Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Wonderful Wednesday #76

Well HULLO and how do you do?!  Has your week been as grey and grizzly as it has up in the land of the North?!  If you've had glorious bouts of sunshine then may we please borrow a day or two? It's good to share you know.  This Wednesday has been reached with a huge and almighty sort of sigh.  It's a week that i can only really describe as emotional.  You know the sort where everything just seems to tug at your heart strings and pull it all out of you..?  The kind where every single last thing seems emotionally draining?  I think it's hormones.  Well i can blame it on that can't i?!  Shall we get on dear ones?!  'Cos i feel like I could do with a jolly good list of the special and important things to shake me up a little….

1.  Music.  Because well i've always felt emotionally attached to music and when i'm feeling like i'm quite happy curled up with only my thoughts, some lit candles and my favourite, favourite music; sometimes it's all i need to fix and soothe my little soul.  On this weeks thoughtful playlist:  David Gray, Bloc Party and Faithless.  A nice balanced mix right there!

2.  Pizza.  Because it really is the only thing that will do sometimes.  I don't mind telling you that i spent most of Tuesday looking forward to my dinner knowing fine well that it would be a few slices of pizza, piled oh so high with wild rocket and scattered with windowsill tomatoes.  Food heaven….

3.  Sunsets.  Or more importantly the very kind that creep up behind you and that grey, drizzly Tuesday and burst out of nowhere, drenching the rooftops and chimney pots with a crazy kind of beautiful glow that just takes you completely off guard and brings you right back down to earth with the gentlest bump.  Magic right in front of your eyes.

4.  Nectarines.  Gobbled up greedily from the windowsill after being left to ripen in what erratic sunshine-ful moments we have had.  But even better, sliced thinly and piled high on top of coconut porridge with a generous glug of maple syrup.  A combination that was born totally out of the blue and might just go down in history as one of my very favourites.  Which actually translates as:  Shall be eaten each day until everywhere sells out of nectarines. 

5.  This sweet post right here and the way it just makes me stop and think.  We don't do that often enough you know, none of us.  And you know what?  Even if you think that you do, there is more than enough room for more positive thoughts, positive energy and an appreciation of the small and simple things that bring us joy. 

6.  Friends made through this sweet little corner of the internet and how easy talking about everything seems with people you hardly know and yet feel like you've known forever.  It's a special thing sometimes the world wide web.

7.  Ludicrous shoes.  Photos probably to follow because they're likely to be the most instagrammable pair of shoes that anyone will ever own anywhere.  Unless say, you are part of a travelling circus.  On Sunday night i ordered a crazy pair of shoes.  Because i saw them months back and they were crazy expensive and impractical.  Then they went in the sale. then they got reduced further.  Sure they were still as crazy and expensive but then they had an extra 20% knocked off so they were pretty much free.  Pretty much.  I don't care.  No real justification is needed when you spy a perfectly rose-pink pair of flat shoes with a delightfully fuschia-pink pom-pom on.  The Mr tells me that he'll walk on the other side of the street if i wear them.  I know he's only joking.  I have told him i don't care because i'll be too busy skipping, frolicking and being fabulous in my crazy clown shoes.  

8.  Hugs.  Because sometimes {even for me!} words fail me and sometimes you just need a bloody good hug.  He's got a particularly lovely shoulder that Mr of mine.

9.  New and exciting times ahead.  And whilst this sweet list isn't numbered by importance whatsoever, this is still something i feel should have really come far higher up the list.  I'VE GOT A NEW JOB! The whole tale is worthy of it's own post/essay and for now i'm still a little bit pinching myself that i'll be spending my days doing what i will be because it all still seems to good to be true.  It's been a massive decision for me - heavens i have been where i am almost nine whole years!!  But my heart is ready for pastures new and for a new page, a fresh start and to use my head creatively once more.

10.  Lady Grey in a china cup.  I treated myself to a new one.  I need mugs and cups like a whole in the head!  But when you see and V&A print William Morris blue and white china mug…well it as good as had my name on it from the get-go.  I'm enjoying how different my tea tastes {mum you were right!} and the clinkety-clink of my teaspoon against it in the morning.  

11.  My favorite rose perfume. It's my one and only summer true-love kind of scent.  I smell summer whenever i spray it across me….and it's making me feel summery even if the skies aren't playing ball….

12.  Laundry.  More to the point, drying laundry inside so that the whole of little attic smells of fabric softener and clean and loveliness!  There are some perks to not being able to fling that duvet cover and towels out on the washing line…..some!
*  *  *  
How are you all?!  Send some of your positive and lovely #wonderfulwednesday moments my way!  My little emotional self needs 'em this week.  Remember you can drop a sweet comment in the box below or tweet me or tag me on Instagram using the #wonderfulwednesday hashtag.  I'm @sallytangle on both!  

Have a MAGICAL rest of week lovely faces!


  1. Aaaaaargh! New job! That's SO exciting! Wow super happy and excited for you, yeah! Plus SO nosy, can't wait to hear more.... let's have Cumbria Blogger drinks soon! x

  2. I know I just said congratulations on twitter, but... congratulations again! So happy for you. Looking forward to hearing more about it! I had the yummiest pizza today and oh yes, pizza is definitely a reason for happiness. Summer sunsets are truly magical, and I love how sweet nectarines are at the moment! Lovely post, as always!

    xx Mimmi, Muted Mornings

  3. Very exciting about your new job! Congrats! Looking forward to hearing more about it :) x

    P.S where is your white top from? It's stunning!



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