lazier porridge-shaped breakfast has DEFINITELY been soothing my morning soul for sure.  

*  Coming across OLD and treasured gems in a mini-sort out.  You know the kind of 'oh my gosh the sun's out and it's Spring and so i must go through my warmer weather clothes!!!' even if you are still wearing your Winter coat AND you daren't take your mittens out of your pockets just yet.  What is it about is Brits and the weather?!  I stumbled across some treasured little smock blouses and much loved tees in my mini sort out and i'm super excited to wash and wear them again.  Even if it is just indoors for now.  

*  Wearing my floral crown for the FIRST time since well, well before Christmas time.  ^see previous point^  I might have only been inside and been wearing a fair few layers but it was a jolly lovely feeling all of the same!

*  Chocolate 'milk' and accidental HEAVEN discovered!  I picked up some raw cacao powder from our little health food shop in our market on Monday this week.  Not surprisingly my Monday was a particularly slow starting one and i really felt i was lacking in 'beans' so to speak.  I was also really craving chocolate.  I picked up a chocolate milk that was made entirely of coconut water, date syrup and raw cacao and it was HEAVEN.  Rich like a chocolate truffle, creamy like melted chocolate and just the right amount of chocolate-y.  I swear i checked the ingredients list so many times because i just couldn't believe that was all that was in it.  I must find the name of the company for you so you can fill your cheeks with  a chocolate-y treat that is actually rather good for you!  
*  *  *
Now it's your turn dear and lovely ones!  I'd love to hear how your weeks have been and what has been making them so much better?  What are you looking forward to?  What little tiny moments have been making you smile cheeks to cheek and what shall be getting you through until the weekend?!  I'M OFF THIS COMING WEEKEND!!!!!!I'm so sorry to shout but this is such a strange occurrence that i'm not sure i shall believe that it shall happen!  So far i am undecided of my plans but i am excited for more sleep and more hot cross buns!

Don't forget you can leave me a sweet comment below or tweet me your #wonderfulwednesday shenanigans on Twitter.  I'm @sallytangle.

Have a super DUPER rest of week!

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  1. Hearing birdsong is so lovely, isn't it? So is being able to leave the window open - I just love getting the fresh air into my room. I hope you'll have a wonderful weekend off work - you deserve it!

    xx Mimmi, Muted Mornings



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