Friday, 25 September 2015

Eye Spy...

In typical 'ME-style' i'm about to sit and tell you about how bloody lovely and 'catch your breath' beautiful the start of autumn has been up here in Cumbria, and as i write to your dear faces; i have the heating on for the very first time since….probably March…? 

It rained rain so urgent, dramatic and quite simply wet right in the middle of my ten minute walk home.  The frustrating thing is that if i'd faffed less before leaving and left when i intended i'd have arrived home a good deal dryer than i did.  Which was for the record:  Not at all.  But Que. Sera!  There is MUCH to be happy about!  It's *almost* the weekend {I've adapted to what was once a foreign concept well you'll note!}, my new cream cable jumper from the dear faces at Olive Clothing arrived this morning, almost like they just knew i would need it quick-march and there is plum-ey flavoured duck with noodles and stir fried vegetables on the menu for tonight.  So what is a little rain?!  
*  *  *  
What follows really are a miscellaneous selection of photos taken over the last 'some-time when who-KNOWS and who's checking anyway' along with bite-sized updates of life around these parts.  I'm a horror for squirrelling away photos and simply forgetting about them you see and so we'll call this post an ode to that:  Either my un-organisation or creativity - you choose!

{The barley field of dreams.  Which we walked a fair way along so that i could see if i could climb over the fence to get a better shot.  Or better still an attempt at a shot of me in said golden wondrous field of joy.  There was no logical way in or over without risking our my life {or dress}.  }

Adventures of the green variety because, well you never need an excuse do you?  Since the weather has been a-okay we still haven't lost that Sunday 'quick, quick it's sunny and dry therefore we MUST get outside' nature which is INSTILLED deep under our thick British skins.  I doubt we ever will!  This is our 'can't be bothered to go far' place.  Which to be truthful isn't such a nice thing to call it when really it's pretty special in it's own right!  It's a little lake about ten minutes away.  The catchy name probably actually refers to the fact that you can easily get there, park up fuss-free and walk easily all the way around it with a promise of an ice-cream from the boat-house on your way back.  What more do you need from an adventure?! Living right on the doorstop of the Lake District you often feel like you should GALLIVANT somewhere far more jaw-dropping and epic come the weekend.   But this sweet spot should never be under-estimated because it can be equally beautiful in it's own little humble way, don't you think…?!
  {The first of the elderberries bright, shiny against tufts, whisps and whooshes of cotton clouds}

Changes so 'all of a sudden' but little in comparison, at least at first.  It wont be long before those few meagre tussles of amber leaves blanket our EVERYWHERE'S.  Darker mornings creeping in balanced perfectly with the absolute JOY that are golden amber and perfectly sunlit evenings galore.  Like bouts of sunshine on a day off, there is nothing to do but gallop out {preferably on two wheels!} and revel in them for as long as they might last.  To feel like you're chasing the sunlight all of the way home as it sinks into tomorrow is a lovely thing to cherish and a great way to bring about great 'ZZZ's'

And lastly a selection or collection of my favourite thing in the whole wide world {non-living of course…} that dear sweet two-wheeled charmer, ^Willow.^  Scuttling about our sweet city wouldn't be half of the fun {nor would i have the thighs of steel that have graced me over the past few years!} without my trusty side-kick.  Everything looks prettier sat aboard this sweet one, where you can ride at a leisurely pace, drinking it all in, trying hard to keep your eyes ahead and not to look up, or down…or left…or right.  That very last photo, see ^up^  there might be my most favourite photo i have ever taken of that sweet two-wheeled companion EVER.  And, like all of the best photos {in my case at least!}, it came about completely out of the blue:  Riding to meet the Mr in town for Sunday coffee-shaped fun, i rode past a wall so red that it reminded me of my bag, that i just HAPPENED to have slung over my handle bars, full to bursting with silly girl paraphernalia!  And so 'the picture that you just can't not smile at' was born.  
*  *  *  
Sending glorious weekend WISHES full of lie-ins, leaf-crunching and much tea to you all!
Here's to TREASURING every last drop of it!


  1. Happy Friday my darling Sally!!! I've been so glad to discover your post this morning!!!:D
    Being a huge fan of Betrix Potter, I visited the Lake District two summers ago and I loved it!!! <3 It's an amazing place to favourite one in England!I really want to come again and it will be amazing to meet you in person!!!
    Enjoy your day lovely in Dublin the sun is shining and the wind is blowing...Oh..I bloody love Autumn!!!

  2. Such pretty photos, especially that last one. The weekend is just SO CLOSE! Yes. I love your writing style, and I could have kept reading this post forever. Happy Autumn! Jas x

  3. I was scrolling and marvelling and repeating to myself 'barley field, barley field, barley field' and then I got to that last photo! YOWSER! What a stunner and you're right, smiles for the day :o)
    M x

  4. Ok, this post is so wonderfully uplifting - any chance you could bottle up your beautifully positive outlook on life and all it's stuff and send some my way?! I love how I always come away from your words with a smile on my face, you've such a beautiful spirit. This post? It's so full of appreciation for your hours, and your surroundings, and I really do love that, thank you! Those houses, btw? Do you reckon they'll take, like, a tenner a months rent for them? Because OH HAIIII, I WANT TO LIVE THERE!! ;)



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