Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Wonderful Wednesday #65

Hi-de-hello and how do you do one and all?!  This week has left me feeling all kinds of upside down and inside out so far.  I worked all weekend and was off Bank Holiday Monday.  So today feels like Tuesday and yesterday was most definetly Monday-shaped as apposed to Tuesday shaped and i just feel like i do not know where i am with anything!!  Is it just me?! That said, this week has had its highlights for me.  And since i feel like a day behind myself already then this week of discombobulation should whizz by in a hop and a skip.  You'd think yes?  Here's hoping.  Or here's also hoping that i feel a little more like my organised self before the end of it.  Shall we #wonderfulwednesday….?

*  Wonderful traditions!  Even if that 'tradition' in the loosest sense of the word; is that we have 'Pizza Tuesday' each…errr Tuesday..?  It was invented long, long ago as we always do our grocery shop on a Tuesday evening after work.  Long may it reign supreme 'cos after my upside-down start to the week, i need all of the help i can get!

*  Seeing progress.  Which is miles away from feeling it.  My morning stretches and arm exercising have started to show results and my persistence is paying off!  Even if that 'success' is only measured by the Mr remarking "Check out you and your swan arms." to me the other evening.  It's a small start….

*  Wearing flower crowns inside.  'Cos hells' bells that pretty little thing called Mother Nature has been playing havoc with our weather up north of late:  All glorious bright blue skies and sunshine made for short sleeves and then torrential rain and the angriest grey clouds!  I can pretend that's not the case inside always though.

*  Filling some jam-jars on our window sills with blossom cuttings and being amazed that they stayed alive!  With my history with all things green i'm feeling rather lucky!

*  Making pot-shaped plans.  I'm certainly no green fingered goddess {see previous case in point} but i am excited to pot some sweet plants out back.  We arent lucky enough to have our own outdoor space {the lows of living three floors up!} but we have got a little yard.  Since it's all been properly cleaned and tidied up i have been daydreaming about filling some huge terracotta pots with a mix of wild flowers and even seeing if might be able to squeeze somewhere for a Bee house!

*  Lemon and ginger in warm water to start the day right.  Okay so i've been doing this little trick for at least a year.  So much so that i feel a bit funny if i run out of lemons and don't have my morning fixer. I missed a few days last week due to one thing and another and i swear to god that my skin went severely downhill!  It somehow just lost it's sparkle and the little dewy glow that i sometimes get if i'm sleeping right and getting all of the water i should.  Since there were no other changes to anything last week other  than missing my zesty morning wake up; i am determined to never miss one again!  Sometimes i keep it simple with half the juice of a lemon in some warm water.  Sometimes and especially if i am feeling tired, i add a few slices of fresh ginger.  And sometimes if i'm feeling a little run down and under the weather i'll add a teaspoon of manuka honey and sliced ginger to my morning cup. It really does work wonders.

*  Pretty woven baskets adorned with pom poms. One of which may or may not be winging it to me as we speak!  I can't wait to tell you all about it!  Now if that sun can just sort itself out now then that would be great please!

*  Seeing my sweet little instagram snap in this months 'Simple Things' magazine.  It made me beam from cheek to cheek even if it is silly!  It's my favourite magazine - so much so that my little 'collection' actually doubles up as a 'shelf' in our livingroom.  Ahem!  One day my written words might adorn their beautifully curated pages…one day i'm just sure of it!

*  Aussie Three Minute Miracle Reconstructor.  Because you can bet your bottom dollar that if the weather doesn't know what the bobbins it wants to do then my hair shall behave in exactly same way.  This week and it's drizzly rain has made my hair feel three times it's size!  It now feels suitably calmer and smoother and smells exactly of that yummy 'Aussie' scent that i love so much.  If you've ever used any Aussie products then you shall know exactly what i mean.

*  Time spent with the Mr without even thinking.  Ok well that's a lie straight off.  Once we discovered we were both off Bank Holiday monday; we spent many an evening, before-bed sort-of-a-conversation deliberating, on what we should do with a rare whole day together.  After a little later than usual lie-in, our plans came to nothing but having a wander through town, picking up bits and bobs to make burgers for tea and having a big frothy coffee together and talking about our 'Nows.'  It was nothing fancy or fan-dangled, but i had the loveliest day in a long time.

*  Gold.  I've always been a sterling silver jewellery gal through and through.  But i recently picked up some dainty bits and bobs from the 'Z from Accessorize' range at work.  It's all fine and delicate and wonderfully beautiful.  It's also gold plated and has precious and semi-precious stones in most of the pieces.  I'm currently living in my rose quartz sweet and tiny pendant and it's travelling along with me everywhere i go!

*  Digging out old silk scarves and fastening through button holes, on the side of satchels and sometimes around my old black fedora…just because.  Sometimes it's nice to be a bit more creative with things.  
*  *  *  
So how's about you guys?!  Is your week already shaping up pretty peachily since you had a sneaky Bank Holiday off from the 9-5?!?'  Or are you feeling as equally upside down as i am?!  I'd love to know what's been bringing you back down to earth, making you smile and feel on top of the world!!!  What are you looking forward to this week?!  Share your sweet comments below with us all, or tweet me with your #wonderfulwednesday too.  I'm @sallytangle.

Have a super duper and smashing rest of week dear faces!!!


  1. Swan arms, Pizza Tuesdays and a whole day with the Mr? You are living the Wonderful Wednesday dream, even if you are feeling a little discombobulated (AMAZING word choice!)
    I've been a bit out of kilter too, we had a whole week off, back to work on Friday and then a long weekend off - it's messed with my mojo a little but next week we'll be back to normal.
    This week I'm looking forward to a little more physio on my shoulder (in particular the gloriously bright strapping tape I get afterwards), getting back into a routine and a delicious gammon joint I plan on roasting this evening, it's the little things eh?
    Have a fandabulous rest of the week.
    M x

  2. Aaaah, sounds like you've been having a lovely time recently. Especially your bank holiday weekend - I love a weekend of doing hardly anything at all, just pottering about!

    Lyndsay | Fizzy Peaches

  3. Pizza Tuesday's sound divine, I must start up a similar tradition myself! Yay for your instagram pic in the Simple Things, that's so cool! I love lemon and ginger in hot water but I haven't had it in ages. I have been indulging in smoothies each morning which have been keeping me going this week! xxx

  4. For a couple of years, we've had a tradition of Friday night treat night where the kids pick a film and we have pizza and sometimes even popcorn. They never let us forget it. This is a lovely list, filled with sunshine even though I'll admit the weather has been bonkers! X



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