Friday, 22 May 2015

The Wildest

I've always loved WILD flowers over anything preened and pruned neatly into a border in a pristine sort of a garden.  Wildflowers are like colouring outside the lines {or hating colouring in a preferring drawing and painting instead, or better still:  scrap-booking} or messy bed-hair:  The unruly sister of topiary, neatness and abiding by the RULES.  There is something free and rebellious about a patch of wildflowers.  And i guess that's why i've been TEAM WILD for as long as i can remember.  I found telling the difference between weeds and flowers difficult when i was a little dot.  I can remember never quite grasping why we had to pull up plants with what i thought we're just as pretty flowers in favour of planting our own plants neatly.  I remember forever being told that it was because they were weeds and we were planting plants and that weeds just grew where they wanted to and not where they were told to.  I secretly always preferred the weeds.  

Of course what were always deemed 'weeds' to me as i was growing up, are things that i actually find myself ADMIRING now:  Dandelions, clovers, cowslip, gypsophelia, buttercups and wild garlic.  Lately i've been spending a lot of time feeling inspired by them and making a point of looking for them along roadsides, snuggled up under hedgerows and blanketing the floor of the small forest in the park where i cycle.  It's all i seem to photograph lately.  

Whilst i know that the birds and the bees are happy BUSYING and BUZZING around and about any plants or flowers that they come across there is something much more heartwarming about seeing them fizz and whizz about their pollen-ey business in their natural habitat:  Unspoilt, tangled and a mass of colour and activity.

Wild garlic is one of my very FAVOURITE things about this time of year.  It always grows in such abundance in parks, verges and fields and is something that i hadn't even realised you could eat until last year - and it's right on my doorstep!  
And what's more LOVELY than that?  Being able to use up something that just grows naturally right there for everyone!  I've got some exciting recipes up my prettily-printed sleeves and maybe something a little more creative planned for you and I and those pretty white blooms so stay tuned!
*  *  *
This week has been a LOVELY one:  Restful, slow and potter-y and my favourite kind.  A selection of terracotta pots have been purchased to brighten up our sweet little yard outback.  I'm starting some wild lavender plants inside as we speak and i have some sweet wildflower seeds to scatter in those pots outside.  Keep everything crossed for me that Jack Frost stays away!  After this weeks….changeable weather, nothing's certain!


  1. I have now left the grass in our garden for so long that it's starting to resemble a wild flower meadow. I know I really should cut it, but I love its wildness and simplicity that I still keep putting it off! xxx

  2. Aw this is lovely. I've been loving all the blooms recently too, theres something so bright and positive about this season. Glad you've had a good week too! xx
    Jasmin Charlotte

  3. "Weeds are flowers too once you get to know them." A.A. Milne. I'm a big dandelion fan too! :)

  4. These are beauuuutiful photos Sally, almost making me miss british spring time! xxx

  5. Oh I totally agree, wildflowers are really special! My favourite part (or one of them, I guess) about this time of the year is seeing all the different kinds of wildflowers pop up and replace one another.

    xx Mimmi, Muted Mornings



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