Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Wonderful Wednesday #66

Bonjour oh dear ones and #wonderfulwednesday visitors!  How do i FIND you all so far this week?!  I am sat tip tapping to you today after having the most lovely Tuesday spent with my sister for her birthday.  We chatted for hours, drank much coffee and nibbled on coffee and walnut cake that was as light as a feather and as rich and decadent as it should be.  A birthday well-spent!  My week has been such a busy one and so yesterday's day off and time spent with that super-duper sister of mine was much needed!  I worked all weekend again and so i feel my head isn't quite ready to accept the fact that is mid-week already!  It still feels a little like i am in last week!  So many of my weeks just feel like they merge together, do you ever feel that too?!?  This week has brought much loveliness and has also given me LOTS to look forward to aswell, and that's always nice isn't it?!  Shall we….?  Let's get going on the gem that is my #wonderfulwednesday!

*  Sourdough crumpets:  An extra SPECIAL day-off breakfast.  I always have porridge or granola and muesli with almond milk when i'm at Monsoon Towers - namely because i feel like i need all of the energy help i can get and i find if i munch toast or anything smaller it just doesn't fill me up.  So i save my toasted teacakes and that kind of paraphenalia for slower, later and lighter eating days off.  This week we discovered M&S 'Ultimate Crumpets.'  They are the dreeeeeam.  They are much, much lighter than usual crumpets and made with a sourdough base and are just FAB.  I enjoyed my day-off brekkie of toasted sourdough crumpets slathered in crunchy peanut butter and scattered with sliced banana:  The day off-shaped breakfast of champions if you ask me!

*  Plaiting all OVER the shop!  It's been 'damp' up North lately and that's all i'm going to say on the weather matter.  My hair, therefore has felt mostly three times its actual size and has been a complete and utter un-maneagable fluffball.  When such an instance occurs there is only one thing for it:  PLAITS.  I have taken to plaiting my hair each night before i got to sleep and embracing my extra 'volume.'  Not only does my hair then tend to at least look intentionally wavy, but it also means it takes no time at all to ruffle and go come morning which is a big and whopping win-win in my morning book.  Are you with me?!

*  Warmer evening skylight-LOVIN'.  Whilst it's been damper than we'd all care for it to be up here lately, oddly enough in between said showers it's been quite the mild and a lovely temperature most evenings.  I have been loving cracking open our office skylight of an early evening and watching the seagulls and pigeons swish and swoop whilst i tip-tap away at my keyboard.  It sort of makes you feel like you're actually sat on the roof with only the birds and clouds for company. And you know i can think of worse places i'd rather be.

*  Paloma Faith's 'Only love can hurt like this.'  For it's pop-y catchiness and downright SING-ABILITY.  I've been loving singing it at the top of my lungs in the shower {sorry neighbours!}.  If you've heard it before you'll know that it's just one of those songs that you really can just hurtle at the very top of your lungs and make yourself feel so much better!  

*  Coriander.  I don't want to go all 'FAVOURITE HERB' on you because i know how rock and roll that sounds but lately it's all been about that lemon-ey green-ey leaf-y gem!  It's a real herb-divider that coriander but we've been loving here at Tangle HQ.  It's a lunch-time salad maker:  Torn spinach, watercress and coriander scattered on top of bulgar wheat, grated carrot, chickpea and raisin-ey lunchtime salad.  Errrr YES PLEASE!

*  Guzzling my H20 like there's NO tomorrow!  I find it so strange when people say that they don't like water.  How can you not like water?!?!  I really notice if i don't get my litres of water into a day.  I feel tired, grumpy and just plain restless.  Since the weather has warmed up ever so slightly, i love nothing more than gulping ice cold water.  I really notice the difference in my general well-being from just making sure i keep up each day.  How about you?

*  Wind so strong that it blows you SIDEWAYS!  It's been so windy up here lately {how many times have i spoken about the weather so far?! Yikes!} and i remember when we first moved into our little attic-shaped home, our very first windy night was a little terrifying!  Being on the very top floor means we have the prettiest light and loveliest views but it also means we have the noisiest little somewhere when those blustery days and nights strike!  Now i find the sound rather comforting.  On Monday night i didn't even close the skylight blind properly.  I lay underneath it watching the clouds race with each gust of wind.  Being all tucked up and cosy and sleepy made it a little bit lovely.  

*  Apples.  Ice-cold from the fridge.  I go through phases with fruit.  Whilst i'll always have bananas knocking about our sweet somewhere, lately i had disregarded my humble apples in favour of the sweetest juiciest strawberries.  I recently picked up some British Braeburn's from our sweet fruit market {along with said Strawbs!} and i have been LOVING munching and crunching them sliced and ice-y cold from the fridge. Mmmmm!

*  Spotting first swallows.  Okay they may not be the actual first swallows as i'm not sure when you should spot a swallow {?}  BUT i pottered out on my two wheels the other night, taking full advantage of the fact that it was both dry and sunny after work.  I stopped to watch sweet swallows swooping and swishing against the bright blue sky in the crazy, erratic 'how-come-they-don't-crash' way that swallows do.  It reminded me of being little and of Summer holidays.

*  Underwear-ish SLEEPING.  Is there anything more lovely than feeling cotton sheets and duvets against bare, bathed skin?  Nope i thought not.  I'm a bit ahead of the game as it's hardly tropical up here but i was done with my cosy pyjamas and felt like i needed to remove a layer!  Bliss!

*  Watching blossom BLOW off the trees!  Whilst the end of blossom makes me a little sad, seeing it's pink and white confetti strewn across our cobbled streets like a sweet little Spring blanket is rather pretty.  It also makes me excited to start a new season and for all of the new things that shall bring.  I love the world's way of showing us the change in seasons through the little things around us.  It's pretty amazing when you think about it and it's lovely to think that, that has been happening since time pretty much began and that no matter how we have evolved and changed and the world around us; this little marvel has always remained.  Is it just me or isn't that LOVELY to think of?  Shall i just let myself out then!?!?!
*  *  *  
So what have you got for me then?!  Share your #wonderfulwednesday moments for this week so far or what you are looking forward to this week.  I always love to know!  Not because i'm just a nose-y parker but because it's nice to share positive and lovely things and i'd love for this regular post to not always be about just my positive things, you know?

Remember you can SHARE by leaving a sweet comment below or by tweeting/instagramming your #wonderfulwednesday.  I'm @sallytangle.

Have a wonderful rest of week!


  1. Yes to naked sleeping, plaits and sourdough crumpets - sounds like you've had a fab week! Alice xx

  2. I haven't had crumpets in weeks, but now I'm really craving them! And as much as I love my thick pajamas during winter, bare legs against sheets is heavenly when it's warm enough. It's been crazy windy up here too, and although it's not very enjoyable when you're out and about, I agree that it's really lovely hearing it when you're tucked up inside.

    xx Mimmi, Muted Mornings

  3. Those crumpets sound fantastic! I'm always on the look out for new kinds. I recently discovered some really nice square shaped ones in Sainsbury's x

  4. I know what you mean about the sound of wind or a storm being comforting when you lie in bed at night, I like it too. And yes to swallows! I heard some crazy fact that they never actually land on the ground ever, which can't be true surely but I never see one stop! xx



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