Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Wonderful Wednesday #79

{Tall grasses and clovers and who knows what really expect they're pretty darn lovely aren't they just?!}
Well a jolly good DAY to you!  Or good afternoon.  Or, i suppose good evening depending on what time of the day you've managed to scamper by this sweet space.  Or what part of the world you happen to be curling up to read in.  Golly gosh this week and in fact all of my weeks are whizzing and flying through at such break-neck speed lately!  I know i say this all of the time but it is especially true of late.  My very last week at Monsoon is getting closer by the day and my last week's rota is now up on the wall too.  Suddenly it's all seeming very REAL and i feel all butterfly-ey when i think about it.  In a jolly good way though:  the sort of tummy flutters you get that tickle with hope, and happiness and that certainly feel right.  It's just going to be a jolly big change to what i've been used to for the last eight years and so i think i'd not be normal without feeling a little bit of trepidation!  Shall we get on with the rest of the happy things as we approach yet another mid-week and #wonderfulwednesday o'clock…?

1.  Good sleeps.  You know i've never ever really had a problem with sleeping {the Mr once went through a terrible six or seven weeks of insomnia - the less said about THAT the better} but i go through phases where i feel as though i'm getting a much better quality of sleep than usual AND ironically, this is now.  Despite feeling a little bit like i have the weight of the world on my little shoulders and doing a lot of deep-thinking and soul searching of late, i've been sleeping like a baby! The kind where you struggle to open your eyes because they've been closed so very tight.  The kind that feels like you've slept for years each time you wake and even sometimes leaves you questioning what day it actually is because your sleep was so damned delicious!  More please!

 2.  Almond butter.  Is it weird that i feel like i need to whisper this incase the dear sweet jar of peanut butter in the cupboard hears?! Yep definitely weird.  I put peanut butter on anything.  Heavens sometimes just a spoon because well *effort* and all but lately i've really embraced that humble little almond-shaped butter.  I've always known i liked it, but lately, well i sort of love it a lot.  Zig-zagged atop my porridge on grey-skied mornings along with blueberries and goji berries; licked off the knife as the toast toasts, because well what else are you meant to do then anyway?!  Sometimes with apple wedges dipped in, or carrot sticks, or even celery.  Sometimes just with a spoon for those times when dinner wont cook quick enough.   I have just one question though, why does it come in much smaller jars than peanut butter?!?!?  What's that all about?!?  I need a vat of the stuff!!!!

3.  Grass.  I know revolutionary!  But we're talking pale biscuit coloured grasses that come all the way up to your waist.  Or would do if you stood in them but i tend to avoid anything like that since i seem to get eaten ALIVE.  In an odd way, i really love to see the tall grasses peppered along our verges and along the river where i ride Willow blowing in the wind with sweet wild flowers nestled in between.  I just love the colours, i find them so calming.  And i wont say the word that begins with 'A' that comes straight after summer but before winter BUT if i did, well it sort of hints at that.  And i like that too.

4.  Summer rain.  Because heavens we've been lucky {lucky?!?} enough to get our fair-share up north this summer.  Lately it's been the kind of rain that just bursts out of the sky and the angry greyer than grey clouds above with such force and urgency that it sends everyone running for cover!!! Except that it's also a little bit lovely too.  You know from a window or if you're en-route to somewhere that wont judge that your mascara is now proudly decorating your elbows.  It's the smell:  There's nothing quite like it:  heavy, sweet and scented with late summer florals.  It's a lot delicious.  

5.  Cashew nut milk.  By jingo has it been rock and roll around these parts switching up those nut products this weeks!!!  Don't ever tell me we don't live life on the edge over here!  I actually picked this up by accident at our health food shop on Monday.  I was picking up more *aherm* almond butter, and i thought i'd also grabbed almond milk but it was actually cashew nut milk.  I actually didn't know this even existed but thinking about it i guess you can pretty much make a nut milk out of most nuts really.  My WORD is this delicious!  It's creamy but with *almost* a cocoa-y note.  I can't wait to experiment with it in my Chocolate and Banana Super-hero Porridge {recipe from way back when HERE} or in hot chocolate once the nights cool down with a few teaspoons of raw cacao powder and a teaspoon of nut butter.  Mmmmm!  

6.  Ebay.  Always Ebay:  For finding things you lusted so hard after for months in a jiffy.  And this week especially for the joy that is a beautuful silk, brand new perfect-pale-pink and ruffled blouse from French Connection from probably a million years ago.  

7.  White feathers.  Maybe it's silly but this week i have had a white feather drop from the sky on three separate occasions and maybe it's the daydreamer in me but it's never ever happened to me before and it's a little comforting to think that it might be an angel watching over me.  Or better still my dear sweet Granddad Bill showing me that i'm heading in the right directions.  Silly or not i'm taking the notion and keeping it close to my heart all the same!

8.  Sunsets from our dear sweet attic.  Any window'll do.  But if you get the timing *just* right, you'll spot yourself a sunset so magical you'd forget you were sat perched up high in a little suburb of a city.  Up here it feels like a world away and spying on at least two perfectly peachy sunsets have made me feel all kinds of happy this week so far.  

9.  Lianne La Havas.  Because if i listen to anything lately other than my own racing thoughts, it's this lady.  Her voice is just a dreamboat i could quite happily sail away on for-always.  I re-stumbled upon her beautiful music when she popped up in my Spotify feed this week and i've been indulging in it every spare second i get.  Think Corinne Bailey-Rae with a little more….sass!

10. Lush Cosmetics 'The Comforter' shower-cream.  I know I know, if you know your Lush-stuff then i'm a little behind here!  Lush released some new products into thier lovely Oxford Street Flagship and then online too.  They finally made it all the way up north and into my local Lush this week and 'The Comforter' is usually a bath bomb. The new showergel is everything i thought it would be!  It's the most delicious scent:  Cassis absolute, Cypress and sandalwood and it's fruity but with a deeper, headier backnote to stop it smelling all raspberry jelly if you know what i mean?  Try it!  Ps, i *might* have stocked up on the new-look Rose Jam bubbleroon and an exfoliating bar called Rub Rub Rub so pretty that it would have been quite rude not to!  

11.  Cardigans and pyjamas:  The dream!  I've never been a fan of a dressing gown {don't hate me - i know a lot of people who live in theirs!} since the nights have been drawing in and it's felt a little cooler, i've been embracing slingin' my very favourite super-duper soft rose-pink cardigan over the top of my pyjamas this week and it's felt a little bit like heaven i can tell you!
*  *  *  
So come on now! It's your turn to share your best bits this week because that's exactly what this sweet post was born for:  As a way for us all to remember the little and sometimes forgotten great things in our lives, no matter what kind of a week we are having or where we are in the world.  You can leave a sweet comment below or tweet me your #wonderfulwednesday postivity on twitter OR you could throw caution to the wind and tag me in your happy moment snaps on Instagram.  I'm @sallytangle on both!

Enjoy the rest of your week dear ones!


  1. Ooh how exciting that the new job is getting nearer and nearer! Almond butter is the best. I much prefer it to peanut butter, and I'm a little bit addicted! I usually get the massive 1kg tub from Meridian, which lasts me a month, hehe. To be honest, I really don't mind the autumnal feel in the air (because it has been feeling a bit like autumn, hasn't it? Or am I imagining things?) either. I went into Lush the other day just to smell all the new things, and was so very tempted to buy the Comforter shower gel. It smells amazing!

    xx Mimmi, Muted Mornings

  2. Sally,'s so comforting to read your posts..they make me feel better every time!!!:) I'm so excited for you and your new job...Good luck!!!! Thinking about the sweetest thing of this week, which made me feel happy and relaxed after 8 hours of no-stop work, I definitely choose the Starbucks Chai Tea latte ( with soy milk) I enjoyed with my friend on Monday afternoon <3! I've tried it in Ireland for the first time and now I'm totally addicted!!! Have a nice Sunday!!!! A big hug!



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