Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Wonderful Wednesday #75

I cant believe it's Wednesday again already. Weeks off from work or from your usual routine have this terrible habit of speeding up the second that you get used to this moving slower malarky i'm sure.  Being back at work on Monday this week has meant getting back into earlier starts, to moving faster and to feeling as if my weeks are disappearing right in front of my eyes.  Can you believe that we're halfway through the month of July already?!?!  I feel i better kick of this little #wonderfulwednesday before i blink and it's Friday again already!  Off we go….

1.  Seeing the very first flowers in my little outdoor ceramic plant pots bloom.  There is something ever so cathartic about growing something:  Sowing a teeny tiny seed or bulb and weeks later pulling back the curtain to see a tiny green shoot.  Then to see it rocket up - propelled by endless summer rain interchanged with balmy sunny days.  And then all of a sudden a FLOWER! Then TWO!  Then flowers trailing, climbing and standing proud as punch and knowing that you did that.  It's a lovely feeling.  

2.  Miserable days that seem certain that rain is the only thing on the cards.  The sky is heavy as can be, sodden, dank and dismal.  Rain pours for what feels like forever and then somewhere on the horizon a cotton wool-white cloud pops it's head out pulling a bright blue sky along behind it.  Suddenly that's all you can see for miles:  All of the blue set against a back drop of all of the white and faith and happiness are restored. And then suddenly the day that you cursed and cursed earlier, wishing for it to be tomorrow already please!  Suddenly you hang onto every moment and wish it could last forever.  There's been a Monday and a Tuesday shaped just like that this week you know.

3.  Being woken in the night, both of you.  By something - maybe rain, a cat or each other.  Who knows.  Being angry and tossing and turning and pulling and pushing the covers on and off and on and….WAIT.  Actually it's rather nice to both be awake, snuggling and trying to get back to sleep with the faint light of an early dawn and the sound of drizzle against a slightly open attic window.  Maybe it's not that bad after-all.

4.  Drinking cold drinks through straws.  Because even-though they are readily available all year long, nothing says summer like drinking a cold drink - any cold drink - through a straw.  Stripes, spots or stars optional.  Slurping allowed.  Always.

5.  Candyfloss-pink clouds.  Because heaven knows clouds themselves are a magical thing and one that i could sit and stare at - and often do - for far, far longer than is probably normal. But pink clouds? Well they're something else aren't they?! Magical, ethereal and usually the sign of the end of a really lovely day and full of hope that the next one might be just as good, if not better.  And unicorns, because i always think of unicorns when i see a pink cloud.  And aren't unicorns the epitome of magic?  I rest my case.  

6.  Good hair days.  Because with this weather hells bells what are they again?!?!  Cue sun, rain, wind and hair more than six times it's actual size. And not in a good way.  On Monday night i washed and dried my hair, slept terribly and woke up with it looking perfectly flicked under {the right way} on both sides with little need to anything other to it than tickle it with a hairbrush.  Between you and i, i sort of did even that  s-l-o-w-l-y  as i was convinced that any  sudden movement might make it SPRING to it's usual messy morning mop.  But nope!  Who knows why?! Who cares even?!!?

7.  Shampoo that makes said perfect hair smell of mint and lemon and holidays even when there are no holidays so to speak.  Who says you need to go outside to celebrate summer?!?!?

8.  Strawberries as big as your head with dollops and dollops of greek yoghurt so thick and creamy and delightful that you could almost stand your spoon up in it!  It's definitely been my later evening snack before bed this summer.  So delicious!  Strawberries taste like heaven at this time of year.  How many is too many?!  I could eat a punnet a day.  I don't but i could…..

9.  Cool showers.  These are rare for me.  So you know that i'm fully embracing that thing we call summer when i turn down the temperature in the shower.  There's ironically something ever so indulgent having a much cooler shower than usual.  Factor in that delightful minty lemon shampoo i've been raving about and you can just about imagine the party. 

10.  Nectarines.  When i'm not eating strawberries i shall mostly always be found eating a nectarine.  Juicy - in a 'dribble down your chin' kind of a way except it's okay because it's summer.  I ate two in a row a little too late the other evening and could only taste nectarines when i hiccuped for a long time after.  You'd think it might have put me off.  It hasn't.

11.  Having a desk right below a skylight.  This makes any kind of work or play computer-related an absolute DREAM come this time of year.  Production levels do drop a little largely due to the fact that i spend far too long staring a rooftops and clouds, and seagulls and sunshine and….i think you get the picture.  It makes a brighter change to staring at Pinterest though…

12.  Pink.  Not bright bubble-gum horrid pink.  Sort of, a dusky, dusty, antique rose sort of a pink.  It's fast turning into one of my very favourite shades lately.  It sort of makes me want to curl up and fall asleep.  Not surprisingly i'm currently on the look out for a duvet cover in just the right shade.  You know, because we're short on those kinds of things around these parts…..
*  *  *  
How do i find you??!  Have you had a week much the same as mine:  flying at break-neck speed and with weather so topsy-turvy you often don't know if you're coming or going?!  What have been the little sparkly gems that have been making you smile so far this week?!  And what are you looking forward to the for the rest of it? I'd love to know.  Remember to leave a sweet comment below or drop me a tweet or tag me in your #wonderfulwednesday moments on Instagram.  I'm @sallytangle on both.

May the rest of your week be sunny and SUPER-DUPER!

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