Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Wonderful Wednesday #81

{Perfect peachy-pink unicorn-esque clouds from Monday night's sky}
Happy mid-week one and ALL! As you stop by this sweet little corner {which if you do may i just say thanks in advance!} i shall be spending my very last day in my current job.  If you've followed along with this little corner for a while you'll probably know that i work for Monsoon Accessorize.  What you might not know is that i've been there for eight years!!  I'm not afraid to tell you that's the longest i've ever committed to anything in my whole life!  So making the decision a couple of months back to change direction was a tough and really very hard one! It's also a little bit the reason why this space has taken, not quite the back seat; no more…..the middle one?  You know, the one nobody wants to ever sit in because the seat belt's uncomfortable and you can't see properly out of the window?  

I digress.  I'm ever so pleased to at least have managed to keep the routine of this one, precious regular post of weekly POSITIVITY, if only for my own sanity {and sometimes recorder and crosser off of yet another week closer to new job-land!}.  It's been a really rather emotional past few weeks for me and i want to thank you all from the very bottom of my heart for all of your kind emails; tweets and messages of support and good luck because i've treasured each and every one i can promise you.  I'm babbling, and even if that's what i do lately; let us remember why we are here and recount the HAPPY from my week so far shall we….?

1.  Quotes.  I love a good quote.  I mean who doesn't?!  Cripes i've got a whole board devoted to them on Pinterest HERE.  Me and the rest of the world i suspect!  A beautiful short selection of words to take me away somewhere else, a motivational snippet to spur me on when i'm struggling mentally or physically or simply a whimsical phrase that i wish i could pin to my wall to bring a smile to my cheeks whenever.  Recently TORI shared a quote from a lady called Susan Sonntag.  I apologise greatly for I can't remember the exact context of it except to tell you that it all became a blur because the words were just so perfect, and right and jolly well what i needed to hear at exactly the time i read them.  Call it a beautifully orchestrated coincidence, or just fate but whatever you do call it, tell me you love it just as much as me:  

"Love words.  Agonise over sentences and pay attention to the world."

And i feel like if i can accomplish that then i wont be doing too badly will I?!?

2.  Kind words. Because lately has been full of them and whilst i'm usually one to brush off a compliment, shy away from a little attention or feel a little unworthy of a fuss here and there; lately i've been soaking them all up and storing them away in a magical 'pocket' for those first-day job nerves.  

3.  Jess Glynne and FINALLY wrapping my little ears around and about her BEAUTIFUL new album.  'Take Me Home' is my very favourite track so far.  And she's my favourite to listen everywhere and anywhere.  And between you and i, i sort of like pretending i'm her in the shower warbling away my worries after a long day. 

4.  Page-folding.  Buying magazines at this time of year is my VERY favourite.  I have to stop myself from buying too many to realistically read and fully appreciate.  I just love the idea of planning for a new season and i always feel like September is legitimately Autumn and so i've got every excuse to be able to cut and stick and translate my Autumn into a beautiful new mood-board.  This time of year is dependable and predictable in a way that i find comforting inside.  Summer i love, but in Britain she is a temperamental little mistress.  Not like good old Autumn….

5.  Rain.  I've decided to stop complaining about it and just accept that if we didn't have such an abundant rainfall up here then our beautiful hills and green spaces wouldn't be as beautiful and... green!  Lately the rain has been hard and fast and it honestly felt as though it might come through our little attic roof at the start of this week!!  The positive?  To be at home, with the windows open, a blanket, a mug of spiced Chai tea and all cosy and able to just watch the rain, thunder and lightening reek havoc across the rooftops across from our little home.  Being on the third floor has it's positives sometimes….

6.  Sunsets.  Always and forever!  But they have seemed all the more beautiful, breathtaking and wonderful when they follow such temperamental weather conditions!  It's funny how quickly you can forget such horrible weather when you are met with such beauty.  Doesn't it make you think what a wonderful place the universe can be?! And how down-right magical it can seem?!

7.  Toast.  Or more to the point:  Toasted and seeded Rye and Amaranth bread slathered with almond butter and topped with Goji berries and a perfectly ripe banana.  A perfectly ripe banana-ey tasting banana is up there with one of life's ULTIMATE pleasures!  Are you with me?!

8.  Planning a haircut.  Because heaven knows i need it desperately!!!  But whilst i know that i'll plonk myself down and quite happily want a trim and a tidy of my simple mid-length bob and fringe set-up; the thought of a hair appointment always has me spending extra time on Pinterest imagining and pinning all the styles i could have.  It's a bit like window shopping for clothes: It's non-commital and sates some kind of hunger for a big and whopping change!  Even if deep, deep down i know it'll never amount to anything.  

9.   Re-igniting my love for wearing silk scarves any-which-way!  Namely loosely knotted around the waist of my favourite slim cut jeans, draped and blowing in the wind around my neck or tied turban-like in my messy hair to allow another day longer without having to get up earlier to wash my hair!  Sometimes i forget quite how many things you can do with a simple scarf and how much it can alter or bring together an outfit.  And i really should remember since i could sink a fleet of ships with all of the printed pretties i've accumulated over the years…

10.  Being productive.  Which i have been this week - excellently so if i do say so myself.  I'm not sure quite what's been powering me - but whilst it's good to able to admit you can't possibly get everything done and you are only human; sometimes you get super-human powers and exceed even your own expectations.  And that my friends is to be celebrated because for me at least, it only happens once in a blue moon!!!!

11.  Citrus.  Because even though it hasn't been warm or too summery up here by any stretch of the imagination, lately i've been having huge and whopping cravings for anything sharp, sour and citrus-ey!  Ice-cold wedges of orange straight from the fridge sandwiched between torn up mint leaves or half a ruby-red grapefruit devoured straight after my morning lemon and warm water and ginger has been really hitting the spot.  Isn't it funny how your body can just sometimes crave something beyond belief?!  My mum always says that if that's the case then your body must be lacking in some of the nutrients that what you are craving contains.  For that reason i always try and listen to my insides when i can.  Although i'm not sure sure that same 'rule' applies when i want a chocolate brownie, an extra slice of pizza or mint-choc chip icecream…..
*  *  *  
My work here is DONE - at least for another week!  Now it's over to you guys.  I had some such lovely comments on last week's #wonderfulwednesday so thank you SO much!  I'd love some more!  What has been making your week near manageable, lovely or darn right spectacular?!?!  No matter how GREAT or SMALL, please share below in a sweet comment or you can tweet me your #wonderfulwednesday positivity on Twitter or Instagram.  I'm @sallytangle on both!
Have a beautiful rest of week DEAR ones!


  1. Thank you for making me smile this morning Sally. I wish you all the best in your new job and hope that you are happy and fulfilled wherever you go. Thank you for a beautiful, uplifting post. Sammie x

  2. Happy happy Wonderful Wednesday to you - haven't there been some INCREDIBLE sunsets of late? It makes me feel happy to be alive. Which sounds a little dramatic but 'tis true!
    First of all, sending you all the love for your last week in your old job (8 years is a long long time, saying goodbye will be hard!) and all of the luck in the world for your new one! You'll be utterly fabulous I have no doubt.
    Happy bits of the week for me are returning teenagers - I've missed those moody faces - a little bit of sunshine amidst the rain and having an extra long long weekend by taking a cheeky Friday off.
    Thanks as always for sharing the lovely bits
    M x

  3. I always love your Wonderful Wednesday posts, so I'm glad you've managed to keep it up! It's so so understandable that the blog has taken the middle seat (btw, love your description of the middle seat - SO TRUE) lately. I hope your last day at Monsoon was great, and I'm wishing you the best of luck with your new job!! I'm sure it'll be wonderful. Oh and you've definitely made me crave toasted rye bread with almond butter and banana. I've never added goji berries, but it sounds divine!
    Quotes can be so powerful, can't they? There are so many truly inspiring quotes out there. And I definitely think we complain about rain too much. There is something really lovely about it, and like you say, it's the reason everything is so lush and lovely!

    Mimmi xx
    Muted Mornings



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