Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Wonderful Wednesday #67

{Taken last thing last night - Tuesday.  Who could believe how horrid it's been looking at that?!}
Happy #wonderfulwednesday campers!  How's things?  What's new?!  What kind of lovely jolly things have been occurring in your life this week?  Or has it been one you'd rather forget?  Mines been a slower, much more restful week after almost-but-not-quite a week off work - well i've been gallavanting about since Saturday and i'm not back in until tommorrow. Restful-ness aside, it's been a positive and productive one in equal measure and so i {for once!} feel like i'm firing on all cylinders {instead of you know, just half of one} and ready to give you the best from a jolly great bag so far this week…

1.  Charity shop clearouts.  I always toy with selling clothes.  But in reality the time it takes to photograph and list and blah blah blah - well i lose interest.  And if we're being really honest, my taste isn't everyone elses and the odds and ends i do tend to donate to charity are always a little past their very best.  I always tend to wear things to death before i'll give up on them altogether.  In short, donating clothes to our local charity shop is a nice feeling and i'm glad they are going to someone who might actually need it more than me and that the pennies go towards something great and good.

2.  Getting green-fingered.  Despite this weeks, what can only be described as erratic at best, weather i have been feeling ever so inspired to get out and plant something.  Whilst we are limited on our outdoor space, i've got the go ahead to plant some pots and such outside in our little yard and so i have been gleefully purchasing seeds, various sizes of terracotta pots and perusing Bee houses and if i could probably make one myself.  Yes they really are a thing.  Today is meant to be a much better, dryer day and so i'm hopeful to get out and get started properly.  I am thinking more tangled wildflowers, crazy crawling plants and less perfectly symmetrical greenery.  Thank you ever so much to everyone who has given advice via Twitter and Instagram.  Who knew this gardening malarky could be so exciting?!?

3.  Morning snuggles.  I'll spare you the details.  But safe to say that not waking up to an alarm means it's nice to not have to get up with the birds and race out of bed at break-neck speed.  It's felt like Sunday every day!

4.  Not getting drenched.  I say this and i've probably gone and jinxed myself beyond belief and you'll never hear from me again because i shall have been washed away on those two wheels down the River Eden and out of sight forever.  It's been glorious sunshine, great big gusts of wind impossible to cycle against, followed usually by torrential downpours and hailstorms.  I've somehow miraculously {as of Tuesday evening writing this} remained unscathed/dry.  And i've pretty much run all errands {including precariously balancing several terracota planters} on my two wheels.  If only i could say the same for Willow….she's seen her fair share of water whilst i've been scampering about in and out of shops and markets.  So much so that she now has her very own towel….God bless prettily printed old-lady shower caps and thier usefulness to cover my pretty Brooks leather saddle!

5.  Having someone refer to my bike by it's name.  Silly but happy-making at it's simplest and very best!

6.  Getting laundry up to date = major ongoing life goal.  I am forever in awe of quite how much laundry we accumulate as a twosome.  Happiness is found deep, deep at the very bottom of an empty laundry basket.  

7.  Pinterest.  For the endless inspiration it throws up.  This weeks it's been my evening entertainment for all garden related styling ideas when the Mr has been watching rubbish on television.  And to think that this time a wee while ago i could be heard exclaiming:  'I just don't get Pinterest.'  Oh Sally….

8.  Torn up mint leaves in ice cold water.  So simple.  So good.  And so Summery-feeling and thirst-quenching for when it's not so Summery outside.  In your face rain!  

9.  Reaching a decision to finally let somebody else colour my hair which ultimately lead me to believe that i have the best hairdressers in the whole world.  And i'm a tough {read: scared,wimpy, hasn't changed her hair colour for like EVER} kind of a customer.  I'll spare you the details {maybe we'll save that one for another rainy day ho ho!} but my hairdressers have been trying to persuade me to let them colour my hair for me and to do it properly.  But i've always been put off by the expense and upkeep.  I've finally found a solution that i'm excited about.  When i rang up on Tuesday to ask what they thought, they asked me to pop in.  I grabbed a coffee and headed down and we all did a little dance in celebration of such a  milestone kind of a moment!  My appointment is at 6pm on Thursday night.  Eek!

10.  Numbering my #wonderfulwednesday points.  Err why have i never done this?!  Suddenly this post feels a lot more organised!  It really is the simple things.

11.  The most heavenly Rose and Black Pepper hot chocolate.  Enjoyed over a marathon Tuesday morning catch up with a dear,dear friend i haven't seen for so long.  But who i actually first 'met' through Twitter and i'm so very glad i did. She is inspiring, creative and all kinds of wonderful and each time we meet, i always feel like i could do anything in the whole wide world.  

12.  Abba.  On Magic Fm.  Because that bloomin' radio station should be sponsored by Tangle Towers lately.  It's been the soundtrack to my whole week and my love for all things 70's, 80's and 90's shows no sign of waning.  And i'm not even sorry!
*  *  *
Aaaand it's over to you!  What has been making your week wonderful so far?!  What have you been looking forward to each day?  I'd love to know, even if it is just your breakfast, or your bed at the end of the day!  Is there something special that you're looking forward to?  Remember you can leave me a sweet note below, or you can tweet me your #wonderfulwednesday over on Twitter.  I'm @sallytangle!!!  But you probably knew that already...
Have the most wonderful rest of week dear and sweet ones!


  1. Oh, the weather! It has been crazy here - we've had it all: wind, torrential rain, hail and a bit of sunshine! My youngest and I got completely drenched on the way home from nursery today - not helped by me trying to balance carrying his rucksack, my umbrella and three plants from the plant sale! Sounds like you've had a lovely week. Good luck with your plants. Sweet peas could be a nice idea. Or some night-scented stocks if you sit out there in the evenings. x

  2. Where on earth did you get rose and black pepper hot chocolate from?! It sounds incredible! Glad your gardening enthusiasm is still alive and well! I'll warn you, it can be quite addictive... xxx



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