Monday, 13 July 2015

All white

I never thought in a million years that i'd be offering you this kind of advice.  In fact i'd have even put good money on it.  But if you do one thing, buy one thing or make one promise to yourself clothes-wise this summer; let it be that you'll wear white.  If not ALL WHITE, as much as you can anyway.  Because can i let you into a little secret…?  It's sort of revolutionised my summer wardrobe.
*  *  *
Let's kick this off by saying that i'm the most least likely person you'd ever usually see in white.  I'm print crazy, colour-worshipping and fearful of not many things when it comes to what i wear.  At best my 'look' is usually described as busy.  I'm often told i look lovely, but these kinds of sentiments are often shortly followed with 'of course it looks lovely on you…'  So imagine my surprise when i fell head over heels for the polar opposite of my usual attire. The calm to my usual frenzy and the simple to my often over the top, collections.

It started with a white T-shirt.  A white 100% organic cotton tee with gracefully fluted and floaty sleeves that I purchased a couple of months ago from H&M {not pictured}.  I have since moved in to said T-shirt.  It's been worn with pastel-ey printed slouchy trousers, with my favourite vintage-wash Gap 1970's flared jeans and even as a pyjama top.  I even wore it alongside some printed shorts to practise a little gentle stretching one morning last week. And do you know why?

Because when i'm wearing it i barely notice it's there.   I feel calm, cool, comfortable and a different version of myself.  But in a good way.  I'm not one to buy lots.  What i do buy is carefully considered and justified.  And often worn until it falls apart and can be turned into something new.  And truth be told, summer is the least likely season i'll buy lots of new odds and ends simply because it's the least reliable season of them all on our shores.  Instead i tend to re-use what i already have.  My love for all things white this season has meant i've indulged a little bit.  Because you can never have too much of a good thing can you…?!  

Both pieces pictured above:  A cotton cut out-come-broderie anglaise-smock blouse and a cotton cheesecloth lace detailed short-sleeved 'actually a nightie but perfectly viable as a light summer dress' kind of a dress are from Topshop and still in stock i think. I've been rotating all three pieces lovingly for the last few weeks and do you know the best thing?!  Wearing them is a feeling I can only compare to the feeling of getting under a freshly washed, pressed and line-dried cotton duvet on hair-wash night.  And if that's not a reason to buy white then what is?!

  1.  Detail is key.  Think less 'plain white tee' {as wonderful a basic staple as this is} and more, just that bit further:  Lace details, fluted and flared sleeves; a scallop or two or a cut out here and there.  The prettier and more feminine the better!

2.  Go natural.  There's only really one fabric to opt for and that's cotton.  Anything else and you're missing the cool cotton-cocoon against sun-parched {if you're lucky!} skin.

3.  Mix into a simpler palette.  This is not something i'm familiar with!  But i find that my new white treats work so much better with a palette of softer neutrals:  biscuits, pebble-greys and washed and faded pale pinks.  Or alongside my favourite vintage-blue relaxed jeans.  Not only that but it also adds to the 'feel' you get from wearing  {mostly} all white too.

4.  If you're brave enough to go ALL WHITE {like my pretty cheesecloth creation} make it UK-able and not just holiday attire.  For me that means a tan satchel, flats and a chunky knit longline cardigan for those days when the skies are more 'grey-UK' than all cotton-candy and blue-skied. My cover-up of choice is a dusky rose-pink well-loved woollen one. For me the key to my little white love affair is comfort.
*  *  
Have you ever fallen for a colour?  Are you having as much of moment with white as me?  Am i just late to the party?!?!?

I'd love to KNOW!


  1. I hear you sister! I feel like I'm wearing a softer palette of more neutral shades with denim at the moment and it's surprisingly relaxed. I found a white lacy/cotton top in the H&M sale which has kicked off my white thing too. Loving your bits!! X

  2. I love love love white and any outfit built of white and neutrals/muted colours makes me feel like I've got life sort of figured out. Alas, spaniels and white don't go together so my all time favourite of crisp white shirt and blue jeans is no more, not if I want to look like a functioning adult as opposed to a mud pie making toddler any way!
    I'll bet you're looking delightful though!!
    M x

  3. I absolutely love white! My wardrobe is very monochrome, with the occasional blue piece, and white is my favourite in the summer. I'm a bit clumsy though, so I always have to watch out for stains... but it's all worth it!

    xx Mimmi, Muted Mornings



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