Monday, 18 May 2015

In Four:: via Instagram

Good day or i SUPPOSE i should say, good evening?  It's not often you'll see me popping up in your reading list of an evening {or very often at all save for my religious #wonderfulwednesday-ness} but i've been thinking alot about this space lately.  I spend an unsociable amount of my wind-down time flitting through instagram and pinning my life away on Pinterest and whilst i know there are some of you lovely souls who follow along with me through multiple platforms {dedication!} in large, i have quite a varied following on each and so today is the day i decide to put two and two together.  

It's not ROCKET science really is it and i'm hardly the first person to do this but think of it if you will, like introducing friends from different circles with me in common - although in a totally less-vainer way than that sounds!  Time is not always on my side and sometimes i find that i spend more time posting snippets of my life in Instagram than i do here - simply because it's just that, it's instant!  By bridging the gap {or snap if we're being really witty!} these little updates can be a way to have a mini catch up on things, through the most recent moments captured through my Instagram feed.  And it means i can stop feeling so sorry for myself when it pours down on my only day off and any outside photo-taking opportunity is washed away for another week!  Shall we TALK about these four then?!

1.  My face.  Which if you follow me on Instagram you'll know doesn't actually make an appearance that often.  It's more my feet, clouds, skies, fields - man i'm really selling myself now aren't i?!  This is my very FAVOURITE get up of late:  Black or blue super-duper soft skinny jeans; a grey or white t-shirt and a printed cotton shirt thrown over the top.  It's something i've never tried before:  The whole open shirt thing.  While it's hardly a fashion revolution, it is proving a reliable daily sort of a uniform. Especially when the weather seems to be the least reliable thing in my life right now….  

2.  Okay so i've got a soft-furnishing problem.  I ADORE bed-linen.  And cushions.  Oh and also throws, blankets, any kind of pouffe….you name it; if it's colourful and printed then you can bet your bottom dollar it'll find it's way into our home.  I also love my bed.  When i lived by myself i saved up for the wrought iron bedstead straight after i left uni.  And i've had it since.  I've been lucky that the Mr seems to let me getaway with being a little bit more girly in the bedroom.  My very favourite thing to do on a day off is to scamper off and make some tea and curl up with the Mr and drink it in bed.  

3.  Peonies are hands-down my VERY favourite bloom.  I know; me and the rest of the world right?  But it's true.  Since their season is so very short i have to make the most of it.  This is my very first bunch of coral-ey, peachy pink and perfect Peonies.  Aren't they the dream?!  I keep telling them how beautiful they are.  I just can't help it.  

4.  This sweet capture was as unexpected as all or most Instagram snaps are.  I was on my way to Sainsbury's after a few early evening hazy-lit laps of our sweet park.  The sun was just about to slip behind the hill and it cast the most magical little glow on all of the daisies and dandelions.  I'd just that very second been thinking to myself how very sad i was that all of the pretty blossom had all but gone and this sweet scene reminded me that i shouldn't be! And that the rest of Spring and Summer have so much more to give yet. 
*  *  *  
Are you as much of an Instagrammer as me?!  If so, leave me your links as i'd love to follow along.  If you haven't yet stumbled across me on there yet, you can find my face HERE if you should like to follow along properly.  

Hoping that you have all had a lovely start to the last week in May?!?!? I'm not even sure i know how that is even possible that we are almost in JUNE


  1. Those peonies look absolutely delightful! I really can't believe we're over half way through the month - it has been the fastest so far this year I think!

  2. I love your Instagram - always such pretty photos! I'm @catgirlspeaks over there but my photos are largely dull!

  3. Hullo lovely!

    Well firstly, I would definitely welcome your face making more of an appearance on Instagram. You're so purdy! :D and I ADORE your hair.

    And secondly, your sleepy space looks amazing! I love that kind of 'inviting / comforting' look that sees to be so hard to achieve. You seem to do it so effortlessly!

    Mark x | That Gent Mark



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