Sunday, 30 August 2015

Little voice

I've *almost* sat down to write this little post a MILLION times.  It feels ever so funny writing to you when it's not a #wonderfulwednesday.  Whilst i'm pleased that in the CHAOS of the past few months i've at least managed to stay in touch via one post a week, it feels both scary and exhilarating to just be talking….well normal-ness. I feel a wordy post coming on….hold TIGHT!
*  *  
Truth be told i've always thought myself a multi-tasker extraordinaire. I almost thrive off being able to juggle several things at once and the adrenaline it provides.  I didn't realise that when it came to my personal//professional life that i'd find it quite so hard!  So that's been a little learning curve.  

Next Tuesday i start my new JOB as Sales and Digital Marketing Assistant for a small independent ladies clothes and accessories retailer.  I'll introduce you properly {where you'll be able to find me//us//them, links and all} once i've settled in and it feels like 'home.'  The decision to change jobs will without a doubt go down as one of the HARDEST things i've ever done.  I'm not ashamed to say that over the past few months i simply fell out of love with my job.  Without going into all of the 'ins and 'outs of it all; it just wasn't setting my heart ALIGHT the way it used to.  I put it off, to the back of my mind and into a box that {if it were labelled} would probably say 'it's just a phase' and kept at it, convinced i'd 'come round' as my Mum would probably say.  

Except that i didn't.  I'm not sure if the change of heart came from me and a change in MYSELF, or from the job itself, but what made my decision so, so hard was the thought of leaving the familiar faces, inspirational bunch and general FANTASTIC group of girls i'd had the pleasure of working with for the eight years i worked there.  It truly feels as if the whole process of realising such a thing, and then having to sit down and question what i did want from my job and what i was missing and then the tentative steps towards even being able to DESCRIBE that to somebody else; taught me so much about myself.  It taught me that i'm strong, capable of my own decisions and follow through.  I also gained faith that i know my own heart and my own mind and what i want to spend my days doing {something that i'm proud of, around people that inspire me and for a good cause!!} and what i want to devote a large proportion of my life to doing.  It's too soon to say if i've made the right choice yet and {as i have from the very beginning of it all} i'm basing the whole of *this* on simply what feels true to my little heart.
*exhales dramatically for effect*

And so. Without further ado here's to the next CHAPTER and to being back here!  I'm raising my mug of Lady Grey as i type.  Thank you from not just the bottom, but from all of my heart for sticking by me: for the endless 'you've got this' -type tweets, emails, IG comments and general community encouragement.  You've made me fill up more times than i'll admit.  

In the spirit of being BACK and of oiling my creative bones {?!} here's a few beautiful snippets of the last little while. Or as i like to call them:  'Keep Sally Sane' moments….
My bike and a blue sky.  I know right?  That old chestnut - when is she going to stop harping on about that bloody bike?!  Probably never.  I've cycled more miles than i know what to do with over the past six to eight weeks.  Whilst my bottom is thanking me for it and i seem to have developed a definite 'cyclist's thigh' to boot; my head would have EXPLODED without the joy of some fresh air.  It's where i can really think, switch off if needs be and generally come back to life.  Don't let these photos fool you that it's been tropical up here because it really hasn't!  Between you and i i've kept my sanity on the greyest and wettest of days by simply WALKING my usual cycle route, slower {far steadier!} and with a hot takeout coffee and a little Florence and the Machine for company.  But as my Mum always said when i was little and feeling anxious, fed up, or generally driving her up the wall:  'Sometimes you just need some fresh air.'  And you DO, oh good god you do.  And the blue-skied, blustery end-of-summer-come-autumn style sunshine is a beautiful bonus.
Filling my boots//summer sandals with as much GREEN as i can while it lasts.  That's definitely been the positive of having a slightly soggy summer up here:  the lush green grasses and wildflowers.  This year is the first year i've made a conscious effort to GATHER wildflowers, grasses and greens and pop them into jam jars in and around our sweet attic.  And on the dreariest of days, it's a sure-fire way to make you feel BETTER and bring a little of the outside in.  I'm all to aware {and typically over-excited for it} that we are on the last legs of summer now and that autumn is dwindling in the wings.  There's a definite 'nip' in the air first and last thing and when i scampered to the toilet just as the sun was rising yesterday, everywhere was COVERED in a blanket of dew and a little mist.  If i hadn't had only one eye open and felt vaguely co-ordinated i'd have grabbed my camera.  But sleep felt more important!
  SAVOURING that extra special hour of GOLDEN-ness.  Summer evenings are my very favourite. Early summer evenings feel like they could last an entire eternity:  As if time spent after work has finished could quite easily be a whole new day altogether!  But it's late summer-time evenings that really have my heart.  There's a little more urgency about them:  A want to get out and hold onto that light as long as possible, savour its' every last drop.  And that's because it's something special:  A perfect late summer evening light is more golden, richer and hints at the colours to come in the season that follows it.  It's my favourite part of the day. And if i'm not CATCHING it's amber-rays on an after dinner trip to the park, i'm sticking my little head up and out of our sweet skylight in great anticipation of a beautiful sunset.  And i'm not usually disappointed either.
*  *  *  
What have you been APPRECIATING lately?  Are you as excited about the transition from late summer into autumn as me?  Have you ever had a BIG career change?  I'd love any advice or guidance if you've gone through something very similar!  Remember if you'd like to follow along with me and are rather partial to a sunset, a snazzy shoe//wildflower combo or a pretty landscape, you can find me on Instagram HERE.

Have a WONDERFUL Bank Holiday all!


  1. I wish you all the luck as you start your new job Sally! I had a similar experience where I wasn't satisfied with my job and knew I had to leave, but it certainly wasn't easy. I'm glad you found a new opportunity and I hope it works out for you. :D

  2. good luck in the new job lassie! sounds like it's going to be an amazing next step :) x

  3. What a lovely post and isn't this a new blog design? Glad you have made a positive change. Good luck with everything. Plus - those scarves are pretty, Liberty no? Abi

  4. Good luck in your new job; they are lucky to have someone so motivated and dedicated!
    I am in the process of making a career change, with my new business, and it feels amazing to be doing something that makes me so happy! It's so easy to get used to doing a job that doesn't excite you anymore but so important to recognise and do something about it if you can.
    Love your thoughts on the importance of summer evenings - it's so true and a timely reminder of the beauty of the passing seasons.

  5. I am SO excited for you! Good luck! Looking forward to hearing more about the company and how you'll find it :) And I'm loving all these lovely photos - Mother Nature really is a beauty!

    Mimmi xx
    Muted Mornings

  6. Woah this is big and most excellent news - very excited for you! The new role sounds great and perfect for you - you will be brilliant I'm sure. And anyone who has such a nice pair of silver sandals is winning at life! Seriously, you'll be more than fine, lovely. Well done! xx

  7. Good luck in your new job, Sally... Can't wait to see what you come up with!

    pierrelecat | fashion jewellery & book blog



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