Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Wonderful Wednesday #73

Good morning, good afternoon and maybe even good EVENING dear and sweet faces! How nice it feels to be starting a list of happy on the first of the month for a change?!    How has your week been?! I do hope i am not finding you melted and frazzled to a crisp wherever you might be in the UK or beyond.  I am tip-tapping this little post with our attic window above my head open as WIDE as can be; with hair at least four times its usual size and a very real fear that a seagull or pigeon could fly through at any given moment!  This week has felt much calmer so far and predictably i have been feeling so much better and 'me-like' once more.  Shall we get on it?!? Behold this weeks list of HAPPY, positive things that have made this week more than lovely…..

1.  The red button.  Or Glastonbury on the red button and how easy it is to flip and flit in and between all of my favourite bands for most of last weekend and into this week.  Whenever i watch Glastonbury i always regret not getting tickets.  This year i was so very taken with Florence and the Machine's set that i went and booked tickets to see her in September.  I am SO excited that i could cartwheel!!!!!  Except that i daren't do that for fear that i'd injure myself and not actually be able to go!  

2.  Pink grapefruit.  Ripened on the windowsill in the afternoon sunshine and then chopped up and put in the fridge overnight.  Usually enjoyed with a slice of rye bread spread thickly with almond butter and dotted with sliced banana.  I really think i could live off my breakfasts you know…

3.  'Bounce - Cacoa and Mint Energy Balls.'  I'm yet to find a flavour of these little balls of fruit, nuts, seeds and whey protein that i don't like, but i've only recently tried the chocolate-y one and can confirm it might be my very favourite.  It's sort of become my day off routine to sit and munch one with a large iced almond-milk latte after a couple of hours out on my bike.  Mmmm!

4.  Going to bed with my hair damp.  The only time of year when it's absolutely legitimately allowed.  I always remember when i was little we were never allowed to do this incase we caught a cold {motherly myths!} but now the loveliest way of keeping cool when it's so warm and balmy outside of a night is to plait my damp hair and fall asleep.  It keeps my head so lovely and cool and means i can stay in bed a little later of a morning too.  It's win-win in my book!

5.  Florence and the Machine's new album 'How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful.'  Because well you know, number ^^one^^.  That and the fact that it could be my favourite of hers yet.  Have you given it a listen?  My favourites are 'Hide' and 'Make Up Your Mind.'  It's the only music in my ears lately:  Walking to work, wandering home from work, lapping our sweet park on days off and even just for pottering at home.  I'm not obsessed at all.  

6.  Summer nights.  Because well let's be honest there hasn't been a great deal of them up north until this week and it's safe to say i have been stretching them as far as they will go.  Is there anything nicer than a balmy summer sunny evening that feels like it will just last forever?!?  For having a sweet view over the rooftops after my late night shower and padding about our little wooden-floored attic in cool cotton pyjamas with damp hair. Nibbling on sweet nectarines and donut peaches and sipping camomile tea with honey into the night.  Pretty high up on the 'bliss list' if you ask me.  

7.  Swallows.  Because watching them swish and swoosh so close to the grass and doing their dear sweet air-acrobatics across a bright blue sky is sort of quite relaxing you know? 

8.  Writing in a new new notebook.  Or more to the point, an organiser.  With a new pen no less.  This week i have been really indulging!!!

9.  Watering our little terracotta pots of an evening and smelling the sweet smell of summer gardens close by:  Honeysuckle, mint and damp grass.  It reminds me of being little and running around the garden in my nighty before bed for as long as i could and getting shouted at for having dirty feet….

10.  That Mr of mine {sorry!}.  For forever being a sea of calm in my {too often} frantic, stress-y and worrisome self and for always standing right by me in whatever i do.  I knew he was special from day one.

11.  Plaits.  For humid day fixers.  For keeping cool at night conundrums and generally for allowing me to sleep in them and for them to actually still look presentable the next morning. Note to self:  Must plait hair forever from now on.

12.  The warmth and kindness that comes from this kind and caring blogging community that i am so very proud to be a part of.  And the warmest and sincerest thank you to each and every one of you who listen, and offer help and guidance always.  You know who you are.

13.  Clouds.  For always mesmerising me constantly {have you ever looked at my Instagram feed?!} and for being an endless source of inspiration and calm even if what going on below is hectic and fast and non-stop.  There is nothing more beautiful than a perfectly fluffy cloud formation against a peachy pink sunset sky….FACT!
*  *  *

GOSH This weeks list has just whizzed right out and onto the page without much soul-searching or deep thought at all!  Sometimes that's just the way it is.  Either way i hope that these lists inspire you to look at your own day-to-day and remember the little things that bring you happiness and joy.  If you like you can share them below in a sweet comment.  Or you can give me a little tweet or tag me in your #wonderfulwednesday snaps on Instagram.  I'm @sallytangle.  

Have the most MAGICAL rest of week!


  1. Oh what a lovely post! I've yet to listen to Florence's new album (shame on me!), but I do love her earlier stuff. Breakfast is no doubt the best meal of the day! I've never tried the Bounce balls, but they do look really yummy. I'm head over heels Nakd bars though. Ahh, writing in a new notebook is always wonderful! Hope the following week will be just as lovely for you :)

    xx Mimmi, Muted Mornings

  2. Another lovely list of happiness :) I'm also loving the smell of honeysuckle and mint at the moment! And what is it about writing in a new notebook? Such a small thing but it creates so much happiness!

  3. What a happy post! I almost started to like summer, hahaha... Well, maybe I will if I follow your steps into some of those happy moments. Yes, it's a heatwave down there in Poland, but we observe swallows every evening flying really low, as a promise of rain...

    I like your blog very much:)




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