Monday, 29 June 2015

In Four:: via Instagram

Remember about a zillion years ago when i wrote my first 'In Four:: via Instagram' post HERE and told you all how it would probably become a bit of a regular in the old blog calendar - you know to break up the Wonderful Wednesday and other posts i'd jumble in along the way?  Yep well here we are with only number two!  I'm not going to bore you all with silly excuses or feel too bad because this little spot is intended to be an online scrapbook/diary/patch of creative for me when i have time, and time is something that has definitely not been on my side the past little while. 

It's all for a good reason, which i shall hopefully be able to share very soon - but there's been a heck of of a lot of soul searching, deep thinking and life evaluation around and about these parts lately.  I've said it before, but it is true:  I use Instagram a lot.  I'm not a big social media whizz but this particular one, well i'd spend all day on there if i could.  I just love looking at peoples' lives, experiences and reading thier words and what is happening in their lives; all through sweet photos and just snapshots.  If you don't follow my face already you can find it HERE.  I find myself posting on here a lot more regularly simply because it's convenient and i can update the world in just a few moments.  And you know by now how much i love taking photos…

So here's to a bit of a life update in four recent Instagram snaps…

1.  Sunshine snaps.  Or…not so much.  You don't need me to tell you the obvious:  That this Summer hasn't exactly gone to plan weather-wise so far this year which means when dear sweet Mr Sunshine has reared his pretty little head it's been well-worth celebrating!!!  A snap from earlier today after a weekend at work and hi-fiving a Monday off work and a sweet little sneak of some sunshine.  After laps and laps of our dear sweet park {so many that i lost count - it was that pretty} at home our attic windows were cracked open as wide as can be, busy-bees were wafted out rather regularly; and i enjoyed pootling about in a cotton summer dress, bare feet and drinking gallons and gallons of minty/lime-y/cucumber-y water.  More please!!!

2.  A sweet capture from the beginning of last week.  That's my new organiser.  Little life changes are on the horizon and what better way to organise them than with a little bit of Liberty London?  The sweet little postcard shall be firmly fastened inside the cover.  Because it's {cryptically!} pretty accurate for right about now.  And well i just love the colours in this photo….apologies for alot of Peony-spam on Instagram too…..WAIT, who doesn't love a Peony…?!

3.  What was i saying about Peonies?!  This snap makes me smile for two reasons:  The first is that {like what feels like the rest of the world!} i adore Peonies.  We currently have three receptacles of them in our little attic - all at various stages of opening - dreamy!  So imagine my delight when i spotted such a beautiful abundance of my very favourite flowers all wrapped perfectly in brown paper?!  My heart was-a-flutterin' !!!  And secondly because this goes down in history as my most liked ever photo on Instagram probably ever.  Which says a lot about my followers….. You're all my kind of people for sure!  Hi-five The Peony Appreciation Society!!!  I wonder if there is one….

4.  Summer Soltice blissful capturing.  Which feels like a little too long ago and i bet i'm not the first to say that i'm not quite ready to admit that the days shall now get slowly shorter from now on….*weeps*  Luckily even if the weather hasn't been as consistent as i had hoped of late, i've been loving Summer evenings all of the same:  Longer, lazier and full of yummy alfresco food and evenings spent curled up on the sofa in my cotton pyjamas with that Mr of mine.  This photo might win two awards:  Most loved sky ever {and that one's a big call for me sine my IG feed is largely skies and my feet!} and most magical photo i think i have ever taken.  Isn't it the dream?!  Predictably the day was neither blue-skied or particularly warm up North but all of a sudden; just as the sun was setting, out it appeared from behind such a heavy dark blue sky and this was the result.  The most perfect unicorn{?}-esque Summer Solstice sky snapped, in my pyjamas, from our sweet bedroom attic window.  Magical!
*  *  *  
Do you use Instagram as much as me?  If so pop on over and give me a little follow and a wave!  I don't need any excuses to have a goosey gander at somebody else on there….. You can find me HERE or simply by popping over to Instagram and searching for 'sallytangle'.  

Hoping that the start to your week has been wonderful and full of blue skies and sunshine!

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Wonderful Wednesday #72

This is a pretty accurate representation of how my week has mostly been so far.  And it shall also most likely be a great and whopping contrast to how the rest of it pans out!  I've been ever so lucky to get last Saturday and Sunday and also Monday off this week, with a sneaky much later start on Tuesday.  I'd like to tell you that it's all been wild and exciting around these parts for that reason.  Except that it hasn't.  Well it's been my kind of exciting {read:  early nights, tv catch-ups, lazy starts and pedalling for as far as my little legs could take me!} and you know what?  These are my favourite times.  For me in life there isn't very often a middle ground.  I'm careering forward at a million miles an hour, or i'm pottering about buying too many bunches of Peonies {if there is such a thing?} and enjoying mostly not setting an alarm clock and sneaking in two cups of Lady Grey in, in the AM - the first of which is always enjoyed beneath the duvet.  Because for me the joy in life is always those little things i treasure when i'm lucky enough to get a few minutes peace and quiet:  the precious little things you overlook and cast aside when life gets too busy.  So as i career and cartwheel forward into the rest of my very busy week, let us celebrate those teeny tiny seeds of goodness that i have been relishing so far this week, in true #wonderfulwednesesday style…

1)  A super duper soft lilac blanket across cold bare knees.  I was feeling chilled after a late night shower.  The heady scent of late-night summer rain was too delicious to close the windows, or i maybe I was too lazy.  Whatever!  Summer pyjamas and blankets cast over knees and just lamp and candlelight is a little bit lovely.

2)  Said summer rain.  Which has been coming quite regularly to these parts.  In a refreshing {probably} very un-British stance - i've been quite enjoying it.  Sure my few days off together would have been nice basked in bright summer sunshine, but well it wasn't to be.  Instead i've been relishing the damp days.  They've not been the torrential 'must have a brolley' type showers anyway.  They've been light and misty and a little bit delicious.  I scampered to the park on a damp Monday morning only to find it completely deserted.  It smelt wonderful.  And even though i'm pretty sure i left with my hair at least three times as big after several laps and a little cycle along the river; it was more than worth it.  I spent the afternoon catching up on laundry and listening to Magic FM.  Pretty blissful actually.

3)  Burning candles in the afternoon.  I love scented candles.  And incense burners and quite frankly any excuse to flood our little attic with the smell of Rose and Bay, Linen and Aloe or Vanilla and Oatmeal.  But there is something ever so luxurious about burning scented candles on a rainy afternoon with the windows open just a little and the radio on.  Padding around and about our little attic barefoot and drinking Earl Grey.  It might have been one of my very favourite afternoons yet.  

4)  Raindrops on roses wildflowers.  And grass.  And trees.  I spent a large proportion of Monday morning faffing about with a camera, trying to capture the beauty that are raindrops collected in huge green dock leaves, spotted on buttercup petals or simply clinging to tall grasses.  I totally failed.  But it was worth it all of the same and meant i got to cherish that magical misty morning a little longer….

5)  Chocolate brownies.  Do you know until December last year i had never even eaten a brownie *feels grumbles and rumbles the world over as everyone gasps in unison*.  What can i say except i'm very sorry and MAN ALIVE was i missing possibly the biggest trick of my whole life!!! My very first brownie was consumed on my 30th Birthday in Edinburgh, at a sweet little secret Hipster style Cafe-come-mostly-cake shop called 'Love Crumbs' at the bottom of Grassmarket in Edinburgh.  I say secret, what i mean is we walked past it about three times before we found it.   I digress.  It was a dark chocolate and mint brownie which left me speechless and gave me the best chocolate fix of my entire life.  And, i'm convinced it was also what powered me through three days walking up, down and around Edinburgh's pretty streets in the freezing December cold.  Brownies are now my super-indulgent treat.  This Monday i locked myself away with my favourite mug filled to the brim with Lady Grey tea and the gooiest, most heavenly melty wonderful chocolate brownie.  It was so very good that i may or may not have licked the crumbs off the little Willow pattern saucer i served it on.  And i'm not even sorry……I was so so happy!

6)  New pillowcases.  A real treat!  I bought them from Jigsaw a little while ago but promised myself i'd wash them before i even thought about using them {it's not just me that does this is it?!}.  Sunday night was 'New Pillowcase Night.'  It was all imagined and more:  You know if dreams were made of 100% cotton pale grey and mint striped pillow-cases and all…

7)  Cucumber and cottage cheese.  If I didn't think it would probably give me the worst hiccups/indigestion then i'd totally eat a whole entire cucumber and a whole tub of cottage cheese.  Sometimes if i'm being all fancy-pants then i make little cucumber 'sandwiches' by putting a few mint leaves in between two slices of cucumber and eat alongside a few spoonfuls of ice-cold cottage cheese.  Mmmmmm!!!

8)  Finding a giant Neom Organics Rose candle in Tk Maxx for next to nothing.  Okay well not quite next to nothing but a good zillion miles away from what it should probably cost.  I'm going to save it for a really rainy special day because actually, it's doing a pretty good job of making our little bedroom smell beautiful without it even being lit anyway.   

9)  Binge-watching/catching up on a million episodes of The Supervet.  We sort of got busy/forgot about the end of the last series and couldn't find a single thing to watch the other night.  We watched three episodes and i didn't cry once!  Huzzah!  I did decide that i want to work in a vets again though.  Which i do each time i watch even thirty seconds of an episode and then i remember that i spend a large proportion of each one covering my eyes, wincing and then trying not to cry.  

10)    Monday night pasta-shaped greatness:  Tomato Putanesca sauce riddled with olives, capers and a very generous shaking of dried oregano stirred through fresh pasta with nothing but a handful of baby kale and a good drizzle of olive oil to finish it off.  On a grey day, sometimes all you need is a huge bowl of bloody good pasta, no? 

Other things to LOVE so far this week…

*  Darling lovely Rosie from 'Cider With Rosie' Vlogs HERE.  I'm not much of a vlog-watcher {words over pictures mostly all of the time!} but as soon as i heard Rosie would be vlogging i just knew i'd love them.  What's most heart-warming is how honest and true to life these little weekly vlogs are.  It's so easy to make out like life is ever so hunky-dory in the world of the internet, the charm about Rosie's vlogs definitely comes from the normality and relate-ability in each one.  Watch watch watch!

*  THIS dreamboat of a skirt which may or may not already be hangin' up on my bedroom wall.  What can i say, it had me at 'Rose Print'  and 'Cord'.  I'm a little bit in love with it's 70's vibe and {don't hate me!} i can already imagine it with opaques, my chelsea boots, an oversized knit and my fur waistcoat.  I might give the whole bare-legs thing a whirl and tuck in a striped breton for now….We'll see.  

*  THIS cake.  Because what sounds more Summery and more lovely than mixing Strawberry and Cardamon?!  How delicious would this be with a sweet scoop of vanilla ice-cream?!?    

*  THIS wonderful young lady's return to blog-land.  Because if you love to read words that you can fall into and feel mesmerised, lost and comforted in the most lovely way then you can't not stop by.  Magically relatable and perceptive writing at it's most beautiful!  
*  *  *
Now it's your turn!  How has your week been shaping up?!  Tell me everything that has been making you happy so far this week or what you are looking forward to for the rest of it.  Remember to share a in a little comment below, tweet me on Twitter or share a sweet snap on Instagram by using the #wonderfulwednesday hashtag.

Have a super-duper rest of week!

Sunday, 21 June 2015

Long Way Up

It's worth mentioning here that neither of us are really outdoors-y types.  Of course we both {although i suspect me more than him} love beautiful walks in the green, lazy wanders along the coast or blustery adventures weaving in and out of the trees.  But for starters i don't own a pair of trainers.  Or a waterproof coat.  In fact it was only last winter that i bought my very first coat with a hood since….well too many years ago.  But that's a story for another day.  Whilst we both love an ADVENTURE, i think we would both agree that we hold the quality of nearby pubs, tearooms or cafes on an equal par with the actual place we are adventuring.  

For that reason we will never own walking boots, or those sticks that 'proper' walkers/adventurers seem to carry about with them.  Or a rucksack.  Or those trousers-come-shorts hybrid {whoever invented those?!}.  Except that i do own a thermos, albeit a William Morris printed one.  And i do really like walking up hills and the like.  But where we live - which is incidentally {and very luckily!} right on the very edge of The Lakes, there are an awful lot of outdoors-y types.  A few weekends ago we decided to throw caution to the wind and SCAMPER along Hadrian's Wall.  Despite living just a few miles away from it, we had both never visited before and since it turned out to be such a bright and beautiful day, we decided it was the perfect opportunity.  So we donned our normal clothes; i didn't take 'a proper coat' {but i did pack a fairly versatile cardigan} and chose relatively sensible shoes on the Mr's advice that he was sure there wouldn't be proper paths.  And off we went!
We climbed up and up and UP a hill so steep and i spent most of the way not really being able to see very well and having my messy bed hair blown every which way.  The higher we climbed the more blustery it got and the warm wind whipped and whistled around and about us.  We both were so determined to get to the very top that it wasn't until we got all of the way up there that we realised quite how beautiful it was.  

It really felt like you were as high as high can be, and that you could see for thousands of miles around.  It felt like a world AWAY from the city and reading all about each and every little section really was a little bit magical.  We were both left a little bit in awe. 
After exploring the wall ruins and what remained of the settlements and reading all about what each bit used to be; we decided to follow the wall along for a little bit - it was too pretty to leave!  We ADVENTURED through a sweet section of woodland which was so beautiful:  All lined with dry-stone wall along it's length and filled with wildflowers, bumble bees and little glimpses out onto the hills.
Once we'd walked as far as our little legs would carry us, we found a sheltered SPOT and sat on the grass, watching the sunshine and clouds make shadows across the green fields and talked about life.  It was my favourite bit.  We sat there for a good half an hour, putting the world to rights and i imagined how lovely it might be to have a sweet little cottage all the way up here.  It was just what i needed to clear my head and RECHARGE.  Being out in the green has that magical effect on me every time.  Then we rolled all of the way down the hill and back to the car.  We've vowed to go back again and walk in the other direction next time.  And to maybe pack a picnic.  Because that's the one thing that sweet little spot is missing:  A pretty little tearoom.  A little cup of something hot and sweet up there with that view would have been a little bit like heaven...

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Wonderful Wednesday #71

Is there a sight more BEAUTIFUL than a tangle of buttercups and cow parsley flowers against a bright blue sky?!  This photo was taken after a long and stressful day at work.  I took myself to the park on my two-wheels whilst the Mr conjured up dinner.  He's a good egg like that.  I cycled round and round with Florence and the Machine in my ears and then i picked wild flowers and scampered home.  And do you know it did me the world of good.  I slept so well that night.  If only each and every day could look like this?!  But do you know, if it did then maybe we wouldn't hold them all quite so precious!

Whilst we're all here together, i just want to take a little second before normal Wonderful Wednesday service resumes; to say THANK YOU.  Thank you for sticking by me over the past couple of months.  It's no secret that this blog might as well have been called just 'Wonderful Wednesday' for the lack of anything else that's been here.  Truth is, ironically, real life gets in the way sometimes.  Whilst i can cross my heart that i'll share a little more about why over the next few weeks; there has been a few life-shaped changes going on in my little world.  And if we are being really honest, i've been a little all over the place.  I'm grateful for this space and especially for this dear sweet regular post that i started way back when.  For giving me a routine as sure as breakfast at 7am and bed at 11am.  And for really becoming something which i could never imagine skipping.  I'm grateful for a little constant in my topsy-turvy world right now.  But more than anything, i'm grateful for you all and your dear sweet comments, tweets and kind emails and for always being supportive.  Right!  Enough of my emotional mumbo-jumbo!  Let's talk HAPPY!

1)  That Mr of mine.  Because he's had his ears talked and talked and talked at lately and whilst he's not nearly as much of chatter box as me, he has this extra special knack of saying just the right thing at the right time.  Which is just as well as i've always got enough words for the both of us…

2)  Peonies.  For being in season, for being even cheaper and for simply being THE most beautiful bloom always.  Nothing makes my heart sing than a jug of bright and blouse-y Peonies.  Although this weeks bunch are the softest, perfect pastel pink that you ever did see and they are just the most beautiful gentle little pom-poms.  Since their season is so very short, they're another part of my weekly routine that i'm happy to fully and legitimately indulge in for the time being.  

3)  Good friends.  Because ironically you never really and truly realise the power of a good friend until you're having a particularly less-than-good time.  Does that even make sense?!  Whilst my quandaries lately have just been little in the grand scheme of the whole wide world; listening, tea and advise has been wholly and gratefully received.

4)  Sliced cucumber, torn up mint leaves and, sometimes if we're feeling super duper indulgent,  a little squeeze of fresh lime swizzled and swirled around and about in iced water.  Summer in a glass!  For you know, when you are clearly only missing the alcoholic parts of a Mojito!  I jest!  Guzzling this little dreamboat is unbelievably thirst-quenching.  

5)  New shampoo and conditioner.  Not because i needed to change up my haircare whatsoever.  Not because I was particularly unhappy with my hair.  Not even because i had ran out.  Okay well i had almost ran out.  Truthfully, i picked up the new John Frieda 'Beach Blonde: Cool Dip' shampoo and conditioner because they looked pretty and they smelt like mint, sun-kissed skin and a little bit lime-y.  And whilst i was right, they do look super-duper pretty perched on the side of our bright white bath tub, they also make me feel like i'm washing my hair in Summer.  And that's never a bad thing.  Plus my hair has felt soft and tangle-less since.  Win win!  

6)  Gold temporary tattoos from Accessorize.  I know, they sound awful. But if we can all just forget the horrid temporary tattoos we used to get inside bubblegum when we were eight years old for just a moment.  These are delicate gold filigree decorations that are so very beautiful.  I currently have them on top of both feet and they look so very pretty when i've got my summer sandals on.  

7)  The sweet smell of summer rain.  Not the 'it's been pouring down for hours when will it stop i wish it would go away' sort of rain. The kind of rain that you don't really know is there.  Not until you ride through it on a bike.  The kind that feels much more of a mist than a shower and leaves your hair feeling three times it's actual size in seconds.  And the kind that just smells like damp flowers, dewy grass and sun-kissed skin.  It's the only kind of rain i can bear because it's a little bit beautiful.  

8)  A triple chocolate cookie.  Eaten after a long day of scampering about running errands and washed down with a mug of milky tea before bed.  Totally indulgent and so chocolate-y that i immediately felt like i wanted to brush my teeth afterwards.  Totally worth it though.

9)  Ice cold cucumber.  If it wasn't for the fact that too much cucumber gives me the hiccups i could polish a whole one off in one sitting i really could.  No dips or condiments required.  Nope nope!  Just a knife and a tea-plate.  Sometimes i make little cucumber sandwiches too:  Two slices of ice cold cucumber with a mint leaf in the middle for extra zing.  Some might say i had too much time on my hands….I say try it, you wont be disappointed!

10)  Tea in bed on a Monday-shaped day off.  I actually think working both Saturday and Sunday makes having a Monday off totally worth it.  It somehow feels even more luxurious than a whole weekend!  Curled up with a milky cup of Lady Grey in my favourite mug and the sunshine peeping through the skylight.  That's how i wish each and every morning could be.

11)  Cotton-wool clouds extraordinaire!  If you follow me on Instagram (I'm @sallytangle) then you shall have seen the beautiful cotton-wool clouds that i posted on Tuesday. I've never ever seen anything like them before.  They really did look like rows and rows of huge and whopping white cotton wool balls and as though they stretched for an eternity.  Standing underneath them was the loveliest feeling!

12)  Seeing the very first blooms of Elderflower on Monday mornings cycle adventure.  Each year i say that i'll make my own Elderflower cordial and i never seem to get around to it.  Maybe this shall be the year!
*  *  *  
Now it's over to you!  Reading your #wonderfulwednesday tweets, comments and kind words really does make my little week it really does.  What's making your mid-week manageable?  Have you ever made anything yummy with Elderflowers?  Had a particularly fantastic cookie you fancy telling us all about?!  Remember you can leave me a comment below, tweet me your #wonderfulwednesday happiness or better still, tag me in your Instagram photos, not forgetting to use the #wonderfulwednesday hashtag!

Have a beautiful rest of week lovely faces!

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Wonderful Wednesday #70

{A tangled wildflower capture from Monday's few laps of the park on an evening to good to stay indoors}
Sometimes, sometimes  i write these Wonderful Wednesday posts fizzing and whizzing full of love for anything and everything i see.  Sometimes i have to stop myself from just keeping on writing; from going and going and going because i feel like the words just spill out.  This week so far hasn't been one of those weeks.  In fact between you and I {and i can tell you lot things can't I?} if i could do anything to this week so far, then i would bite it.  I'd bite it really really hard.  And you know what?!  For not really any other reason other than i'm just {as my mother would put it} feeling 'that way out.'  But you know what?!  It's now more than ever that i am reminded why i started these dear little posts of positivity.  Whilst spreading and celebrating the good and great, and even the smallest of things is good whatever; maybe it's time's like now that i really benefit from seeing what's right in front of my furrowed, angry brow.  Because it's by no means bad out there, let's get a reality check shall we?!  And let's get started with some goodness and banish my silly storm cloud clean away!

1)  Flip flops.  Or more to the point consistent flip flop/sandal/summer shoe wearing apparel for….what must be at least four days in a row.  Huzzah!  I have been rejoicing in seeing little sunshine forecasts pop up day after day on the weather on my phone lately {yes i am The Loser who checks the weather the moment she opens her eyes!}.  What can i say, rain probability/percentage is crucial up North!  You can't beat the feeling of wriggling bare toes into flip flops and sandals come this time of year you really can't.

2)  Appreciating the good that exercise can do.  It's done me wonders this week i can tell you that.  If you want one single recipe to banish that dark thunder cloud above your head, it's to crank up your very favourite music in your ears and run/cycle/skip/jump your way to sweet, sweet heaven.  This week i have been particularly enjoying playing music as loud as i can bear it and simultaneously exhausting myself on an early evening faster paced bike ride.  Feeling the warm Summer breeze whisp through my hair and the beat thump in my ears has been {ironically!} clearing for my head and my mood!  

3)  Chocolate.  Always chocolate.  And come an unsteady mood, always the most yummy belgian chocolate with a mug of tea made just the way i like it; or a mug of the silkiest richest hot chocolate made with almond milk and raw cacao powder.  Sometimes it's all that will do it really is.  

Is this starting to sound like a very 'hormonal' post or is that just all in my head?!  Shall we resume?

4)  Strawberries.  Punnets and punnets of the damned things because they taste their very very beat come this time of year and so i don't need any persuasion to fire them in everything possible.  Lately it's been all about the simple:  Icy cold strawberries with a huge and whopping dollop of greek yoghurt on top.  Bliss!  

5)  Evenings that feel like they last forever.  Even if all you accomplish is the very best shower of your life, and reading The Simple Things magazine cover to cover without interruption.  

6)  Coconut water.  Or more to the point Innocent Coconut water.  I love the stuff in general and i'm no expert, but if i could pick then Innocent Coconut water would win hands down.  Why?  Well it's sweeter, richer and just tastes the best served iced cold first thing in the morning.  

7)  Infusing water.  Is that what it's called?!  Either which way, it's really rocking my little sail boat lately.  I can't quench my thirst come this time of year and so keeping a pitcher of fresh water filled with sliced cucumber, torn mint leaves and a few wedges of lemon or lime is DELICIOUS.  It fulfils that summery Mojito craving i seem to have during very un-Mojito-hours {read: 11am}.  

8)  Wet hair on an evening.  And letting it dry all by it's self.  Even if you do look like you've stuck your finger in a plug socket come the morning.  Falling asleep with your hair a little bit damp is a little bit lovely you know.

9)  Fresh basil.  Despite the fact that it's readily available all year round, we only ever seem to buy it come Summer.  I'd eat a packet of it if i could.  Is that border-line insane?!  We've been tearing it up through a simple salad of rocket, Heirloom tomatoes and olive oil or just sandwiching fresh strawberries in between two basil leaves for evening munchy-fixers.  Mmmm!

10)  Less make-up.  I'm not much of a make-up lover.  This actually translates as:  I just wear it so that i don't appear slightly tranluscent in pale and look vaguely human.  This is just one of the many problems of being born with whiter than white skin, and blonde eyebrows and eyelashes.  Woe is me.  However, this time of year means that my skin needs only a little slick of SPF and a dusting of loose powder and then a slick of mascara.  God bless a little vitamin D eh?!  

11)  Ice cold Almond milk and cereal breakfasts.  This is a transition that i don't always enjoy until i get there.  I'm attached to my porridge you know?  But we're over it {for now!} and sitting quite comfortably on the cold milk and cereal bus.  Current favourites are Dorset Cereals Spelt Muesli or Rude Health Honey-Nut Granola. Or sometimes a generous handful of both!  Always topped with a tablespoon each of sunflower, chia, pumpkin and linseeds for good measure.  And usually graced by the appearance of a sliced banana too!  I'm always sad when i get to the bottom of my bowl!  

12)  The smell of a really early Summer morning.  I wish so much that i could bottle it:  All sweet, fresh and balmy.  I'd love to smell that forever i really would.  
*  *  *

In other NEWS?!  Well i feel as if we are due a jolly good and proper catch here over on Sallytangle.  I've got lots to tell you all:  About our lovely adventure along Hadrian's Wall, about how my sweet little potted plants are not coming along so well due to some extremely curious cats who seems to think that freshly potted terracotta pots are for them {Grr!} or about how i am missing my fringe a little more than i'd care to admit.  Maybe i shall gather a little something together for you.  

The rest of my week is pretty a-ok.  I'm spending tommorrow evening having pizza and a jolly good catch-up with my sister and my day off on Thursday shall be spent having a mini-operation on my gum!  I'm hoping it all goes ok.  I'm sure it shall!

Right!  It's over to you guys!  Share your #wonderfulwednesday goodness below or by tweeting me.  I'd love to know what has been making you smile, what's been driving you insane and what you're looking forward to for the rest of the week.  I'm @sallytangle on both Twitter and Instagram.

Have a super-duper rest of week!

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Wonderful Wednesday #69

Happy mid-week dear and sweet ones!  How are you bearing up?  Has it felt like the   l-o-n-g-e-s-t   week in the whole wide world or can you hardly believe your peepers that it's Wednesday already?!  I'm in neither camp, but i'm somewhere, tiredly dangling in the middle!  I worked Saturday last week and then was lucky to be off both Sunday and Monday.  At the time it felt super-duper luxurious, but at the same time i neither know if i'm coming or going this week and i'm convinced i'll do something on the wrong day simply because i don't seem to be able to distinguish one from the other lately!  I'm having a spell of bad sleep too which i dare say isn't helping!  I'm somehow getting the hours right, i just can't seem to sleep at the right level?!  I'm not even sure how much sense that actually makes.  I'm sleeping much lighter lately and that's not like me at all.  It's resulted in many a night's 'sleep' going a bit like this:  Awake.  Asleep.  Awake.  Asleep.  Toilet.  Awake.  Asleep.  Drink water.  Awake…oh i'm sure you get the idea.  Do you ever get those times?!  

Let's not get ourselves distracted though - this little spot is not for discussing my sleep patterns (although some top tips on deep sleep are always greatly welcomed!) it's for all things WONDERFUL and WEDNESDAY shaped!  So let's hop to it shall we?

1)  Progress.  That's a happy-making feeling in whatever ever form you find it for sure.  For me so far this week it's all been about exercise development.  I used to think my tummy was flat purely because i cycle a lot and that was what must be keeping it in check.  Until i attempted some form of 'Ab Exercise.'  Safe to say i've discovered that my flat 'tum is purely down to luck - the hard way!  I've spoken a lot about how much i LOVE the Mary Helen Bowers exercise sessions on You Tube. They're based around ballet and are slow but you can really feel them working! I was first introduced to this lady from dear Rosie and i haven't looked back. I try and do her 'Swan Arms' and 'Leaner Thighs, Tum' etc at least three times a week on top of tootling about on my bike here and there.  I've noticed so much difference!  Her sessions are short and sweet manageable at 5-15 minutes and i like that you can focus on specific areas.  This week we've been focussing on lower stomach muscles and strengthening the core in just a 6 minute session.    Easy-peasy!  I thought.  I've never had so much pain in such a short space of time!  I couldn't even finish it first time around!  Now i can get to the end and i'm really enjoying feeling the difference!  Go me!!  Her exercises are short and strenuous but not impossible to pick up.  And for someone like me who hates most forms of exercises that aren't on two-wheels and in the park she must be doing something right to keep me interested!  

2)  Florence and the Machine's new album:  'How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful.'  Because it's all I imagined it would be and more!  The gal can do no wrong and because of my sheer love for Flo i simply hit download without even listening to a single track.  And she doesn't disappoint!  It's a million miles away from her very first album and you can tell she has really grown up and so too has her sound.  That said it's still very much peppered with her signature tones, harmonies and beautiful lyrics.  It's an album i just know i'll listen to backwards, forwards and sideways and one which i can imagine will translate beautifully live.  Hello new Summer soundtrack.  Well you know, when Summer decides to show itself….

3)  Rainbows.  Because well if you've got to find a silver-lining in all of this crazy weather that has been thrown at us over the past few days then this is surely It.  There's predictably some kind of magic that you can't help but deny that comes from spotting a rainbow.  It's a little bit Fairytale, one of those things that you just can't believe can occur naturally (much like a perfect cloud formation or a dreamy sunset) and something which feels so special because it doesn't occur all too often.  Well unless you count this week.  This week i've seen three and it's only Wednesday!  Three or not, each one has been different from the last and has had me racing for my camera regardless.  Now if someone could tell me where that pot of gold is hiding….

4)  True surprises.  Monday morning i tootled downstairs to pick up the post, only to discover a little note from the Postman from Saturday to say that i had missed a parcel.  I was mystified.  I hadn't ordered anything.  It wasn't my birthday. And i was pretty certain i hadn't done anything to warrant any kind of celebration or gift-giving.    I can't remember ever feeling quite so excited about opening anything since the days when you opened your birthday presents having not ever asked for anything because you were far too small to really grasp the whole gift-giving game.  I was that excited.  I opened the sweetest little brown box only to find the most beautifully wrapped and decorated biscuit with the most lovely personally addressed dear sweet note - only from the lovely faces at Loaf !!! It warmed my heart beyond belief!  And let me tell you it was just what i needed after a rubbish night's sleep!  I'm sure you've probably heard of Loaf by now?!  If not may i suggest you bob right over to their beautiful website quick-march and marvel at what is most certainly the most wonderfully designed furniture and home-ware that you might have ever, ever seen.  The beautiful biscuit was to celebrate Loaf's first #LoafShack which is opening up in Battersea, London this Autumn!  It's what they're describing as an open 'Slow-room' unlike any other kind of showroom.  They'll be fun and frolics-galore including an ice-cream parlour and 'The Snugville Mattress-Testing Arena.'  I wont waffle, but i sincerely LOVE Loaf.  They care you know?  Everything is made with us in mind and they just get each and every little detail spot on with everything they do.  The Mr and I are going to try our very hardest to make an excuse to be in London at the time just for an excuse to say hello and have a nosey. It all sounds too fab to pass up and i think it could be well-worth the train trip from Cumbria.

5)  Sweet potatoes.  'Cos they've sort of been my go-to 'i'm feeling lazy and it's just me for tea' type…errrm dinners?! The Mr has been scampering about practising for a gig in Edinburgh that was last night.  I never fancy putting too much effort into dinner when it's just me.  But luckily i've progressed somewhat from my uni days where dinner was more often than not porridge, or….cereal.  I've been baking sweet potatoes in the oven until the outside goes crisp and the inside is soft, squishy.  After a generous sprinkle of sea-salt, i pile them high with homemade lemon, herb and chickpea cous-cous, baby kale and a great big dollop of hummus.  Wham bam!  Yummiest solo-dinner in the world.  Okay well maybe just in my world. Sometimes if i'm feeling really indulgent i slice up some avocado and give an extra squirt of freshly squeezed lemon or lime juice for extra yum.  Mmmmm!

6)  Bike shops.  For knowing about bikes (no less!) and for not making me feel silly and unknowledgeable (which i am - let's face it!)  and for fixing dear sweet Willow's poorly gear cables and stretched chain.  Poor little two-wheeled friend!

7)  Being extra specially lucky enough to attend a Lush Cosmetics blogger Summer Skincare event.  It was a little scary at first but it was something i really enjoyed!!  I've always harped on about how much i adore their skincare and so it was nice to spend time learning about new products i hadn't tried and also sneaking some samples too!  Plus i love an excuse to meet up with our local bloggers - they're all such inspirational ladies that being around them is the greatest!

8)  Climbing back aboard the porridge express to yummy breakfast once more.  I had all but given up on porridge until next year in favour of granola, almond milk and chopped banana which is usually my warm weather breakfast.  But this weeks sideways, backwards, forwards and quite frankly upside down weather and crazy temperatures (Five degrees i'm looking at you!) has had me scurrying back to my cold weather breakfast.  If there's one good thing to come out of unseasonable temperatures, this could well be it!

9)  Sat curled up on Monday afternoon, after all of my jobs had been completed and Willow had been dropped off at the bike shop, with a blanket around my shoulders and a big mug as big as my head of Lady Grey tea and a chocolate brownie and the skylight window open.  It was freezing (see previous point) and my 'moment' lasted probably not much more than exactly that, but it was a little bit like heaven and for a few sweet moments i felt like i was camping.  Sort of.  And my tea and brownie tasted extra special because they were munched 'outside' so to speak.

10)  Belgian Dark chocolate-covered rice cakes.  Because miracle-of-miracles i don't really like rice cakes and i can take or leave dark chocolate to be honest BUT put them together and they're a bit of alright and a half!  Who knew?!  They taste somewhere between popcorn and chocolate biscuits and if we're being really honest with each other (which i like to think we all are here) then they're probably not much healthier than a Kit-kat.  But you know dark chocolate and rice?!  Sounds better for you doesn't it?  (NB i may or may not have actually slathered Nutella on ordinary rice-cakes in a terrible attempt to re-create said find when there were none left the other day.  The result wasn't great.  And it resulted in me playing a game of 'one for me, one for the rice cake' with the jar of Nutella for longer than i'd like to admit)   

11)  Treating myself to a new white t-shirt from H&M. Incase anything happens to the five squillion i already have squirrelled away.  White t shirts are a staple though.  And even if the imaginary 'capsule wardrobe' i'm curating stops only at white t shirts, well then it's not entirely a bad thing is it?!  It's 100% cotton (rare) and has the softest feel and pretty flute-y massive floaty sleeves so it's win-win in the white tee book as far as i'm concerned.
*  *  *
Roll up!  ROLL UP!  For it's your turn!  What's new?!  What has been floating your boat this week?  Have you been basking in warmer temperatures?  Which, if you have can you please leave details of your exact whereabouts because let's face it, we could all do with some sunshine and a little holiday!  What are you looking forward to for the rest of the week?! Please do leave a sweet comment below, pop me a tweet over on Twitter or Instagram with the hash-tag #wonderfulwednesday  I'm @sallytangle on both.
Happy mid-weeking!


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