Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Wonderful Wednesday #74

Hello-a to one and all and how do you doodle-do?!  See that up ^there?^  That's as perfect as a summer day gets:  Messy windswept hair adorned with my favourite flower crown, sunshine so bright it makes you squint and everything it touches seem so much brighter and better than it already is or was.  Including me!  Sure it's out of focus and the sort of photo where you might have to really look at it to actually really notice what it is; but to me it's my summer heaven.  It was taken on last Friday's day off on lap number 'far too many to count' because it was just that sunny, warm and delicious.  I am writing to you now and it's blowing a gale outside, the sky has forgotten how to be blue {or so it would seem!} and i'm actually considering finding a cardigan!  Oh summer where for art thou?!  You can say one thing about summer so far, it has most certainly been about balance that's for sure!  Shall we get on with our usual Wednesday-shaped business…?

1.  Seeing the great big patch of wild lavender in my local park burst into bloom in what felt like almost overnight!  It smelt divine on Tuesday's momentarily sunny bike ride and was awash with so, so many buzzy-bees!  

2.  Attending my younger brother's graduation up in Glasgow on Monday and feeling so very emotional all of a sudden.  I'm lucky to have both my brother and my sister and even-though at various stages in our lives we'd all admit to disliking each other {i blame all of the hormones} now we are as close as can be and no time spent with either of them ever seems long enough.  He graduated with a 2:1 Bsc in Computer Science and also won a special prize for his final year project.  He's got his own little flat in the sweetest area of Glasgow and he started his first job yesterday too.  I'm not sure proud even does how i feel justice. 

3.  Seeing the very first little stalks of my sweet-peas curling up and around my little cane tent.  I can't wait until they flower.  They were planted a little later than they should have been but all this erratic {read:  wet} weather has meant they've really come on over the past few days.  The sweet scent of picked sweet peas reminds me of summer days when i was little.  I was always in charge/allowed {being the eldest and all!} to pick a little bunch of sweet-peas to sit in the centre of our table.  Mum would always put them in the same sweet little crystal vase each year.  

4.  Sweet potatoes.  Simply roasted, wedge-ways, with nothing but cinnamon, rosemary and olive oil.  And dunked generously in hummus.    I'd live off that combination day after day and never get bored if i could get away with it!

5.  Having time between trains on Monday and being able to sit with my sister and chat about everything from life goals, how many avocados a week are too much and relationship things.  

6.  Baby garden peas tossed with finely chopped mint, olive oil  and a couple of crushed garlic leaves.  Yum!  Sort of pea…pesto…?  Well minus the nuts i guess.  But i should think that chopped walnuts and lambs lettuce might make for a yummy side-salad.  It might also be rather yummy using broad beans and new potatoes too.  Now i'm making myself hungry!!!

7.  Return of the fringe.  Ok so that was last Friday but my love is still going strong.  I only lasted three weeks but just I don't think i'm a no-fringe kind of gal.  Maybe it's my lack of any kind of eyebrow and blonde eyelashes without mascara; if my fringe is missing i really do resemble a boiled egg!!  I think we are made for each other!

8.  Sitting and reading a magazine cover to cover on Monday night.  Something i never do now.  Time just escapes me sometimes.  That or my attention-span only lasts for half way through.  After a long train journey and pretty full-on day in Glasgow on Monday, it was a welcome treat to curl up on the sofa with the Mr and read the new Simple Things magazine cover to cover, word for word.  

9.  Sneaking cereal for supper.  When i was little i quite often used to have a little bowl of cereal for supper.  Now i'll admit i'm not so fond of Rice Crispies in a Beatrix Potter bowl anymore, but i got a little peckish late on Monday evening and snuck a sweet little bowl of granola and almond milk and it was delicious.  Isn't cereal with iced cold milk the yummiest?!

10.  New candles.  Because is there any nicer feeling than a new candle, sat on your bedside table waiting to be lit?!  The current ones in our bedroom are almost at their end {an Emma Bridgewater Lilac candle and a Lily Flame Lavender and Lime} and so when i spotted a Neom Organics Neroli Rose in our local Tk Maxx i couldn't resist!!  Then i spotted a Rose and Bay pale pink candle jar on a meander through M&S too….

11.  Train time.  Travelling by train is something i used to do quite often.  I travelled to and from home for uni quite often.  And in my job i've often attended meetings, done store openings or covered in branches and, since i don't drive, always taken the train.  But since the Mr drives now and i haven't had any work-shaped escapades for some time, Monday's train time was a bit of a treat.  I was pleased the train was quiet, and it was a bright and blue-skied day.  Because i could curl up, with Florence in my ears and watch it all just whizz by me.  I so often used to take train trips for granted!

12.  Watching the rain.  Which is always great from inside usually!  Except on Tuesday mornings' bike ride.  I was riding under the trees completely unaware of the fact that it was pouring down and only realised when i cycled into a clearing.  It was the slightest, finest sweet summer rain and so i back-tracked a few hundred yards and watched it:  Safe under the sweet little leaf canopy!  I didn't get wet at all and as quick as the rain began, it was done and dusted and followed by a bright blue sky and sunshine!  It was a little bit lovely.  

13.  Waking up alarm-less.  Well my alarm-less!! I can't believe it's taken me until now to tell you that i'm actually off work this week!!!!  Huzzah!!!  But let us take a moment to appreciate the absolute joy of hearing someone else's alarm going off, safe in the knowledge that you can star-shape, stretch and sneak a cup of tea back under the duvet.  
*  *  *  
So tell me, how has your week been shaping up?! This week seems to have got to Wednesday at lightening-speed and just before i started this post i worried that maybe i couldn't think of any good bits; that it had all just gone far too fast and i hadn't noticed any!!!  Silly me!  I am so glad i started this little post as a way to stop, sit and reflect.  If you fancy sharing too you could share your best bits below by leaving a sweet comment.  Or you can tweet me or tag me on Instagram in your #wonderfulwednesday shenanighans.  I'm @sallytangle on both!
Have the most lovely rest of week sweet ones!


  1. Watching the rain, new candles, chats about life, magazine reading (I adore The Simple Things magazine) and lavender (I'm a little bit obsessed with these little flowers at the moment) - so much loveliness in one post! I love reading your Wonderful Wednesday posts - a little bit of happiness always seems to rub off on me :)

  2. Oooh where is the wild lavender? If it's in Bitts Park I am very unobservant as we've been walking there most nights! A lovely post as usual Sally!



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