Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Lately in Senses

I can't remember the last time we all sat down and had a jolly good catch up:  Just all curled up, with our favourite beverage {mine shall forever be a huge printed mug of Lady Grey with milk and a walnut whip on the side}.  But you probably knew that already.  Sometimes life gets in the way of this sweet spot.  My ideas for posts are lately cobbled together on bumpy pre-dinner bike rides whilst blowing away the cobwebs of the day.  I can't remember the last time i just sat down, notepad on lap and just scribbled ideas down like i used to.  Lately has been busy:  Filled with goodness, fresh air and cuddles.  
*  *  *  
I spent some time up north, in South-West Scotland visiting my parents and brother and that crazy spaniel of there's.  Mum hasn't been well at all so it was nice to take flowers, feel the sun our cheeks and talk lots.  It was also especially nice to catch up with my not-so-little brother.  He's preparing for life as a grown up after he graduates this Summer and has already snagged a job in his chosen field.  I feel so proud of him and exciting for what his future holds.  I remember that feeling well:  All heady excitement peppered with mild trepidation!

One of my longest and most special friends was over visiting from the land of Oz {lucky duck!} and so we squeezed in time for lunches, coffees and catch ups and even a day trip up to Glasgow where we spent more on our lunch than anything else.  We're a good team and have got our priorities right!  It reminded me that wherever we are in the world we'll always be close and our friendship will never change.  Spending time with her was just like it always was and it felt good for my tired little soul.  
 Home, Home - my parents live in the sweetest little village.  Just behind this sweet view is a park on a hill which over looks all the rolling hills and bright yellow bracken.  There's also the sweetest little bench placed perfectly in view of the setting sun if you time it just right.
More Home, Home:  The view from the bridge set over the river Dee in another village a two-minute walk down the windy lane and around the corner.  I didn't appreciate any of this nearly enough when i was younger .  

And me?  Well here's my 'Lately' expressed in the most concise, simple and creative way and one which we all forget too often:  In senses:

*  Blue skies galore and feeling all of the better for them  *  Chaffinches, blue-tits and Swallows {Summer is coming my friends - the sweet birdsong told me so}  *  peachy-perfect sunsets and only just beating the sun home of an early evening bike ride  *  my arms more often on the days when it has been warm enough to roll sleeves up and wander outdoors with only a soft woollen cardi across my arm  *    flowers everywhere and doing my very best to fill our sweet attic with them too.  It's a sure-fire way to make sure it feels Spring-like on even the greyest of days  *   Much more green on my plate!!  Isn;t it so much easier to fill up on raw veg and creative salad come this time of year?!  *  bunches of bananas and bowls of multi-coloured tomatoes on our windowsills.
Is there anything better than bright blue sky and sunshine?!
A little bit further along the river Eden - my very favourite cycle route first thing in the morning or last thing at night.  

* Raw garlic on evening and morning bike rides  *  our first homemade burgers of the year cooking {mmm!}  *  Green, green grass after a torrential downpour - i wish i could bottle it, it smelt that delicious  *  clean sheets, dried in the sun and falling asleep all of the better for them  *  Flowers - any i can or even just breathing deeply as i cycle past them  *  damp hair with coconut-ey conditioner  *  coconut oil stirred into thick and creamy porridge  *  lavender shower gel on a warm evening and the way that the scent fills our little hallway afterwards.  
Wild garlic is lining the riverbank as far as the eye can see lately.  Have you tried it yet?!  It's super duper delicious torn up through a Spring salad.  Seeing so much green everywhere lately is just the absolute loveliest.  

Wild garlic  *  marinated kale  *  earthy beetroot alongside salty feta  *  grilled haloumi  *  buttery brioche bread-buns  *  My {probably} squillionth mug of Lady Grey tea  *  the perfect cappuccino  *  lemon and sliced ginger in hot water after a long morning stretch  *  homemade Lasagne  *  Also homemade macaroni cheese {Mum's make everything taste better!}  *  Toasted rye bread and crunchy peanut butter  *  lemon lipbalm *  walnut whips {!!!}  *  various midges on evening walks and cycles - BLEEEURGH!!!!!
See that beautiful wall and grand building up ^there?^  That's called West Walls and it's the oldest part of my little city and you can cycle pretty much the whole length of it and see the city from so high up.  It's pretty lovely on a clear night as the sun sets.  
I've taken so many blossom-shaped snaps over the last month or so.  I'm squirrelling them away to look at when grey days loom.  Why can't there be blossom all year round?!  But then maybe if there was then we wouldn't appreciate it nearly enough!

*  Endless birdsong  *  Spring rain against our skylight  *  the radio hum along from the shower  *  Damien Rice, London Grammar and Lemon Jelly before bed  *  the Mr tinkle away on his acoustic Guitar  *  The day wake up:  birds, breezes and eventually buses, children chattering and clip-clopping footsteps on pavements  *  Sheets blowing in the breeze  *  The blinds rattling with an early evening breeze.   
 Early evening perfect light.  This photo just makes my little heart sing!  Have you ever seen anything so pretty?!  Cycling at this time could be my favourite ever:  Perfect for switching off, for appreciating the little things and for tiring out your little legs before a big camomile tea and bed.  
More early evening lovin'!  The wild garlic smells so much better as the sun sets and the little droplets of dew start to gather on the grass.  

*  Lighter fabrics against my skin  *  The wind in tangle my hair without any kind of hat  *  Lighter from coats, scarves and gloves in just cardigans, cottons and sandals  *  A misty light evening rain on my cheeks which turned out just a little bit delicious {and made my hair three times it's size!}  *  Well-rested  *  Thirsty:  For colder, icier drinks and wondering if it's too soon for Pimms and Ginger Beer  *  Better for sleeping in less:  Lighter layers forever!  *  More in love than ever and grateful for having that feeling  *  Worried about not being closer to Home  *  Grateful for good friends *  Inspired by the change in seasons - always.
*  *  *
So that's me! How have you been?  What have you been SEEING, SMELLING, TASTING, TOUCHING or HEARING?!  Have you written a post about what you have been up to lately?  Leave me a link below as these are my favourite kinds of posts to both read and write.  

I hope that your Bank Holiday was long and lazy and full of good food, great people and a bright blue sky!  I'll be back tomorrow with a #wonderfulwednesday as usual!


  1. Sounds like you had a good time in Scotland :) The village your parents live in looks so quaint and lovely! I hope you managed to find somewhere nice to have lunch in Glasgow. And I hope your mum will feel better soon! Love this post, by the way - it was such a joy to read! And the 'tasting' part made me very very hungry...

    xx Mimmi, Muted Mornings

  2. I love reading your posts Sally, they fill me with so much joy! There is nothing better than blue, sunny skies and I cannot wait for summer! I hope your Mum feels better soon and big congrats to your brother!xx

  3. Lovely post! And your photos are beautiful too. You've got to love Spring, haven't you? x



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