Wonderful Wednesday #78

{This photo could be one of my very favourites yet! Rain-soaked wildflower verges &swan-print trouser-love}
I am writing to you as the wind howls outside our sweet little skylight, the threat of yet another torrential downpour lingers and the LAST of Tuesday slips into Wednesday. I am perched here recalling the last few days, my week so far and my week to come.  It's a little bit delicious.  The weather up here has seemed erratic and angry the past few days and has gone a bit like this:  Sun, rain, wind, wind, sun, rain, rain…well i think you get the gist.  But i have Mumford and Sons up loud, my favourite candle lit and a prettily printed mug of Lady Grey poised to accompany me.   Are you comfortable TOO?  Settled in your favourite place, curled up beneath the sheets or simply snatching this post of positive in whatever spare moments you have.  Shall WE…?

1)  Love.  There aren't enough words to get too deeply into this kind of a subject here BUT it's been something that i've really felt this week.  Don't get me wrong,  i know i'm lucky enough to say that it's in my life in many forms each and every day and for that i'm forever grateful, but this week?  Well i think i've just felt it more.  What with changing paths career-wise and feeling like i'm very much coming to the end of a big chapter in my life; i'm lucky enough to feel loved and supported by those around me and it doesn't go unnoticed.  

2)  Super-hero magical whizz-popp-ingly amazing porridge.  A great rocket-fuelled start to the day can only pave the way for a happy and productive one as far as i'm concerned.  I don't need to tell you all how important my breakfast is to me.  Lately the damp and changeable weather has had me craving porridge like nobody's business!  I gave in.  It wasn't hard.  In the midst of it all i created {i say 'created in the loosest sense of the word here as it all came about rather by accident!}  the very best porridge that there ever was:  Rolled oats soaked in warm water, warmed through gently in coconut milk with a mashed banana; some raspberries and a jolly huge teaspoon of coconut oil added in the last few moments.  Poured into my favourite bowl and scattered with nectarine segments, chia seeds and a sneaky drizzle of maple syrup.  Let's just say i more than kicked Monday's behind!!!!

3)  Tea.  Ok i'd be lying if said any kind of tea because for me it'll always be Lady Grey.  I've done seven days in a row since my last day off and whilst i drink tea two or three times each day anyway; it's really felt like i might have curled up and fallen asleep in the scarf cupboard at work if it didn't exist this week.  It's magic, there's no other word for it.  In fact my mum used to refer to it as 'a little cup of magic' all of the time when we were little.  It's only now that i'm a little older that i really understand what she meant!!  Tea has this magical way of just making everything better.  Brewed perfectly in my favourite printed china cup, with just the right spot of milk and {if i could choose!} sipped slowly in my very favourite cotton floral jim-jams.  That's heaven right there my friends! Oh yes!

4)  Tickets tickets tickets!!!!! This week a pair of very important tickets arrived:  MY FLORENCE AND THE MACHINE TICKETS!!!!! Can you tell i'm just a touch excited?!  We're seeing her in September in Newcastle.  SEPTEMBER BABY!!!!!! Despite it only being a little while down the road, i'm rather unfamiliar with Newcastle.  Can anyone recommend anywhere lovely to stay?  Or eat? Or sweet independent cafes to munch a delicious breakfast and sip tea?  I'd be ever so grateful!

5) Raisins and chocolate.  What is it about raisins and chocolate that just goes so deliciously together?! Heaven knows but i've been munching a handful of sun-dried raisins with each walnut whip lately and i can't get enough.  I'm fooling myself into thinking that's one of my portions of fruit right there aren't i?!?

6)  New magazines.  I don't buy very many…a couple a month say..?!  But i do make an extra special effort to buy Simple Things magazine each week simply because it is SO beautifully curated!  I'm going to be honest and tell you that i bought it five days ago and i haven't even lifted the cover.  It's so special to me that i save it until i have the time to devote nothing but my whole attention to it and nothing less:  Pyjamas on, feet up, my favourite blanket and a mug of tea and nothing else.  I read it and devour each and every bit of it from cover to cover and it's heaven!!!!

7) Tassels.  Because really if you think about it anything is better if you add a tassel, no?  At the start of this week i stumbled across the sweetest pair of dainty earrings sat all by themselves in Topshop.  They are a fine yellow gold droplet adorned with the daintiest jade green tassels and when i wear them they tickle my ears and just look beautiful.  And the best bit?  They cost £2.  I feel as if i don't need to say anymore on the matter.  

8)  Original Source Lavender shower-gel.  Because heaven knows you can't say we haven't tried every single shower soap under the shower sun!!!!  I always come back to this gem.  Nothing smells or feels better and soothes me on the way to zzz-time quite like this magical bubbly potion.  I surrender!!!!

9)  Blue.  Are you like me too?  Do you go through phases with colours?!  If you've popped by here for a little while you'll know how much i love my prints and colours.  Lately it's all been about blue though:  Pale blue, super duper soft flares and skinny jeans paired with bright white cotton smocks, indigo tie-dyed and well-worn tees over printed PJ bottoms or pale blue embroidered blouses with cream chunky cardis strewn over the top when the rain comes.  Blue calms me, it makes me relax and for some reason i feel comforted and soothed in a way that i don't get with any other colour.  

10)  Late-night chunks of rosey-red apple crunched with floral mugs of camomile and honey tea that {seem to - fingers crossed!} bring the very deepest and loveliest heavy-headed sleeps.  It's always rock and roll around these parts!

11)  Sleeping with an open window as the rain pours and the air starts to get that ever so sliiiight 'nip' to it.  I'm not saying that i'm wishing Summer away heavens no!  But that feeling is a little bit precious isn't it?!?  You really can't deny it.  Falling asleep as a cooler breeze tickles your cheeks and dances along your fringe.  

12)  Counting down to GBBO.  If you don't know what that means then i really am ashamed for you!! Just joking! I AM SO EXCITED for the start of The Great British Bake Off tonight. I might even have to watch it twice.  Yes i'm that sad….What was i saying about rock and roll?!?
*  *  *  
Enough about ME!  How the devil are you and your lovely selves doing?!  Tell me!  Share what has been keeping a smile plonked firmly on those sweet cheeks of yours?! Or are you counting down to the weekend because something GREAT and wonderful is happening?!  I LOVE to read your comments, tweets and emails about this little post and what has been making you all happy, however small or silly it might seem.  Remember to tag me on your #wonderfulwednesday moments on Instagram or to tweet me them over too.  I'm @sallytangle on both.

Wishing each and everyone a LOVELY rest of week!